Title: An Appointment to Remember
Pairing: 6x2x5
Warnings: yaoi, AU, lemon, threesome
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Dedication: for Kimmy

* * * * * * * * * * *

"See you after work, dear."

Zechs tried not to wince as his wife kissed him chastely on the cheek as he walked out the door.

"I might be a little late, I have that doctor's appointment, remember?" the blond man called over his shoulder as he went out the door.

Lucrezia's voice came back to him, acknowledging, and he closed the door. He breathed a heavy sigh as he slid into his black BMW, alone at last. He drove to work, glad of the time away from home and the demands of his wife. It wasn't always this way, he mused to himself, he thought. No, he was kidding himself now. He had never really loved her, but she had been his best friend in college, and I had seemed like the thing to do at the time. A rotten reason to get married, but he had seen worse marriages. At least they didn't argue. Well, not until now.

Their sex life had never been spectacular; they were both busy people. But he had always managed. But no more. To his extreme embarrassment, he could no longer perform. To be blunt, he couldn't get it up any more. Lucrezia had been supportive at first, but she was starting to get impatient now. He had promised to go see a specialist, and the appointment was today. His cheeks burned as he thought of the embarrassment of what he had to do... but he had promised. She would know if he didn't keep the appointment, she had made it herself. He was beginning to resent her; he suspected it was all Lucrezia's fault anyway. He didn't want to say anything, but he remembered what had changed about the same time he could no longer perform. He didn't mention it because there was nothing to be done about it. His wife had cut her hair. It had always been long, nearly as long as Zechs' own, but she had started to complain about it lately. Then one day she had had it all cut off. Her hair wasn't much below her ears. All of a sudden, their sex life was over. Zechs didn't want to say anything about it, because Lucrezia would just offer to get a wig, or grow it again, but growing would take years and he would know the difference with a wig. It would never be the same, and he knew it. But he would go to this doctor, so he could say he tried. Maybe the imminent divorce would go easier that way.

He left early from work and drove despondently to the doctor's office. May as well get this over with. He went in, signed in and sat down to wait. Within minutes, an older gray-haired woman showed him to an office. As he approached, the door opened and another nurse in a white pantsuit hurried out. Zechs was looking intently into the office for his first glimpse of the new doctor, so didn't get a good look at the nurse, but his head whipped around when he saw, trailing down the nurse's back, the longest braid he had ever seen. He had a sudden twinge of arousal, just from the long hair, and that just confirmed what he had thought all along. Screw this, he thought, he would just tell the doctor that he had changed his mind. Then the older nurse said, "Go ahead and go in. Dr. Chang will see you now."

"Thank you," he answered, and walked in, looking around. Then he stopped in his tracks. Sitting behind the desk was a man, no older than himself, maybe even younger. He was of Chinese descent, and his hair and eyes were coal black. The man's hair... it was lustrous and silky and fell past his shoulders, creating an intense contrast with the white lab coat he wore. His features were delicate and exotic and Zechs couldn't believe he was having these thoughts about another man.

"Please sit down, Mr. Marquise," said the doctor, looking up at Zechs.

Zechs decided that sitting was a good idea because between the longhaired nurse and the captivating doctor he really didn't seem to be having a problem any more. In fact, it was just the opposite.

"I understand you and your wife have been having a few problems," Dr. Chang said delicately.

"Well, it's not really that big a deal," demurred Zechs, looking down, out the window, anywhere but at the gorgeous doctor.

"Your wife seems to think it is," pointed out the doctor gently. "And she has told me that you would try to back out, and that I shouldn't let you." He paused, smiling slightly. "She was quite insistent that you be examined today."

Zechs sighed. It looked like he wasn't getting out of this.... Well, at least, talking about his wife had gotten rid of his problem. "Ok. I'm here anyway."

"Excellent! We'll have to start with a thorough exam, to rule out any physical causes," the doctor continued. He stood up, and walked around the desk, opening a door to an examining room. He led Zechs in, and handed him a paper robe. "Sorry about this, standard procedure," he apologized. "Please take off everything, put on the robe and sit on the table." Then he left, and Zechs looked down at the small bit of paper in his hands.


He got undressed quickly, feeling embarrassed already, put on the robe quickly, and sat on the edge of the padded table. No signs of his previous arousal were left; sitting mostly naked in a cold room would do that to you. Maybe he could get through this.

Then Dr. Chang walked back in, smiling. "All ready?"

