Title: Going Down on the Farm
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Pairing: 3x2
Warnings: PWP, yaoi, language, AU
Disclaimers: No teens or copyrights were harmed during the making of this fic...
Note: Ok, more pure smut... Duo is the farmer's son and Trowa is the new farmhand... hee hee...

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was a typical summer day. One of those long, hot, unending days that are almost too warm for comfort but are perfect nonetheless. Duo lay on his bed, bored with his book, and glanced lazily out the window. It was the summer before his senior year, and his seventeen year old body was lean and tanned from helping his father around the farm. Now, though, his father had hired a new farmhand so Duo could have a break. It was just in time, too; Duo hated unloading bales of hay, which was what the big job of the week was. Duo hadn't seen the new farmhand yet, but he could hear the bales of hay being tossed around. He hated doing it because the bales were heavy, but mostly because his skin was sensitive to it and he had to wear long sleeves and jeans when he worked with them. And there was nothing Duo hated more than long sleeves and pants. As a general rule, he wore as little as possible, especially in the summer.

Right now he was wearing the shortest shorts he owned, ones that barely covered his cute little ass and a cut-off tank top that tended to fall off one shoulder. His favorite outfit. He rolled off the bed and leaned out the window, vaguely curious about the new farmhand. He couldn't quite see behind the barn from his window, so he climbed out onto the flat bit of roof outside it. He had been doing this since he was a small child, driving their housekeeper mad with worry. But it was his favorite spot. He could see everything that was going on, and no one else ever came up here. It was his own little world. He settled on the towel he brought with him and looked down.

What he saw almost made him fall off the roof.

The new farmhand was tall, with brown hair that fell stubbornly over one eye. He wore a short sleeve shirt that was soaked with sweat and clung to his muscled upper body. His jeans were so tight that Duo couldn't take his eyes off the man's ass. But he didn't look that much older than Duo, actually. Duo feasted his eyes, deciding that maybe this summer wouldn't be as boring as he had thought.

Dumping the bale of hay into the bins, Trowa took a moment to strip off his gloves and wipe the sweat from his forehead with the back of one hand. His shirt was going to drive him up the wall in a few minutes if he didn't do something about it. He reached up, over his head, and grabbed the back of the sweat soaked shirt, pulling it over and off in one graceful sweep. That was better already. He twisted around, hearing a few satisfying pops as his spine loosened. It was too hot and humid for this kind of work, but Farmer Maxwell needed the unloading done by nightfall, so that's what Trowa had to do. His lean upper body carried the muscles of someone used to hard work. That was what Trowa had always done. Before he signed on with Mr. Maxwell, he'd worked in a circus. Unfortunately, his previous employer had gone bankrupt and left poor Trowa stranded in this small town with no money and no job. He walked over to the bench nearby and took up an ice cold bottle of water out of the cooler. With a sigh born of pure relief, he ran it across his forehead to cool it. Unstoppering it, he took a long drink, gulping down the liquid as quickly as his feverish body would allow. Then, he tilted his head forward and poured even more of the cool fluid over the back of his neck. It flowed down, trailing between the grooves of his muscles, until it was soaked up by the fabric of his jeans. All along his spine, glistening water seeped down, enhancing the lithe body and making it glisten even more. Trowa tossed his head from side to side, throwing water and sweat off and clearing his vision. That was when he realized that someone, somewhere, was watching him. He could feel eyes on him...

He looked around, his green eyes sharp. It was something he picked up during his time with the circus. It wasn't uncommon for trouble makers and vandals to mess with the animals. Trowa continued to cast his eyes about, finally taking a moment to look towards the house. There, he saw his watcher. His mouth fell open just a bit. He wondered if he hadn't just fallen into a dream brought on by too much exposure to the hot weather.

Duo watched intently, holding his breath as the man revealed his upper body, as perfect as he would have guessed. Duo's eyes were glued to the lucky rivulets of water as they made their happy way down the farmhand's back and into the waistband of the tight jeans. He found he was chewing on his finger as he thought about what that skin would feel like... Suddenly he looked up at the man's face. He was looking right at him. Duo blushed as he realized he had been caught staring. He wondered what to do. He settled for leaning back and waving.

