Title: Afterschool Special (sequel to Extra Credit)
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero was always early to history class. Always. Except for today. He had his reasons for being almost late. He stood in the shadows as he watched the students file into the lecture hall. Especially one of them. He checked his reflection in the window; he still felt odd dressed this way. But Zechs assured him that he looked good, and if the gorgeous blond thought that, it must be true. He wanted to make an impression.

In the weeks since they had become better acquainted, Dr. Marquise had taught Heero all sorts of new things. He had also planned out Heero's makeover, which they had executed over the weekend. Gone were the neat khaki slacks and the plaid shirt with the pocket protector. He had contacts and a new hairstyle. He had confided in the professor that he had sort of a crush on the loudmouthed longhaired boy that always tormented him, but that Duo didn't know he existed except as a source of paper. He wasn't even sure that Duo was interested in guys. Zechs could reassure him on that account; Duo had flirted with the teacher at the beginning of the semester, making his preferences known. Zechs had turned him down gently. Not that Duo wasn't gorgeous too, but... he had been interested in someone else. Heero hadn't caught on right away that the gorgeous man meant him. Then he had blushed and they had practiced some of Heero's new techniques.

Now it was showtime; he strode into the room, walking down the steps to the front of the room, and he knew all eyes were on him. Hopefully the ones he wanted to impress.

And impressive he was; tight jeans hugged his slim hips and firm ass. A blue t-shirt, tucked in, did nothing to hide his muscled upper body. The blue of the shirt brought out his eyes, unhidden by glasses, and his silky brown hair fell carelessly over his forehead. Black hi-top basketball shoes completed the look. Jaws dropped all over the room, especially a certain longhaired boy; was this wet dream a new student?

Heero hid a smirk as he walked past Duo, feeling the violet eyes on him. He walked to the desk in front of the boy, making sure Duo got a nice long look. He bent slightly, dropping his backpack to the floor, before straightening to look directly at Duo. "Hello Duo," he purred, before turning his back and sitting in the chair. History had been made; Duo Maxwell was speechless. He shared a small smile with the teacher, who had been watching the whole exchange, not incidentally trying not to drool over his handiwork. Zechs gave him a small wink before he began his lecture.

For once, Duo didn't pester Heero for a pencil or paper or just to annoy him. Heero found the silence behind him almost unnerving. He tried not to grin too widely at the teacher. This was going just as planned. But the real test would come after class, when he would see if Duo had regained his composure enough to speak to him.

At the end of class, Heero gathered his things together, heart pounding in anticipation. He could hear Duo behind him. Maybe he was wrong, maybe the longhaired boy wasn't interested. He had started to feel disappointed when he heard Duo's voice, more tentative than he had ever heard it. He realized the longhaired boy had waited until nearly everyone had left. Apparently Duo was even more unsure than he had thought. Heero almost felt sorry for the annoying boy... almost.

"Um... Heero... you, um, look different. Really good, I mean, really. Um," he paused, and Heero turned to look at Duo. He tried not to smirk; Duo was adorably confused. And uncertain.

"Thanks," Heero said, putting his backpack on his shoulder and turning as if to go. He hoped he was playing it right... he was, because Duo sounded more tentative now, as if this was his last bit of courage.

"Hey, Heero? I um, wanted to apologize for being a jerk sometimes," at this Heero frowned at him, and he continued, "Ok, most of the time. Could I, um, buy you a cup of coffee or something?"

Heero raised an eyebrow at him, not wanting to relent just yet. It wasn't easy; Duo looked delicious as always, in his tight shorts and tank top. "Why?" he asked, as suspiciously as he could manage.

Duo's eyes widened. "Just to say I'm sorry, and... um... sorry if I'm presuming or anything, but I thought..."

"You thought what?" This was way too much fun.

"Well, I don't exactly hide the fact that I'm gay, and I thought..." Duo was blushing now.

"You thought I was gay?" Heero said mildly, trying not to let his amusement show.

"Oh god, I'm sorry, I'm never wrong, well, maybe sometimes, and I..." Duo looked down, picking up his backpack and preparing to leave. "I'm sorry if I upset you. I still think you're gorgeous. But I won't bother you, don't worry."

"You're not wrong," Heero said softly as Duo turned to go. Time to let the longhaired boy off the hook.

Duo stopped in his tracks. "What did you say?" he asked hopefully, turning to look back over his shoulder.

"I said you're not wrong," Heero said more loudly. "I am gay."

Duo broke out into a sunny smile. "I knew it! I'm never wrong!" Then he looked into Heero's eyes. "Do I have a chance with you? Or have I fucked up irretrievably?"

Heero glanced around; they were alone in the room. He stepped forward, through the chairs until he was close to Duo. "You're too cute to stay mad at, Duo," he grinned, and leaned forward to brush the other boy's lips in a soft kiss.