Zechs nodded.

"Ok, let me just call in my assistant," the doctor said, and turned to press the intercom button. "Nurse Duo to room 3, please."

Zechs' eyes widened. He hadn't thought about this, that there would be another person in the room. Dr. Chang seemed to sense his worry, and said soothingly. "Don't worry, Duo is a male nurse. I use male nurses for all these types of exams."

The blond man nodded, not at all sure that this was any better. The door opened then, and he got another shock. It was the longhaired nurse from earlier. The nurse turned to close the door then turned back, and Zechs could see now that the owner of that gorgeous hair was indeed male. Now that he had a good look, he didn't know how he had thought otherwise. Nurse Duo was dressed in a white pantsuit that emphasized his narrow waist and wide shoulders. The neck was opened two buttons and Zechs could see smooth creamy skin underneath. He caught himself again. What was his problem? Attracted to two men in one day? He began to suspect that his problem with his wife ran deeper than either of them suspected.

"Hello, Mr. Marquise," Duo said, and smiled warmly.

"Hello," he managed to say, staring back and forth between two longhaired gorgeous men. He had a real problem.

Dr. Chang was washing his hands, then he came to stand on one side of Zechs, while Nurse Duo stood on the other. "Please lie back and try to relax, Mr. Marquise. We'll try to make this as quick as possible."

Relax? How could he relax? He suddenly realized that he was getting hard again. He couldn't do this! But then the nurse was pushing him back on the table, and the doctor's hands were pushing up the paper gown, and he was blushing furiously and fully aroused. He closed his eyes tightly. He wanted to die.

"Well, Mr. Marquise, your wife is a lucky woman," observed Dr. Chang, winking at Duo. "You don't seem to be having any problems right now."

"Does this mean we don't have to do the exam?" Duo pouted, looking at the hard cock in front of him longingly.

"You know, Duo, I really think we should, anyway, just to be sure," answered the doctor, and Zechs tried not to gasp as he felt a warm hand on his lower stomach, sliding downward. That hand wrapped around his hard length, squeezing gently. "Feels perfect to me," murmured the doctor, stroking Zechs' erection slowly.

"I... I..." moaned Zechs, finally opening his eyes, forgetting to be embarrassed as pleasure flooded through his body.

"But," began the doctor, "I really think you need a second opinion. Nurse Duo?"

Zechs arched up off the table as he felt wet heat envelop him. He looked down to see the longhaired man sucking enthusiastically on his arousal. "God!"

Dr. Chang smirked. "Yes, Duo is good at what he does, isn't he?"

Zechs didn't know if he was supposed to answer or not; in any case, he really couldn't form a coherent sentence. He gasped and gripped the sides of the table.

"So, what do you think, Duo?" the doctor said conversationally. "Everything in working order?"

Duo let the arousal in his mouth go with a loud pop. Zechs whimpered with loss. "Tastes perfect to me," the sexy longhaired man answered. "But..."

"Yes?" asked Dr. Chang with concern. Zechs' eyes went back and forth, following the conversation.

"There's only one way to be absolutely sure that everything is in perfect working order," answered the nurse, batting his eyelashes at both men.

"Mm, I see your point," said Dr. Chang, and the nurse giggled at the double meaning. "Are you volunteering for this final test?"

"Oh, it would be an honor to help out," answered Duo happily.

Zechs watched, unsure what was going on, then moaned when he saw the longhaired nurse start to unbutton his shirt.

Dr. Chang turned to face Zechs once again, and said seriously, "Do you want this, Mr. Marquise?"

Zechs watched as the nurse's shirt dropped to the ground and he started unbuttoning his pants. "Oh god yes," he whispered. Then Duo's pants were off, and he wore no underwear beneath. His body was lithe and smooth and perfect, his arousal showing he was anxious for this too.

"Good," smiled Duo, and he walked up to the blond man on the table and ripped off the paper gown dramatically, leaving them both nude. "Mmm," the nurse said in approval as his eyes swept over Zechs' golden, chiseled body. He leaned over the man on the table and pressed his lips to the other man's.

Zechs felt the nurse's tongue trace his lips, demanding entrance, and he granted it willingly. He felt Duo's hand caress his bare chest, toying with his nipples before sliding down his flat stomach. He moaned into the other man's mouth and his erection glistened. When they broke the kiss some moments later, Zechs had only one thing to say. "Please take down your hair?"

