Title: Safe Deposit
Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x5, 6x6
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

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Wufei sighed as he glanced at the clock. Just 15 minutes until closing. It had been a particularly long day, and he was glad to see it end. He seemed to attract all the idiots to his teller window. Ones that had stupid questions, or hadn't filled out their forms correctly... he pulled at his tie, glad that soon it would be off.

The line of customers was dwindling, and Wufei could almost see the light at the end of the tunnel when he heard his supervisor's voice ring out. "Mr. Chang? Could I have a moment?"

He glanced up at the annoying woman. "Yes, Ms. Blake," he sighed. The woman didn't like him, he was sure of it, probably because he didn't shower her with false praise like the rest of the employees. He closed his window and secured his station before walking around the corner to where she stood. With the most handsome man he had ever seen in his life. He forced himself to stop staring and walk over to the pair.

"Ah, Mr. Chang. This is Treize Khushrenada, one of our most valued customers," the woman fairly purred. The woman was practically simpering over the man, and Wufei forced himself to smile pleasantly.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Khushrenada," he said smoothly, extending his hand to the older man, trying not to notice how well he filled out his Armani suit. His hand was enveloped in a warm, strong grip, and he thought he was going to drown in those blue eyes. The man's eyes were his best feature, and that was saying a lot. He had thick, reddish brown hair, handsome features and a tall, muscular body that Wufei couldn't help but picture unclothed.

"My pleasure," purred the older man, smiling at Wufei in a manner that made his stomach do a small flip. He felt himself almost blush; he was certainly reading more into the man's words than there was. But that voice... it was like honey, pouring all over his naked body.

Ms. Blake's strident tones cut into his fantasy. "Mr. Khushrenada would like to access his safe deposit box in vault 3," explained the woman. "And I thought you would be the best person to assist him."

Wufei figured it out in a flash; he was the only male teller working at the moment, and the woman fancied Mr. Khushrenada. She wanted to keep all the women away from him. So the task fell to him. Well, this was one task he didn't mind in the slightest. He smiled at the man. "I'd be more than happy to help," he answered, sincerely.

Wufei felt as if those eyes were looking at him appraisingly; on the off chance he was correct, he looked directly into those captivating eyes for a long moment. The man spoke. "I apologize for the lateness of the hour, Mr. Chang," the man said, with a quick glance up and down Wufei's body that the Chinese man hoped he wasn't wrong about.

Wufei opened his mouth to answer, but Ms. Blake cut him off. Both men winced as her voice cut across them, "Don't be ridiculous, Mr. Khushrenada! Anything for one of our best customers!" The woman was practically falling all over herself to flirt with the man. Wufei fought the urge to sneer. The woman handed Wufei a key, and said, "You have your key, sir?"

"I have everything I need," the man answered smoothly, and Wufei didn't doubt he had everything he needed too.

"Please follow me, Mr. Khushrenada," Wufei said, and led the way to the entrance to the vaults. He swiped his security card and stood back to let the man enter the passageway that opened.

The man went past him, and Wufei caught the subtle scent of his cologne. He resisted the urge to sigh with relief as the door shut between them and the rest of the bank. The silence was like velvet. Wufei led the way to vault 3, again opening the door with a card, glancing up at the video camera self-consciously as he did so. The cameras were always recording, but he was never sure when someone was actively monitoring them. The bank's head of security was a tall, longhaired blond man who always made Wufei feel nervous for some reason. "After you, Mr. Khushrenada," he said as the door opened.

The man walked past him and paused as the door shut behind them. "Please, call me Treize," he smiled down at the dark-haired man.

Wufei swallowed and looked up into those eyes. "Then you must call me Wufei," he said, trying not to moan the words. Treize was so sexy...

"Wufei," Treize purred. Even the way the man said his name was enough to turn him on. "I'll try not to take up too much of your valuable time."