The creature that sat on the roof was such a vision of loveliness that Trowa's breath caught. Long chestnut colored hair fell down in a thick ropy braid that draped over one shoulder. From where he stood, the former acrobat could see the lean frame that was clad in only short (oh my God short) shorts and a cropped tank top. One shoulder drooped dangerously low enough that Trowa almost thought he could see the hints of one nipple. So... this was the farmer's son. Trowa bit back a soft sound of frustration as his cock started to harden right there. He railed at himself in disbelief. How could he respond like this to a complete unknown? He didn't even know if the boy would be receptive to him...

Duo smiled as the man continued to look at him. Then he realized he probably thought he was a girl, and resisted the urge to pout. That happened to him all the time. He would never cut his hair, though, it was his pride and joy. Someday he would find someone who wanted him just as he was. And that person would definitely be a guy, Duo was sure of that. He decided to make sure the man knew he was male. He stood up and walked over to the roof's edge, and climbed onto the large branch of the tree that overhung there. It was his own personal staircase, and he gracefully made his way down the branches, fancying he could still feel eyes on him. He made sure that his shirt pulled up even farther. He dropped to the ground and straightened up, throwing his braid back over his shoulder.

The farmhand couldn't take his eyes off the young man if he wanted to. When the youth turned around, he could see a gorgeously tight ass that made his already tight jeans even tighter than they had been. Trowa couldn't remember why he'd chosen these jeans except he thought it had something to do with the fact that he was running late and grabbed the first pair of denim he could get his hands on. He was regretting that now as the hot looking boy climbed down the tree and turned to look at him. He swallowed audibly. This could get awkward with the farmer.

Duo saw that the man was indeed still watching him. Hm... was he disgusted or... Duo decided to introduce himself. Putting as much sway as possible into his walk, he made his way over to the barn. A delicious thrill ran through him at the possibility that the gorgeous man might be interested. He walked up within three feet of him and said, "Hi! I'm Duo Maxwell."

The boy was walking towards him! The dark haired teen bit back a low moan and smiled to cover it up. After a few moments, he thought he could trust his voice, "I'm Trowa."

When Duo was this close to the man, he could see he wasn't much older than he was. And he was more handsome than he had even guessed from far away. He looked friendly, at least. "Hi Trowa! Nice to meet you. Farmer Maxwell is my father. Are you from around here?"

The young man's smile was contagious. Trowa shook his head, "No. I used to work at the circus that was here a month ago. When it went under, I had to find other work. Your father was kind enough to hire me on." The acrobat turned farmhand realized that Duo was checking him out and gave a much easier smile, "You have beautiful hair." Thoughts of the farmer were fleeing to the deepest recesses of Trowa's mind as he wondered just how those sweet looking lips would taste against his. He fought the impulse to find out and settled for pouring more water over his head. "Hot day... Just be glad you're not doing this." His hand indicated the work with the hay bales.

"Oh, I am definitely glad," agreed Duo. "I usually have to do it all myself." The remark about his hair finally sank in. His hand went automatically to his braid and he played with it absently, stroking it across his stomach, trying to keep his eyes on Trowa's face. "Thank you. For saying that about my hair. Most people think it's weird." He smiled shyly.

That little visual demonstration went straight to poor Trowa's aching arousal and he stared at the young man hard. One of his callused hands went to Duo's cheek and his thumb stroked across the high bone gently, "I don't think so. I've seen much weirder than you. I think you're nice and normal..." '...and gorgeous,' he added silently.

Duo held his breath as Trowa got even nearer and touched his cheek. He leaned into the touch and licked his lips. "Really?" he breathed. "I'm not all that normal..." he hoped the man knew what he meant.

Breathing a little heavier, logic didn't seem to want to work. Logic dictated that he not try to seduce the farmer's only son right here in front of the house where anyone could see. Logic told him that he needed to make Duo go back to the house. Logic told him not to kiss the boy right here and now... Somewhere in the back of his mind, Trowa's libido told logic to go take a long walk as he leaned down to brush his lips over Duo's with an ill-concealed moan.

