Title: Workin' at the Car Wash
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: AU, lemon, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Sharon and D.C.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero would be the first to admit that was a bit obsessed with his car. It was the first time he'd been able to afford a brand new car, and he was proud of it. Jet black, every option, his SVT Cobra Mustang was as fast as it looked. 390 horsepower and 390 foot-pounds of torque matched with a six-speed manual gearbox would get him 0-60 in 4.7 seconds; Heero knew every spec by heart. He'd studied the brochure for the six weeks he'd had to wait for his car to arrive. He'd ordered it specially, figuring that this car was his dream, and his one luxury. He's worked hard in college, earning top grades and had landed a great job just after graduation. He lived in a relatively modest apartment and didn't have any other obligations. He deserved it.

And he took care of his car. It as always garaged or covered, and no more than three days would go by without it being carefully washed. Some of the guys at work gave him grief for his obsession, but not overly much; after all, being obsessed with girls and cars was expected of him at his age.

Well, they were half right.

Heero had Fridays off; his company approved of flextime and he preferred to work four longer days and have three days off. He was one of the company's best programmers so his boss had no problem with Heero's request. On Fridays, Heero liked to have a long workout at the gym, followed by a drive and then have his car washed.

Heero pulled up in front of his usual car wash, a hand wash place that he'd gone to for years. They knew him and his eccentricities, and always were extra careful. He wondered why there wasn't the usual queue in front of the place; in fact, no one was there and as he pulled up, the manager hurried over.

"I'm so sorry, Heero, they're doing some water main repairs and they've shut off all our water for the day. We're closed," he said apologetically.

"Damn," said Heero. He liked his routine, and his car really needed washing.

"You could try the Bikini Wash over on Mission," the manager suggested. "They're close, and the scenery's great," he said with a leer.

Heero restrained the urge to roll his eyes at the suggestion. He didn't feel like coming out to a virtual stranger, though, and his car did need washing... "Ok, I'll do that, thanks," he said.

Five minute's drive later, he was pulling into the lot of the Bikini Car Wash. He parked, and immediately a blonde girl in a pink bikini appeared and opened the door for him.

"Hello!" she enthused as Heero got out, her eyes roaming all over Heero and his car. "I'm Relena, welcome to the Bikini Car Wash!"

Heero tried not to sneer as the girl took his arm, trying to brush against him as she led him to the entrance. "Thanks."

Relena seemed put out that Heero wasn't staring mesmerized at her push-up bikini top, but didn't give up. "You just go right in there, and tell the cashier what you want," she said suggestively. "I'll be taking care of you and your car *personally.*"

"Right," said Heero, eager to get away from the girl.

"Bye!" she waved as she flounced away. "Make sure and watch for me!"

Shaking his head, Heero made his way to the cashier and paid for the premium wash, admonishing her to make sure they took extra care, and was directed to a viewing area where he could watch his car being washed, and presumably the girl washing it. Heero wanted to watch, but not Relena. He was worried about his car.

The cars were pulled along a slow-moving track, through a water and soap shower, then the girls started their work. Heero joined several other men standing at the window, watching the girls. His car wasn't there yet; presumably it was still being vacuumed.

Then he noticed that the audience wasn't all male; there was a group of three women standing at the glass, giggling and talking. He followed their gaze and suddenly the day was looking up.

The staff wasn't all women; there were several men as well, wearing variously colored speedo bikini bottoms. He tried to unobtrusively move closer to the men, glad of some eye candy after all. Two muscle- clad men worked on a small SUV, their bronzed muscles flexing as they washed. The view was definitely nice, but Heero's tastes ran a bit differently. He let his eyes roam; there were several other men scattered throughout, helping the girls with their tasks. Heero approved.

Then Heero saw something that made him stop breathing. Someone had joined Relena in washing his car, which had just arrived. Someone he'd only seen in his wet dreams.

A three foot long braid hung wet against a slim back, just touching the top of a red speedo-clad ass that Heero itched to touch. Long, strong legs glistened with water and soap as he turned, revealing that the front view was quite as nice as the back. Heero liked his men slim and lithe, and this young man was perfect. He was muscled, but lightly so, and his face was masculinely pretty. He bent over the car's hood, and Heero's pants got tighter. Relena looked unhappy at the boy's appearance; she scowled and tossed her wet hair until she remembered herself and her audience. She threw a quick glance over her shoulder, saw Heero at the window, and bent over quite unnecessarily. Heero looked away quickly to see the longhaired boy roll his eyes at Relena and concentrate on his work.

