Title: Coffee, Tea or Me?
Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x4
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Treize settled back in his first class seat. He adjusted the headrest and tried to relax. It had been a week from hell, and he was glad to be on the plane home. He loosened his silk tie and looked around for a flight attendant. He needed a drink.

He didn't see a flight attendant right away, so he rang the call button. He braced himself for an over-made-up, shrill harpy from hell fawning all over him as they usually did. He didn't know why flight attendants felt the need to throw themselves at him; he was always unfailingly polite though, even when they pressed their phone numbers in his hand. But they were a necessary evil; and at least they gave him good service.

Treize had just glanced back at the Wall Street Journal in his hands when a soft alto voice interrupted. "Can I help you, sir?"

Treize glanced up; and did a double take. Standing beside him was a blond vision; tousled blond hair to his collar, wide blue-green eyes, perfect little features, and a lithe body poured into the blue uniform. He hadn't seen many male flight attendants lately, and certainly none that looked like this. Treize smiled; maybe this flight wouldn't be so boring after all... "You certainly may," he purred, smiling his best seductive smile.

"My name is Quatre," the little blond said as he bent closer, reaching across Treize to adjust his pillow. "And I'll be at your service for this flight." Quatre looked directly into the older man's blue eyes and said, "What can I get you?"

You, thought Treize automatically, but he took Quatre's soft hand and said, "Enchanted to meet you, Quatre." He brought the small hand to his lips and kissed it, then said, "This flight is certainly... looking up now."

Quatre blushed prettily. "Oh, I'm sure you say that to all the flight attendants," he giggled, not pulling his hand away.

"Only the most beautiful ones," Treize answered smoothly, tracing patterns on Quatre's palm with his other hand, and looking directly into those aqua eyes.

"I can see I'm going to have to watch out for you, Treize," Quatre replied coquettishly. He leaned closer and whispered in the man's ear, "I have to get to work now. What can I get for you?"

Treize whispered back, "You. On my lap," he paused, then continued, "but a vodka tonic will do for now." He touched Quatre's golden curls gently, then whispered, "Perfect. Like an angel."

Quatre blushed at Treize's request and compliment. Letting one hand drop casually onto the armrest, he then let it drop a bit more to touch the older man's thigh, thrilling at the muscle beneath. At Treize's gasp, Quatre giggled and said, "I just look like an angel..." Then he straightened up and said more loudly, "I'll get right on that for you, sir," and then he smirked and walked off, being sure to wiggle his cute little ass as much as possible. Treize watched, entranced and getting aroused. He didn't usually go for blonds, but this little one was hot. Things were definitely looking up.

A few moments later, Quatre brought him his drink, setting it in front of him and managing to run his fingers up Treize's chest afterwards. Treize bit back a moan as the little blond's fingers brushed his already hard nipple. Then a person across the aisle needed something, and Quatre turned to help them, bending over more than was absolutely necessary, giving Treize a splendid view of his tight ass. Treize resisted the urge to caress the firm ass, with difficulty. Quatre looked back over his shoulder before he straightened up, to be sure he had Treize's undivided attention. He needn't have worried; Treize was now fully aroused and only had eyes for Quatre.

The plane was nearly ready for takeoff; the flight attendants came around to make sure everyone was buckled in securely. Quatre paused by Treize, with a wicked gleam in his eyes. He bent over. "Excuse me, sir, but I'm afraid that your seatbelt isn't properly adjusted."

Treize looked up at the angelic blond. "Really? I'm ever so sorry. Could you please help me adjust it properly?"

"Of course, sir," replied Quatre, and Treize hissed as he felt the boy's hands on his lap. Quatre slid one hand under the buckle, and along Treize's arousal, and with the other, released the metal catch. "See," he instructed, "You have to insert the hard metal firmly, like this," he said as he slid the metal into its proper place, and continued breathlessly, as he brushed his fingers along Treize's hard length, "Then you slide, like this, to make it very tight." He said this while pressing his fingers on Treize's bulge as he tightened the belt.

Treize moaned softly and tried not to arch up into Quatre's teasing touch. "I certainly appreciate your showing me the proper way, Quatre. How can I thank you?"

"Later," whispered Quatre in his ear. Out loud, he said, "I can see your, um, seat back and tray table is already in its fully upright position," he nearly giggled, giving Treize one more caress before he straightened and went about his duties. Treize moaned quietly in frustration. He tried to discreetly adjust his now-aching erection as he watched the blond boy wiggle his way down the aisle.