Oh god.... Trowa was kissing him.... right here in the open... Duo's cock pressed up against the zipper of his tiny shorts as he parted his lips. "Trowa..." he whispered as the other boy pulled back.

"We shouldn't be... not here... in front of the house..." Trowa was having a hard time getting his voice to work. That boy's lips had been sweeter than honey. He wanted more - oh, God did he - but he knew he was treading on dangerous ground. Midwestern farmers had a reputation for carrying things like shotguns.

Trowa's words sent a thrill through him. What shouldn't they be doing? Did Trowa want more? "We could go in the barn," he suggested.

The green eyed farmhand wanted to bury his hands in that silky looking hair and then roam them over every inch of Duo's perfect looking skin, "Do you want that?" He would ache forever if the boy said no. Trowa didn't think a cold shower would be enough to get his body to stop raging at the sight and taste of Duo.

"I want that more than anything," Duo answered truthfully. He had to be honest with Trowa, though. "I've never..."

Trowa thought about that for a moment. The boy was a virgin! Oh, now he *knew* there was a God out there - somewhere. He felt his cock get harder and harder with every breath the youth took. The admission had brought on a slight blush under Duo's tan and it made him look even more beautiful. "Go in the house," Trowa ordered huskily, "Get some lotion or gel or something we can use as lubricant. I'll meet you tonight, in the barn, after everyone else is asleep." He thought that perhaps that was a much better idea since the farmer was due back anytime. He couldn't resist a quick repeat of the earlier kiss, though, and then his ears picked up the sound of the old man's truck coming up the gravel road. "Tonight," he insisted as he pulled away to get back to work, "Don't forget."

"Like I could forget," smiled Duo, licking his lips as he stepped back. Now he could clearly see Trowa's erection through the tight jeans. He stepped behind the tree, out of sight of the truck, and made sure Trowa was looking at him. He rubbed his own hardness through the shorts and blew him a kiss. He just hoped he could wait till tonight.

Groaning, Trowa pulled on one of his gloves and gave the young man a predatory look that said volumes of how much he already wanted the boy. With a smirk, he took one of his ungloved fingers in his mouth and sucked it suggestively. He couldn't wait to touch, taste, and feel the youth. He wanted to hear the sounds of pleasure that Duo would make when his body was driven to the heights of need and lust. Just as the old man came around the corner of the barn, Trowa slipped his other hand in the glove and nodded a greeting as he lifted another bale to toss onto the pile.

Tonight, Duo would be his in just about *every* way.

Duo waited anxiously until his father was settled in for the night. He didn't know what sort of lubrication was appropriate. So he grabbed a bottle of lotion and a tub of Vaseline for good measure. He snuck out the window and slid down the tree with practiced ease. He looked anxiously at the barn. He hoped Trowa would show up. He had been hard as a rock all day, but he didn't want to spoil tonight by touching himself. He was about ready to explode.

Looking around, Trowa made sure everything was ready. He'd brought a blanket to lay over the hay so that they didn't get scratched in some very uncomfortable places. Aside from that, he'd also brought a lantern from the bunk house and turned it down very low - just enough he'd be able to see the beautiful boy he'd hoped was coming. A couple of bottles of water sat nearby as well, just so they could replenish fluids as necessary. Trowa drank a lot of water during the summer and, by God, he was going to make that lovely youth sweat. He sat down on one of the bales, dressed in loose pants and a t-shirt. Both were easy to take off. He didn't want anything to impede their fun tonight. Now, he just had to be patient and see if Duo really wanted this.

Duo crept in as quietly as possible. If Trowa didn't show up he would surely die... the older boy seemed to like him in his shorts so he wore the same thing he had earlier. But he had left his hair loose after his shower. The shirt fell off his shoulder again as he walked into the dimly lit barn. "Trowa?"

"Up here," came the low response. Trowa's cock started to press out against the fabric of his pants at the sound of the youth's voice, "It's nice and cozy up here... Just needs you to make it complete, Duo."

Duo looked up into the loft. He smiled. "I'd better do something about that then," he said, and quickly climbed the ladder. Trowa looked perfect. And hungry. He shivered with anticipation.