The boy ended up doing most of the work. Relena spent her time thinking up ways to display her body more enticingly and did very little washing. Heero didn't much care; he was busy watching the longhaired man and losing himself in a fantasy that included water and both of them naked.

Heero's car was right in front of the window now; the longhaired boy was bending over to wash the wheel trim and Heero's eyes were glued to that ass. The boy straightened and turned, and Heero was treated to a nice view of the wet front of his speedos. They bulged nicely, and Heero didn't realize he had quite such a lascivious expression on his face until he raised his eyes and saw the boy staring right back at him with a smirk.

Heero just stood there; he wasn't usually in the habit of leering at strangers and he didn't know what to do when caught. So he tried a smile.

It seemed to work. The boy's smirk changed to a smile and he looked Heero up and down. He was dressed in his workout clothes still, spandex shorts and a tank top, and the boy seemed to approve. They shared a look, and Heero was almost sure the longhaired boy was interested. Then the boy mouthed quite clearly, "Nice," and turned back to the car.

Heero stood staring; he wasn't sure if the boy had meant the car or him, but he was fully intrigued now. His car moved out of sight and he followed along the building, noting with disappointment that the boy seemed to have gone as well.

But Heero wasn't giving up that easily. He had just seen the man of his dreams, who seemed to be interested, and he wasn't going to leave it there. He noted the closing time of the car wash. He'd be back.

A couple of hours later, Heero was back, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt this time. He felt sort of like a stalker waiting in the parking lot this way, but he couldn't think of another way to talk to the boy, short of outing them both.

Heero had waited out of sight until he saw Relena leave; god forbid the girl thought he was waiting for her. Then, there he was; he looked different with clothes on, but no less delectable. He wore cutoff jean shorts and a Metallica t-shirt with the arms ripped out. His hair was loose and damp and wavy. He looked good enough to eat.

The boy walked not toward the parking lot where Heero was waiting but toward the bus stop down the block. Heero started his car and drove after him quickly, not wanting to miss his opportunity. He caught up just before the boy got to the bus shelter. Heero pulled to the curb, letting the engine purr, and lowered the passenger side window.

"Hello," he called out.

The boy's head snapped around immediately, taking in the car and its driver before recognition flashed onto his face. A smile slid across his face, and he stopped.

"Hey. What can I do for you? Come back to complain about the wash?"

Heero glanced at the bus stop. "Not at all. Can I give you a ride?"

The longhaired boy raised one eyebrow and said, "How do I know you're not an axe murderer?"

Heero made a show of glancing in the back seat. "I seem to have forgotten my axe today. Can I buy you a cup of coffee?"

The other man seemed to consider for a moment, then shrugged. "Why not?" He opened the door and got in, putting his backpack in the back carefully. "Nice car, dude. I love these."

"Thanks," Heero said, more intent on the long tanned legs that were currently folding themselves into the passenger seat than anything else. He dragged his eyes up to the boy's face with effort, meeting amused blue eyes when he did, deciding that the boy was even better looking close up.

"I'm Duo," he said, sticking out his hand.

"I'm gay... I mean Heero," he replied, blushing scarlet. "Oh my god..." Heero dropped his forehead to the steering wheel, wishing the earth would swallow him right away.

But Duo just laughed, putting his hand on Heero's leg. "I know. And *damn*, you have an amazing body."

Heero peeked up at Duo. "You know?"

"Uh, yeah, you were totally checking me out at the car wash and ignoring the pink bitch, I mean Relena," laughed Duo. "Not hard to figure out. She was livid, by the way."

"Oh," said Heero faintly, sitting up straight again. "So are you..."

"Gay?" Duo finished his sentence. "Oh yeah."

"Good," said Heero, starting to smile.

The two men looked at each other, and the temperature rose several degrees. Duo leaned across the car toward Heero, and whispered, "So what are we gonna do about it, sexy?" He slid his hand higher up Heero's thigh.

Heero was instantly rock hard, and he let out a low moan. Duo wasn't even touching him any place interesting and already he was ready to go. "I know what I want to do," murmured Heero.

"Mm," Duo said, sliding his hand up until it rested just below the bulge in Heero's jeans. "Tell me."

Heero turned to Duo, moving his hand to take a handful of Duo's gorgeous locks gently, and purred, "I want to bend you over, pull down those shorts and fuck that hot little ass of yours."

"God," moaned Duo, leaning his head against the seat. "How do you know exactly what turns me on?"