"Really, it's no problem," Wufei said truthfully. He watched as the man located his box. Opening the box required the insertion of two keys at the same time, and he stood close to the other man, ready to open the box. He was hyper-aware of the other man's body. He realized with a sinking feeling that he was starting to get aroused. Once the blood started leaving his brain, he stopped thinking clearly, and he knew it. He tried to calm his libido, even going as far as to picture Ms. Blake naked, but it was no good. As he stood next to Treize and watched the man slide the key into the lock, he bit his lip. He knew exactly what he wanted the older man to slide into him. His hand shook as he tried to insert his own key.

Treize must have noticed his discomfiture, because the man whispered, "Let me help you, Wufei," and put one of his strong hands on the younger man's and helped him guide the key in. The symbolism was not lost on Wufei, and he was sure he whimpered. And he lost the final battle with his body; his cock sprang to full arousal as the man leaned even closer to him.

They finally managed to slide the two keys in, and somehow the box was pulled out of its slot. Wufei stood back, panting, as he watched Treize place the box on the table, next to his briefcase. Was the man as affected as he was? He just couldn't tell. He watched the man shuffle papers back and forth, trying to get himself under control. It wasn't working. Wufei was starting to worry. He had never told anyone, but he had a problem. A fetish, or obsession of sorts. He fantasized about having sex in front of a camera. On film. Or with people watching. Being fucked in front of an audience was what he thought about when he masturbated, sometimes. Most of the time, he could control his urges. Though all the cameras in the bank did give him a twinge occasionally. But usually it wasn't a problem. But now, he was already aroused by Treize, and now he couldn't stop thinking about the two cameras trained on them right now... and Zechs the security chief might just be watching... he was losing the fight with his body. He felt himself move closer to the taller man, almost automatically. This was not good... He was out of control and he knew it.

"Everything ok?" he asked Treize in a voice gone husky with desire.

The older man looked at him, and Wufei shivered with need. A sensuous smile slid across the man's face. "Everything is perfect, Wufei," he said, his voice flowing over the younger man's body. "Just like you."

Wufei stared a long moment, not completely sure his ears hadn't just deceived him. Was he just hearing what he wanted to hear? He felt himself blush.

"Oh, Wufei," Treize said, turning to face him and ignoring his papers. "I'm sorry for being so forward, but you are exquisite. The sexiest man I have seen in a long time."

"M-me?" Wufei stammered, finally finding his voice.

Treize nodded. "Yes, you. Do you have any idea what I'd like to do to you right now?"

Wufei hoped he had an idea, but he wanted to hear that sexy voice tell him. He shook his head, licking his lips.

He felt the man's eyes flick to his mouth. "Yes, your mouth... I'd love to kiss you for hours, Wufei, I'm sure that mouth of yours tastes divine," he breathed. "But I doubt I could stop there. I'd have to taste all of you. All that golden, smooth skin..." He trailed off, reaching up to trace the line of Wufei's cheekbone. "Perfect."

Wufei whimpered and turned his head into the touch. "Is that all?" he whispered, arousal aching even more.

"Oh, not at all, not at all," breathed Treize, letting his finger trail down the front of Wufei's shirt. "After I slipped those clothes off, revealing that glorious body, I would worship it with my hands and mouth. Thoroughly."

Wufei took a shuddering breath. The man was only touching him with a fingertip, but his whole body was on fire. "And then?" he whispered.

"Then," Treize said, leaning forward and murmuring in Wufei's ear, still only touching him with one finger. "Then, I would take off my own clothes, so you could see just how hard you make me with that beautiful little body. How aroused I am, just from touching you." Treize moved behind the Chinese man, now pressing lightly against him from behind. Just hard enough to feel the man's hard length against the small of his back. Wufei moaned. "Can you feel that, Wufei?" The younger man nodded. "That's what you do to me. I've been hard since I first saw you. Then I would bend you over and take you. Hard. Fast. Deep." Each word was accentuated by a small thrust of Treize's hips against him. "I would fuck you until you scream my name. I would fuck you until you come harder than you ever have in your life."