Duo gave a small gasp and then leaned into the kiss, opening his mouth eagerly and pressing back against Heero's mouth. Heero deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue inside Duo's mouth, lazily stroking the other boy's tongue with his own. He put one hand gently on the back of the other boy's neck, pulling him closer.

Duo responded immediately, putting one hand on Heero's strong chest as the other slid up a bulging bicep. Heero felt the longhaired boy moan into the kiss, softly. With his one free hand he gently touched the boy's thick braid, something he had wanted to do since he had first seen him. It was even softer and silkier than he had imagined. He wanted to wrap it around him. Duo even smelled good, sweet yet musky and male. He felt his cock push against his tight jeans; he couldn't believe he was really kissing Duo.

Finally he pulled back; he smiled as he looked at the beautiful face in front of him. Duo's violet-blue eyes were unfocused and his lips were red from the kiss. "Wow," the longhaired boy whispered. Yes, that pretty much summed up Heero's feelings as well.

"Shall we get out of here?" Heero suggested smoothly.

Duo just nodded, and he followed Heero out the door, staring at the other boy's ass.


History was their last class of the day, so they decided to get some dinner with their coffee, which Duo insisted on paying for. "It's the least I can do," he explained, and Heero let him. They sat in a small plastic booth, talking awkwardly at first, for despite all the passion of their first kiss they hardly knew each other. Heero found himself relaxing; when Duo was away from class and his friends he really was a nice guy. And gorgeous... he found himself envying the cup Duo was drinking from, the food he was eating. He wanted to bury himself in that mouth... he blushed as the primal sexual urge came over him so strongly that he was fully hard again almost instantly.

Duo seemed to sense this; he stopped eating and looked deep into Heero's cobalt blue eyes. He smiled and licked his lips deliberately. "I think I'm ready for dessert," he said huskily. To make sure Heero didn't misinterpret him, he slid a leg between the other boy's and rubbed the inside of his thigh with his own.

Heero moaned softly. He got the point. "Shall we go then?"

Duo nodded, and said, "Where to?"

"I have a single room," offered Heero, amazed at how easy this was.

"Perfect," purred Duo, and whispered in Heero's ear as he went past, "I hope it's not far."

It wasn't. They caught the campus shuttle and within 15 minutes Heero was opening the door of his room for Duo. It hadn't been easy to keep his hands off the longhaired boy during the bus ride, but as liberal as the college was he didn't think public sex was a good idea. At least not yet.

But now they were alone. He turned to lock the door and Duo was pressed up against him from behind, breathing in his ear, kissing his neck. "God, Heero... I'm not usually this much of a slut, but... I want you..."

"You're not a slut, Duo, don't say that," murmured Heero as he felt Duo's hands on him. The longhaired boy really seemed to love his muscles. He took one of Duo's hands and slid it down to his bulging jeans. "Feel how much I want you."

"Mmm, god, Heero, you're huge..." Duo pressed his own erection against Heero's ass, rocking as he teased the other boy's length through the denim.

"It's because I want you so much," breathed Heero. He turned quickly and crushed his mouth to the other boy's, tongues exploring desperately. This kiss was a hundred times hotter than the first, and they pressed the lengths of their bodies together, hardness seeking hardness. He felt Duo gasp into his mouth as their erections lined up; the two boys were nearly the same height. Heero rocked his hips, and both moaned from the friction. Heero pushed gently, guiding Duo toward the bed. Duo went willingly, letting Heero lay him down, spreading his thighs apart so Heero cold settle between them.

"Heero..." moaned Duo, pulling on the other boy's shoulders, encouraging him to get closer. He wrapped his legs around Heero's back. "Please..."

"Please what, Duo?" Heero murmured, kissing Duo's neck, tracing his collarbone with his tongue.

"I want you... inside me... please..." Duo gasped, rocking up to meet Heero's hips.

"Are you sure?" Heero knew he wanted Duo, but wasn't sure whether the longhaired boy wanted to be top or bottom. He liked it both ways, but... he wanted to make Duo happy, and the other boy seemed like he knew what he wanted.

"Oh god, yes, Heero, please take me," moaned Duo, trying to get his shorts unbuttoned.

"Let me," Heero said, and quickly divested Duo of all his clothing, which wasn't much. He wasn't surprised that Duo wore no underwear; he had suspected it from watching the longhaired boy's ass. Soon he was standing beside the bed, looking down at a naked Duo, writhing deliciously. This was it, this was what he wanted... he smirked as he pulled off his shirt, and watched Duo's eyes travel all over his body. He dropped his hands to the buttons of his jeans and Duo's eyes followed every move.