His eyes dropping, Heero could see the bulge in the front of Duo's shorts. "I don't know, but let's go with it, shall we?"

Duo looked over at Heero. "I like to do it outside."

Heero watched as Duo's hand moved to his own crotch, rubbing himself. "Fuck, you're so hot, Duo. I want you now."

"Take me someplace, then. Anywhere. I'm yours," moaned Duo.

Heero burned rubber in the first three gears as he accelerated down the street, unmindful of the speed limit. He remembered a spot he'd heard of as a teenager, one that overlooked the city. He hoped it wasn't crowded, because he needed Duo badly.

Up the hill they went, and it was a miracle that no law enforcement officers impeded their progress, because Heero would have been tempted to outrun them. Or merely explain that he needed to fuck this gorgeous boy next to him *now*, and surely they'd understand?

They arrived at the spot he'd been seeking, and the moment they stopped, Duo had unbuckled his seat belt and jumped out of the car. Heero followed, admiring the way the short shorts hugged Duo's ass.

Duo turned to him, looked around and said breathlessly, "This is *perfect*." He raised a hand and ran it through his hair, and he was so beautiful Heero couldn't take his eyes off him.

"*You're* perfect, Duo," Heero breathed. Then he couldn't talk any more, because Duo had moved toward him, pressing his body against Heero's and sealing their mouths together.

Moaning low in his throat, Heero slid his hands down Duo's back, all the way until he cupped his ass. He squeezed gently, pulling Duo closer until he could feel the other boy's erection against him. Duo squirmed against him, nearly driving him mad with his lithe body. Duo felt perfect in his arms.

Duo pulled back and whispered, "Do me, Heero. Do me right here."

"I want to fuck you on my car, Duo," groaned Heero.

"God, yes," gasped Duo, unbuttoning his shorts and kicking them away. He wore nothing underneath. "Please."

Heero let his eyes feast on Duo's aroused body. He moved his hand to the button of his own jeans. He wanted to go slow, but he was so hot he just couldn't wait. "Bend over the car," he said hoarsely.

Duo complied so quickly, it made Heero gasp. Duo leaned over the hood of his car, ass raised and legs spread apart perfectly. He lay his head carefully on the warm hood and looked up at Heero. "What are you waiting for, Heero? Need you, now."

"God," breathed Heero. He walked to the passenger side of the car and quickly fumbled in the glove box until he came up with a condom packet and a small tube of lube. Then he went to stand behind Duo.

Duo squirmed, looking back over his shoulder at Heero. "Hurry," he moaned. "Need you inside me..."

Heero couldn't have resisted Duo's pleas if he'd wanted to. He prepared himself, and started to do the same for Duo, who just moaned, "No, just do it, please...."

"Duo," groaned Heero. "I've never seen anyone as sexy as you..." With one hand, he positioned his cock as the other hand spread Duo open to him. "I wanted you the second I saw you..." He pushed, and at first it seemed that Duo was far too tight, he'd never fit, but then Duo relaxed, and he was in, lovely tight hot velvet gripping his arousal.

"Fuck," hissed Duo, pushing back against Heero. "You're huge..."

"And you're tight as a glove, Duo, my glove," gasped Heero as he seated himself fully inside Duo.

"Give it to me, Heero, fuck me," begged Duo, spread out on the car hood.

And Heero did, pulling back until his cock was almost free of Duo's body before he pushed back inside. Duo apparently liked it hard and rough, and soon Heero was pounding into him hard, out in the open in the dying rays of the sunset. Their mingled cries rang out over the deserted parking lot, and Heero wished this moment would last forever.

But nothing lasts forever, especially hard, hot sex, and all too soon Heero felt his climax approach. Heero pulled Duo's hips toward him so that he could reach Duo's arousal, and he pumped it quickly. Almost immediately, Duo screamed and tightened around him, and Heero felt his hand covered in wet heat.

Thrusting in hard and fast, Heero gave in at last to his climax. He'd never felt anything quite like this, so hot, so sharp, so perfect, as he thrust into Duo one last time. He filled Duo with one last gasping moan, and they both stilled.

After what seemed like an eternity, Heero gathered Duo into his arms and they caught their breath.

"You were amazing," breathed Duo as he leaned against Heero's chest.

"So are you, Duo," Heero said softly. "I... hope we can see each other again, Not just for sex."

Duo smiled up at him. "You bet. Besides," he added, grinning sheepishly, looking down at the hood of the Mustang, "I think you need another car wash."

The End