Wufei felt like he could climax from just the man's words alone. He was sure he had never felt so turned on in his whole life. "Please," he whispered. "I want you."

He gasped as he felt Treize's hand on his chest, sliding downward, until it found the hard bulge in the front of his pants. Treize grasped Wufei's aching length through the loose material and squeezed gently. "So I feel," he murmured in the younger man's ear.


The head of security for the bank returned to his office, setting his cup of coffee down on the desk carefully. The cameras didn't need to be watched at all times; everything was recorded anyway. So he spent most of his time out in the lobby. People found an obvious security presence comforting these days. But now the bank was closed, and he had an hour until the night security team arrived. He sat down at his desk, glanced at the monitors and forgot all about his coffee.

The scene in vault three was quite absorbing. That was Wufei Chang, no doubt about it; he had had his eye on the slim Asian man since they had first started working together. But the man had always seemed so reserved, his whole demeanor reflected in his tightly tied-back hair. And Zechs wasn't sure which way the other man swung. But now, there was no reserve left, and no doubt about the smaller man's sexual orientation. Wufei's head was thrown back against a tall, handsome man, who was running his hands all over the Chinese man's body, and rubbing his very obvious erection. Well, well. It was always the quiet ones that surprised you, wasn't it...

Zechs adjusted his own rapidly-forming arousal. And decided to have some fun.


"Shall we get out of here, then?" whispered Treize.

"Yes!" Wufei nearly cried out.

Treize had finished his paper-shuffling, and together they returned the box to its slot. Wufei led the way to the vault door, and slid his card through the slot. The door didn't open. He tried it again, impatiently. His cock ached. The door still refused to open. "Shit. I'm sorry, Treize. Must be a malfunction. It will be just a moment." He punched the intercom button, the one that went to Zechs Marquise, the security head.

"Yes?" the deep, sensual voice purred over the intercom.

Wufei cursed himself for thinking with his hormones. Did all the men around here have to have such sexy voices? "This is Wufei Chang. I have a customer in vault 3, and the door won't open."

Zechs grinned. He tried not to sound too amused as he answered. As if he hadn't seen exactly how Wufei "had" a customer in vault 3... "I'm sorry, Mr. Chang, but the bank has closed for the day. The vaults have been automatically locked. I'll have to override the security codes."

"Well, do it then! Please," Wufei snapped, trying not to let the desperation show in his voice.

"I will be glad to, but at the moment I must complete the check of the other vaults and doors. The security overrides take a while, and I will start on it as soon as possible, but you and Mr. Khushrenada will have to be patient for a few minutes. I do apologize," Zechs finished.

Wufei sighed and turned to Treize. "I'm so sorry," he began, but then his mouth was covered by the other man's, and he forgot what he was going to say. He felt Treize's arms go around him and pull him close. He opened his mouth and felt it invaded by a hot tongue. Perfect...


Zechs sat back and grinned as he saw the action resume in vault 3. He locked his own office door and unfastened his pants, freeing his own erection. He stroked it a few times, and watched the show.


When Treize finally released his mouth, Wufei was panting. "Treize," was the only thing he could say.

"Oh, Wufei, you have no idea how much I ache to make love to you," the older man's voice insinuated itself into his ear.

Wufei glanced up at the cameras, which unfortunately made him even hotter. "So do it," he begged. "Now."

"Here?" asked Treize, rubbing gently against the smaller man's length.

"Yes," Wufei answered breathlessly. "Here. Now. Please..."

Treize glanced around him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Wufei answered quickly, turning around to look up at the older man. "No one can come in, you heard Zechs."

Wufei could tell the other man was very tempted. So he started to take off his tie and unbutton his shirt. "Please?" he repeated, hoping that he would get his ultimate fantasy fulfilled, right here and now.