"Come here," Trowa said huskily as he crooked a finger at Duo. The boy looked positively delicious in those obscenely short shorts and that top. He wanted to rip them off the boy and make him scream in rapture, but didn't dare. If he inadvertently hurt the youth, he'd probably be sent packing in the morning - if not sooner. Trowa definitely didn't want that now, "You're beautiful, Duo..."

"I love the way you say my name, Trowa," Duo breathed, approaching slowly. "And the way you look at me makes me..." he paused, never having said anything like this out loud, "so hard."

"Good," Trowa purred, "Because I'm going to take care of that for you." He drank in the sight of the youth, "I love those shorts. So tight. So hot. So very you, Duo." He smiled, "I think they'd look better off of you, but we have plenty of time for that, don't we?"

Duo almost moaned. This was better than any of his late-night fantasies, and it was real. "I want everything, Trowa." He sat next to Trowa on the bale of hay, thighs just touching, and ran a finger along the other boy's bicep. "You're so strong..."

The taller boy didn't want words right then, so he reached out and pulled the longhaired youth in for a hot kiss. This one had much more intensity behind it than the one this afternoon and Trowa couldn't help but toy with Duo's nipples as he explored the insides of the sweet tasting mouth. This was accompanied with a low growl deep in the back of his throat that seemed almost feline and sounded very, very, very hungry.

Duo gasped into Trowa's mouth as he felt hands touch him where he had never been touched before. The simple touch set his body on fire, sending even more blood to his already engorged cock. His hand tightened on Trowa's arm as he let his other hand stray to the boy's thigh.

Sweeping down the sleek back, Trowa used his other hand to support the young man as he pushed him onto his back on the hay. In just a moment, they would move to the blanket, but he just *had* to sate his need to taste Duo beforehand. The fingers that manipulated the hardening nipples started to roll them around, gently twisting them, and tugging on them. He wanted to see the youth fully, without a strip of covering, to see if the rest of the lithe body was as perfect as what he'd seen so far. "Want you..."

"God, Trowa..." moaned the longhaired boy. "Anything. I want it all. Touch me..." He needed to feel Trowa all over. He had been aching for this all day, and really ever since he had passed puberty. Waiting for someone to show him everything.

Carefully, Trowa lowered his prize to the blanket and pressed his hands under the shirt, lifting it slowly. He leaned down, just as the nipples came uncovered, and latched onto one. He suckled it with little to no mercy, demanding without words what he wanted of the boy's body. His teeth worried a little at the nub before he broke off and trailed wet kisses to the other one, "I will..." Trowa lowered a hand to the shorts that covered the hot little ass, caressing and kneading the flesh slowly, "I will."

Duo moaned and arched up against Trowa. He felt deliciously wanton with the more experienced boy. He pulled at Trowa's shirt, wanting to feel skin against skin. The loose shirt came off the chiseled upper body, defined from years of acrobatic training. Trowa smiled as he lowered himself back down to the longhaired beauty, "Like what you see?" As he spoke, he idly twirled a long lock of chestnut between his fingers.

"Oh god yes," Duo breathed, looking up at the older boy. "You're so handsome, Trowa." He reached up to touch Trowa's nipple.

Trowa bit his lip at the feelings that shot through him with the touch of the boy's fingers. He wanted that touch everywhere and he wanted to be touched everywhere. He didn't know if he could control his need to just pound into that sweet looking body. He decided that things were taking much too long and started to slide down, "I want to taste you, Duo... Will you let me?"

Whimpering as he realized what Trowa wanted to do, Duo said, "Yes!" But he wasn't prepared at all for the exquisite torture of Trowa unzipping his shorts and sliding them down, that mouth so close to his aching need. "Oh god..."

'So eager and so responsive,' Trowa thought as he slowly eased that tight little scrap of fabric down. He could barely stand the anticipation himself. Finally, he moved back up and let his fingers encase the column of flesh, "I'll bet you're as sweet as candy, Duo..." Then, he found out for himself as he took a slow lick across the tip, "Mmmm..."