The flight got underway, and Treize watched with hungry eyes as Quatre moved about the cabin, serving drinks and dinner. He had little appetite for food, however; he only wanted to taste the sweet blond's skin. He had been hard since the beginning of the flight, and he was ready to take what he wanted. He waited until the flight attendants were busy cleaning up, and Quatre was the only one in the small galley up front. Treize unbuckled and made his way to the front, where the first class bathrooms were also located.

Quatre looked up as Treize leaned against the doorway with a predatory look on his handsome face. "Hello, Treize. Can I get you anything?" Quatre smiled sweetly but his face was flushed and he licked his sensuous lips.

Treize nodded and said, "Definitely. Come with me," he commanded, moving toward the nearest bathroom, a handicapped one that was slightly larger than the others.

Quatre looked around quickly. "I suppose I could take a quick break..." Then Treize was pulling him into the bathroom, and locking the door firmly behind him.

"Tell me no right now, and I'll stop," Treize murmured, pulling the small blond tight against him, grinding his aching erection against Quatre's slim hips.

"Yes," breathed Quatre, wrapping his arms around Treize's neck and pressing his lips to the older man's.

They kissed, and fumbled with buttons; they knew they had limited time and both wanted to make the most of it. Treize ached to get his hands on Quatre's silken skin; Quatre wanted to feel those strong hands all over him.

Finally, Treize got Quatre's shirt open. He ran his hands all over the smooth chest, lowering his head to flick a perfect pink nipple with his tongue. Quatre gasped and buried his hands in Treize's hair. Treize lowered his hands, and quickly unbuttoned the blond's pants. Quatre moaned as Treize's hand slipped inside his pants and silky boxers to caress the hard flesh within. "Treize!"

Treize lowered Quatre's pants, then stripped them and the boxers off quickly. Quatre stood only in his unbuttoned shirt and socks, flushed and hard and still looking angelic. Treize looked in admiration for a moment, then he lifted the small blond and set him on the edge of the sink. Treize put one hand on each of Quatre's knees and gently spread the creamy thighs. Quatre moaned in anticipation as Treize moved between his legs. The older man kissed the boy's neck, slowly trailing down the perfect abdomen to the dripping arousal. Quatre squealed as Treize enveloped his aching length in his hot mouth. Treize reached out with one hand to find the lotion that was in every airplane bathroom; dispensing some into his hand, he then teased Quatre's entrance with a slick finger.

"Oh Treize! Oh god, yes!" cried out the blond a little too loudly; but neither cared any more. Bobbing his head up and down on Quatre's rock hard cock, Treize quickly stretched the other man, his own cock aching for satisfaction. "I'm ready, Treize," whimpered Quatre, almost climaxing just from the prep.

Treize straightened, kissing Quatre as he unfastened his own pants. "You taste wonderful, Quatre," Treize murmured. "I bet you feel even better." Then he smoothed some more lotion onto his arousal and positioned himself. "Ready?" he asked with the last of his control.

"Take me, Treize, I'm so ready," breathed Quatre, spreading his legs even more.

Treize took a deep breath, and guided his erection to Quatre's waiting entrance. He pressed gently, and started to slide inside; perfect, so perfect, Quatre's tight body gripped his hardness. Deeper Treize pushed, claiming the blond beauty; Quatre gripped Treize's shoulders as he drove in.

"Oh, oh, oh!" cried out Quatre as Treize took him, each syllable a higher pitch until the other man was fully inside him. Exquisite pressure, almost pain, but so good; Treize filled him and drove away all else.

Treize's cock was gripped by incredible heat; tightness took over his world. He started to thrust, slowly at first, but he couldn't stop; he looked into Quatre's glazed eyes.

"Harder," gasped Quatre, gripping Treize's shoulders hard enough to bruise. Treize complied, holding onto the blond's hips and driving in deeper.

"Quatre... so good..." groaned Treize as he thrust into Quatre's sweet body. The blond took every stroke, sobbing for more, not caring where they were or who heard. They were just two people, oblivious with desire for one another, only aware of the other; nothing else mattered.

Treize pounded into Quatre, both of them so close; then Treize wrapped his hand around Quatre's aching cock. One pump, two, and Quatre lost control; screaming Treize's name, he climaxed, shooting his creamy seed all over himself. Only then did Treize allow himself to follow; one more thrust and it was over; Quatre's tight body coaxed from Treize the most incredible climax of his life.

Both men gasped for breath, clinging to each other, never wanting the sensation to end. Treize carefully slipped out of Quatre's body, and brushed a damp lock of blond silk out of the boy's eyes. "That was amazing, Quatre."

Quatre let his eyes dip shyly down. "I hope you don't think I do that with just anyone, Treize," he answered.

Treize pulled the small blond close. "I didn't think so."

Quatre pulled back and smiled a mischievous smile. "I hope you come fly the friendly skies again very soon!"

The End