Duo pulled back, smiling, and said, "No problem, sexy," and he began to unravel his braid. Zechs watched in amazement as the long chestnut tresses were freed. Duo's hair was almost to his knees when loose. When he finished, he looked up at the blond man through his hair. "Like that?"

The blond man nodded, awestruck. Then the doctor spoke again, approaching Duo from behind and telling the nurse, "Bend over the table and spread your legs wide, Duo."

Zechs whimpered as Duo did what he was told, and watched as the Chinese man squeezed out some gel in one hand and spread Duo's shapely ass apart with the other. This meant that Duo was practically lying across Zechs' lap on the table, his ass exposed to the doctor. "Prep," he explained to Zechs, his voice turning into a moan as Dr. Chang slid a slick finger into him. "Oh, yes... more..."

Zechs leaned back on his elbows, watching with rapt attention as the longhaired nurse wiggled and moaned and begged for more, the sultry voice turning him on even more.

The doctor watched with a smirk as Duo reached for the blond man's arousal but Zechs stopped him. He was too close to climax as it was, and he really wanted to enjoy this. Duo seemed to understand, closing his eyes and crying out as the doctor unerringly found his sweet spot.

Zechs was practically panting by the time Dr. Chang announced, "I think he's ready for you, Mr. Marquise."

"Oh yes, please, take me hard," begged the sexy man, and Zechs intended to do just that.

Zechs looked at the doctor. He was unsure, so... "Where?"

Dr. Chang considered, then pulled out a low-backed chair from the wall. He had Duo kneel on it, leaning over the back, which put him at just the right height. Duo looked back over his shoulder at the two men enticingly. "Hurry," he pleaded.

Zechs was all for hurrying. He looked at the doctor and the Chinese man stepped up to him. He looked up at the taller man and buried one hand in the platinum hair, drawing his head down into a scorching kiss. Zechs gasped as he felt the man smooth more of the lube on his aching cock, then released his mouth and steered him to stand behind Duo.

"I trust you can figure out what to do now, Mr. Marquise?" the doctor said, smiling.

Zechs just nodded, and moved up behind the squirming longhaired man. He positioned himself at Duo's offered entrance, and took a deep breath as he pushed.

Duo cried out and Zechs groaned as he entered the other man. God, this was so different, so hot, so damn tight, that he thought he would die. He pushed farther, watching his cock disappear into the man's body, until the gripping sensation was too much. "Duo," he moaned out, pushing until he was fully seated.

"Oh, yes, do it, Zechs, fuck me," begged Duo, wiggling in an effort to get what he wanted. "Need it..."

Groaning, Zechs pulled out slightly and drove back in. This earned him a gasp from Duo and a wave of pleasure from his cock. Both were delicious, so he did it again, gaining confidence. Soon he was pulling out nearly all the way and slamming back into the willing body. He never wanted this to end. Then he looked up to see Dr. Chang standing in front of his nurse, unzipping his pants, and Duo was reaching eagerly for the man's arousal.

The doctor met the blond's eyes. "You don't mind that Duo helps me out as well, do you, Mr. Marquise? Watching the two of you is incredibly arousing."

Zechs shook his head, mesmerized by the cock that Duo was eagerly taking into his mouth. The scene in front of him drove him even higher, and soon he knew he was nearing climax.

The doctor said, "Stroke Duo's cock," and Zechs understood. He reached down and took the nurse's cock in his hand, feeling the man's body tighten even more around him as he did.

"Oh, yeah, do it, pump me, fuck me harder..." Duo moaned around the doctor's cock.

Even the doctor was beginning to moan. "Fuck him, he loves it hard," the Chinese man commanded. "God, you're so good, Duo..."

Zechs complied, each thrust driving Duo forward so he could swallow more of Dr. Chang's cock. All three men were moaning, gasping, and panting with pleasure. Finally, Duo screamed, and Zechs felt his hand coated with hot liquid as the nurse's body clenched around him.

It was too much for the blond man, and he climaxed immediately after, body on fire and filling Duo with his need.

Duo's moaning around his length and the other men finding their release drove the Chinese man there too, and he cried out as he climaxed into the nurse's mouth.

Duo was first to recover, saying lazily, "That was nice..." as he licked his lips.

"Nice doesn't really cover it," replied Zechs shakily, as he withdrew from Duo and collapsed on the table again.

"I'm definitely going to have to schedule a follow-up appointment," was the doctor's response, and all three men grinned.

The End