Wufei watched Treize's eyes feast on the skin he was exposing, and knew the other man was lost. A small strangled sound came from low in the older man's throat as he watched. "Yes..." he whispered, and Wufei continued to strip. He couldn't stop now. This was his fantasy now, and he almost hoped the tall blond security guard was indeed watching. He was so hard his cock was leaking moisture; he had never wanted to be fucked so badly in his whole life. He shed his clothes quickly, so Treize would have no chance to change his mind.

Finally he stood naked in front of the older man, and reached behind him to release his hair from its tight restraint. He shook it loose, and looked up at Treize hopefully.


"Oh yes," moaned Zechs, watching the monitor intently as the dark-haired man stripped. He had to slow his own hand, wanting this to last. This was better than he could have imagined. He squeezed his hard cock, stroking slowly. He rubbed his thumb over the tip, spreading the wetness. He couldn't take his eyes off the lithe body on the monitor. "Do it..."


Wufei looked at the older man's face, drinking in the eyes darkened by lust. He knew the man wanted him, he was so close to having his ultimate fantasy fulfilled... then Treize had taken him into his arms, and he loved the feel of the rough cloth against his naked skin. He writhed against the older man, rocking against him. "Please..."

"How could I refuse you?" Treize murmured into Wufei's ear, sliding his hand down the Chinese man's smooth back, down to the tight little ass that was begging to be taken.

Wufei didn't wait any longer; he immediately began to pull at the older man's clothes, undressing him as quickly as possible. Between the two of them, they made short work of Treize's suit. When the older man was only in his boxers, he stopped Wufei breathlessly. "Wufei! We need... I don't want to hurt you..."

The Chinese man stared at him uncomprehendingly, lust clouding his features. He panted, "What?" He wasn't thinking straight.

"I'm not in the habit of seducing gorgeous young bank tellers in vaults, so therefore I have no lubrication with me," Treize explained gently.

"Oh..." Wufei said, thinking quickly. "Oh!" he repeated, but far more joyfully. He dived for his discarded pants and returned with a small bottle of hand lotion. "Will this work?"

"Perfectly," purred Treize. He took the bottle from Wufei and continued, "Now, where were we?"


Zechs watched, stroking slowly, trying to hold off his climax. He wanted to enjoy the show first. His cock throbbed in his hand, hot and hard. He slid his other hand under his shirt to tease his nipples as the two men kissed again after the older man slid off his boxers. The blond man admired the two lean, hard male bodies pressed together, wishing he could join them. He whimpered as he watched Wufei climb up on the table and spread for Treize, and the older man pushed his fingers inside the tight body, preparing him.

This was better than any movie. This was real. He stroked faster, muscles tensing.


Wufei was panting with need. He wanted fucking and he wanted it now. "Please...Treize... I'm ready..." He leaned back on the table, holding on to the edge and pushing back on the older man's fingers.

"Patience, beautiful," murmured the older man, pushing three fingers in and out. It wasn't easy to take his time, either. Not with the pretty Chinese man begging to be taken. Finally he was satisfied, and helped Wufei down from the table. He coated his aching cock with lotion, and leaned down to whisper in the smaller man's ear. "Wufei," he breathed. "I want you so much. I want to make love to you." He turned the other man around, bending him over the table gently as he spoke, and spread his legs apart, enjoying the sound of whimpering this produced. He positioned his erection, pressing against the man's entrance, and paused, still talking. "I'm going to push my hard cock deep inside you, Wufei," he almost panted now. "My big, hard cock is going to slide inside your tight little ass. Do you want that, Wufei? Do you want it as much as I do?"

Wufei was trembling now, almost ready to scream. "Yes! Yes! Please, take me! I need you so bad..." His begging turned into moaning as he felt the pressure of Treize thrusting inside him, slowly as not to hurt him. Oh yes, this was so perfect, so right, and he could still see the cameras as he was taken, and nothing had ever felt this good before, ever...


"Oh fuck," moaned Zechs, still unable to believe this was really happening, that he was watching prim little Wufei Chang getting fucked up the ass by a tall handsome stranger. The smaller man thrashed his head around, his lovely ebony hair framing his flushed face, in perfect view of the camera. He squeezed his cock more tightly, moving his free hand to caress his balls, starting to thrust his hips into his hand. "Yes... do it harder..."