Duo bit his lip to keep from screaming as he got another new sensation. He was going to die, he knew that now, he couldn't survive any more. That hot mouth on his aching cock... Just the one lick felt better than anything he had ever done himself.

With an evil little grin, Trowa did it again, much slower, before taking the whole upper half into his mouth. He had to use his other hand to keep Duo's thighs apart. The taste was exquisitely divine. He wanted more. His tongue worked down the shaft for a few minutes before he pulled back to swirl it around the head of Duo's cock with a soft moan.

"Oh, Trowa," cried Duo, arching up. "I've never... I can't..." he was trying to tell Trowa that he was going to come. He was embarrassed that he had no control, but one look at what the handsome boy was doing to him, and it was nearly over.

The farmhand knew what he was trying to say and smiled around his mouthful of sweet flesh. With not a single shred of mercy, he lowered his hand from thigh to Duo's sac and gave a gentle squeeze as he pushed the entire length into his throat. He wanted to force the youth to let go, wanted him to scream his name in passionate bliss, and he wasn't going to give in until it happened.

Duo couldn't believe it when the sensations got even more intense. He couldn't stand it anymore. He lost control and screamed, "Trowa!" as he filled the other boy's mouth with his hot need. It was so good he thought he wouldn't survive it. It seemed to go on forever. "Oh, Trowa," he sighed when he could breathe again.

When the last spurt hit his tongue, Trowa raised himself up and made a show of swallowing the pearly drop, "You taste wonderful, Duo. Must be the farm living..." He slowly made his way back up the youth's body, trailing his tongue as he went, until he could lock his lips to the trembling ones. He kissed Duo long and hard, showing just what he was going to do to the boy's body with his tongue as he thrust it deep into his mouth.

Duo was lost; he kissed back desperately, wanting everything Trowa could give. "Show me more," he pleaded when they broke the kiss. "Don't you want me?"

"Oh, yes... I want all of you..." He looked down at the youth, "But first, we have to get that shirt off. I don't want anything to get in my way."

"Trowa," Duo breathed, entranced by the boy's voice. "Tell me how much you want me. Tell me what you want to do to me." He sat up and slipped his shirt off.

One strong hand pushed the youth back down onto his back, "I want you so much my cock hurts. I'm going to get you ready and then I'm going to fuck you senseless until you can't stop screaming my name... How's that?" Trowa was already reaching for the items Duo had brought with him, settling on the lotion and opening the bottle to get some on his hands, "I hope I can last long enough for you... I'm so worked up, I don't want this to end too soon."

Duo's cock was already rising again, just from Trowa's words and the thought of what they were going to do. "Oh Trowa, yes..." he moaned, spreading his legs. "Want you so much.... fuck me please..." He lay back and surrendered to the other boy.

One finger pressed against Duo's entrance, not quite pushing hard enough to get past the muscle, but definitely enough to tease, "Say that again... It sounds so sweet coming from you." Trowa could barely bite back enough control to wait, but he wanted to hear Duo make his request again.

"Fuck me! Please! Want you so much..." Duo could barely speak from the sweet agonizing pressure on his untouched entrance. He arched up, pushing back against Trowa. He was almost fully hard again, already.

Trowa relented and pushed the digit through. He slowly eased it up, into the channel, until he could feel that area that he knew would make Duo's world shake. With a soft smile, he brushed the tip of his finger against it, "Just relax then... and enjoy what I'll make you feel."

Duo nearly screamed again. Whatever Trowa was doing, he needed to feel it again and again. How could he relax when his body was on fire? But if one finger inside him felt that good... "More," he demanded, spreading his legs further apart.

Another finger found its way in, stroking slowly against that little magic button, "How does it feel, Duo?" Trowa's cock was threatening to burst from too much blood engorgement, but he just had to hear the way the youth whimpered again.

"It feels.... wonderful...." he moaned, pushing back against the invading fingers. "Want your cock inside me, Trowa... please... fuck me..."

"Not yet, Duo. You just need a little more..." Trowa could barely stand it anymore. One last finger, driving in with its brethren, and he was almost ready to do what both their bodies were begging for.

Duo pouted and moaned at the same time. "I can't stand it any more! Hurry!" Duo couldn't help the petulant tone; he wanted Trowa to lose control and take him hard.