"God, Heero, I had no idea you were like this... so forceful... so perfect," panted Duo as Heero kicked away his jeans, standing in front of him in only boxers that bulged impressively.

Heero tried not to smile; he hadn't been this way, but with Zechs' help and lust for Duo, his inner self seemed to be emerging. And he liked the way it made him feel to look down at Duo, begging to be taken. He liked it a lot.

"All for you, Duo," he promised, pushing his boxers down his slim hips and letting his arousal spring free. He let the other boy look at him, then he walked over to the bedside table, taking out a tube. Then he settled back down on the bed next to Duo, running his hand over the longhaired boy's chest. "You're so beautiful, Duo." He hesitated; he wanted to ask something. "Would you please unbraid your hair for me?"

The other boy smiled at him. "I'd love to, Heero." And Heero watched avidly as Duo unraveled his chestnut hair, until the shining waves surrounded him, contrasting with his creamy skin. Duo was even more beautiful than Heero could have imagined.

He couldn't think of a thing to say, so he settled for devouring Duo. He blazed a trail of kisses down the smooth skin, sucking on each pink nipple in turn, working his way down between the other boy's thighs. Duo lay back and moaned his approval.

"Oh, Heero... you're so good..."

"Relax and let me make you feel good, Duo," Heero purred, shifting to kneel between the longhaired boy's legs, pushing them farther apart. He leaned down to kiss the boy's stomach, as he put his hands on the back of his thighs, pushing them up, opening Duo to him. Zechs had done something very similar to him, and he knew what it felt like to be spread open, exposed, vulnerable. From the sound of Duo's moans, and the clear droplets leaking from the end of his hard cock, he liked it very much. Heero also found he liked doing this very much. His own erection ached for action, but right now his focus was on Duo's pleasure, and preparing him. He kissed farther down, and swiped his tongue along Duo's cock. The boy gasped, and arched up for more. This time he took just the tip of Duo's length into his mouth, as he slid one slick finger inside him.

"Heero! More," begged Duo, trying to get more of Heero inside him. Heero prepped Duo as fast as he could, because he wasn't sure he could wait much longer either. The longhaired boy's voice and body were driving him insane.

Finally, Heero judged Duo to be ready, and the boy was also demanding to be fucked, right now. He positioned his lubed cock, and looked down at Duo. "Ready?" he asked unnecessarily. Duo looked so perfect, spread out on his bed like this, hair and legs spread, erection dripping, mouth begging. He wanted to remember this moment forever. Then he eased himself inside the other boy.

Hot tightness caressed his length; he concentrated furiously on not climaxing before he was fully inside Duo. It wasn't easy; the other boy squirmed and demanded and tried to make Heero hurry. But Zechs had taught Heero many things in the last weeks, and control was one of them. He was going to make this last, no matter how incredibly arousing the boy he was fucking. He leaned down to kiss Duo as he slid in the last few inches. He broke the kiss as he was fully seated inside him. Then he held still, and whispered in the longhaired boy's ear. "You like that, Duo?" The other boy nodded furiously. "I'm going to fuck you now, Duo. Slowly at first, but then I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. I'm going to pound your gorgeous ass into the bed. I'm going to drive you insane with my big, hard cock, Duo. I'm going to make you come harder than you ever have."

Duo could only whimper in response. Heero decided he liked Duo very much this way. He drew back slightly and began. He started slow, as he had promised, but soon built up a good pace. Then Duo found his voice.

"Heero! Oh, god... so good... harder... yes, that's it... oh, fuck me... you're so big... rip me open... fuck yes..." Duo was an animal, thrashing around and begging for more, harder, deeper.

Heero gave him what he wanted, talking to him the whole time, telling Duo how beautiful he was, how good it felt to be inside him, how hard he was going to come. Duo answered, his sweet voice urging Heero on, until they were both sweaty and panting.

Finally, Heero decided it was time, and he reached between them to wrap his hand around Duo's arousal. He stroked, and Duo screamed louder than ever before. "Yes! Heero! That's it! Do it..." he almost sobbed, flinging his hair about, clutching at Heero and the sheets alternately.

"Come for me, Duo... let me see you," growled Heero, stoking Duo inside and out. He was close too, but he needed to see Duo climax first...

And climax Duo did. With a scream that would surely have the neighbors wondering, the longhaired boy came in long pulses, covering his chest with his seed, muscles clamping around Heero's cock inside him.

Heero cried out too, calling Duo's name, releasing his desire inside the other boy, filling him. He almost blacked out from pleasure. It was all he could do to not collapse on top of Duo.

He managed it, though, pulling out carefully and lying beside the longhaired boy, who immediately rolled against him, snuggling against Heero's chest.

"That was amazing," Duo whispered.

Heero grinned. He had come a long way, baby.

The End