Wufei held onto the table and Treize held onto his hips; the older man was building up a rhythm now, and had started trying for the perfect angle. He gasped; that was it, everything felt a hundred times better, and he was sure he was screaming, and he didn't care.

Still the older man continued to pound into him, striking the perfect spot each time, and Wufei thought he would certainly go mad. He had never had such a careful, talented, perfect lover; never had sex felt this good. "Treize..." he moaned, needing to tell the other man how incredible he was. "So good..."

"It's you, Wufei," murmured the older man, passion dripping from his voice, driving in faster and faster. "You inspire me. I want to give you everything..."

"Please!" Wufei cried out, lowering his head and submitting fully to Treize. "Give it to me! Harder!" Every sweet invasion took him higher, and when he felt the other man's hand wrap around his cock and stroke, he screamed his new lover's name and started to climax.


Zechs watched passion twist Wufei's delicate features and sped his hand to match the pace the two men on the screen were setting. He could tell the smaller man was close; never in his life had he seen anyone give themselves over to ecstasy so completely. He longed to plunge his own cock deep inside that lithe body, to wrap his own hand around the man's arousal and pump, to make the man produce those sounds for him. But this would have to do... his hand became Wufei's tight body, and he wanted to empty himself. He watched as Wufei surrendered to completion, and he followed, seed pumping out over his own hand, sounds of need stifled by his other hand. "Wufei..." His climax was sharp and desperate and perfect.


Wufei was coming, spectacularly, more intensely than ever before. Everything was perfect, and he was enjoying every ecstatic second. It seemed to go on forever, then he felt the hot warmth inside him as Treize filled him with his completion. The man behind him moaned his name, and clutched at his hips hard as he surrendered, much more quietly than Wufei but no less sincerely.

All he could do was lie on the table, nearly unconscious, as Treize pulled out gently, laying a line of gentle kisses down his back as he did so. "Oh, Treize..." sighed Wufei.

"Did you enjoy that?" the older man murmured in his ear, then pulled him up gently against him.

Wufei leaned heavily on the other man's chest, catching his breath, and laughed weakly. "I hope I don't need to answer that."

Treize laughed, a deep, sexy sound that would have aroused Wufei again if he hadn't just had the most intense climax of his life. "No, but I do hope I get the chance to improve on my performance."

"Improve? You'd kill me!" smiled Wufei, and lifted his head to let Treize kiss him.

The older man pulled back, and said, "We'd better get dressed. Would you like to join me for dinner? I seem to have worked up an appetite."

Wufei got dressed and straightened his crumpled clothes as best he could. "I'd love to, Treize."

When they were all dressed, Wufei was about to hit the intercom again, but it buzzed before he could. "Yes?" he said.

"Mr. Chang. I apologize for the delay, but I have disarmed the doors now. They should open for you," the security chief's voice whispered through the speaker.

Wufei blushed, but he was reasonably sure Zechs hadn't been watching. The blond man would certainly have stopped them, wouldn't he? "Thank you. We're coming out now." He had to stifle a giggle at his own word choice.

"I'll meet you by the front doors to let you out, then," Zechs answered smoothly, turning off the intercom and checking one last time that his clothes were all fastened. He took one last regretful look at the monitor and walked out of the office. Some guys had all the luck.

The three men met by the door, and Zechs unlocked the door, holding it open for Treize and Wufei to pass through. Wufei went first, and he couldn't keep his eyes off the smaller man's ass as he went by. Then it was Treize's turn, and the older man paused next to the blond.

Zechs looked up at the handsome man. "Good evening, Mr. Khushrenada."

"Yes, it will be," smirked the older man. Then he continued, softly, "I hope you enjoyed the show, Zechs. Maybe next time you should join us."

Then the man was gone, leaving a very stunned blond in his wake.

The End?