The fingers were pulled free and Trowa quickly stood up so that he could take off his pants. The loose cloth whispered down his legs and then he lowered himself next to Duo, "Get up... on your knees. I want to be as deep as possible in you." His hands gave hurried urgings towards the desired position.

Duo was beyond desire; he quickly got on his hands and knees, moaning with need. He felt even more wanton, more vulnerable, this way. He felt Trowa behind him, those hot hands positioning him. He raised his ass and lowered his head. "Fuck me," he pleaded again.

"I will, Duo." Trowa's promise was just a split second from him placing the tip of his hot cock against the virginal opening. He didn't wait for another plea. He needed to feel that hot paradise NOW. He gave a push of his slim hips, driving his cock through the ring, and moaning as he started to slide in slowly, "Oh, God... Duo..."

Duo almost lost his mind when he felt the first invasion of Trowa's cock. The boy's moaning made it even better.... Trowa felt that way because of *him*. Then he stopped thinking; the hard length was opening him, caressing him, invading him. "Trowa... so good..."

"So hot... Duo... feel so good..." Trowa had to fight back his need to just ram the rest of the way. He knew that that wouldn't be something the youth would enjoy. Only when he was fully seated in the tight grip of Duo's body did he stop all movement, "Duo... how... how does it feel?" He moaned, unsure of whether or not he could stop if the beautiful boy said he didn't like it.

"Oh, Trowa... it's... perfect..." Duo gasped, trying to relax. It didn't hurt, but he knew he wanted movement. He wiggled, trying to see how it would feel.

Trowa gave out a harsh groan and started to pull back. When he was half way out, he suddenly changed direction and pushed forward, pulling back on Duo's hips at the same time. That tight, hot, sweet caress was something that was going to drive him out of his mind with pleasure once he got a rhythm going.

"Oh yes..." breathed Duo. That was it. That was what he needed... The hard length inside him brushed that spot again, and he cried out. "More..."

Building up speed, Trowa started to get his rhythm, "Oh, yes... much more..." Soon, he was sliding in and out of that young body with abandon, feeling each shudder of Duo's body as he managed to hit that sweet spot deep within. "You've got me so hard, Duo... I want to fuck you... pound you... fill you up... make you scream..."

Duo was soon screaming, with abandon, forgetting where he was or who he was in the face of being fucked by Trowa. The boy's words took him higher, just like the hard cock pounding him from behind. He could hear his voice begging for more, but he wasn't controlling it. All he knew was need, and Trowa, and pleasure.

The one pounding him was in a similar boat, having lost himself to the hot vise of Duo's body. He was moaning, grunting, and thrusting as deep as he could. Trowa couldn't stop; he was a raging beast to his lusts and the only cure for that was in the screaming violet eyed boy on his cock. "So... good..." He knew he was getting close and his hand stole beneath Duo as he leaned over his slim back, wrapping around the boy's cock, stroking it furiously in time to his impacts.

The added ecstasy of a hand on his dripping cock was too much for the inexperienced Duo. With a hoarse cry he climaxed, nearly losing his mind and consciousness as the pleasure coursed through him. "Trowa!" His body tightened even more as he surrendered to his need.

Trowa was only a step behind him as he drove in hard one last time, spilling his hot seed into the youth, giving an inarticulate shout of pleasure. He couldn't see as his body pulsed from climaxing so hard. Instead of letting himself fall on Duo, his arms caught him and he remained poised over his back, though a little wobbly. "Good God, Duo," he breathed into the youth's ear, "You're fucking incredible."

Duo panted as he came down from his climax. "So are you," he managed weakly. He couldn't move. He finally turned his head enough to see the brown-haired boy. "Is it supposed to be that good?" He paused. "And when can we do it again?"

"Yeah," Trowa said hoarsely as he slid down to Duo's side and pulled him against him, "It's supposed to be that good." He tightened his arms, "And, as for when to do it next, I'd say this loft is going to see a lot of use tomorrow night... if you feel up to it."

Duo snuggled up against his new lover. "Oh definitely. I just hope the loft can take it!"

The end!