Title: Extra Credit
Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x1
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero walked into the classroom, having mixed feelings as always about this class. It was European History, a subject he didn't really enjoy, but the professor made it come alive. Not to mention the fact that Dr. Zechs Marquise was absolutely gorgeous. Heero blushed involuntarily, as he always did when he saw the gorgeous blond teacher. He settled himself in his usual seat in the first row, arranging his pens and notebook just so, pushing up his glasses and waiting for the teacher to arrive. He was always early for this class. He had thought he would hate History, but it was a core requirement for his Computer Science degree. But then the teacher had walked in...

Dr. Zechs Marquise arrived just then, surrounded by his usual retinue of admiring female students. His long platinum hair was immaculate as always, his casual attire, faded blue jeans and a button-down shirt perfectly snug and showing off his impressive physique. Heero felt his body react as usual, thankful for the fact that he was sitting down. The days that he had History, he had a whole wealth of fantasies to choose from. He didn't even have to get out his impressive collection of gay porn videos to get himself off. All it took was the image of the tall blond man, taking his clothes off. Heero shifted in his seat, fully hard now and constructing another fantasy when he felt a sharp jab in his back.

"Hey Heeeero! Gimme some paper!" the annoying voice interrupted his musing.

"Why don't you buy your own, Duo?" mumbled Heero, turning in his seat to look at the longhaired boy behind him, but handed him some paper anyway.

Duo laughed. "Why should I, when you always have extra?" Duo leaned over, peering over Heero's shoulder. "Oh, you got a new pocket protector, Heero? Nice!" Duo laughed, and several other students in the area joined in. Heero scowled and tried to ignore the obnoxious loudmouth. Too bad the jerk was also gorgeous. It just wasn't fair. He had a thing for longhaired guys.

But then the rest of the world faded away as Zechs began to speak. Heero took diligent notes while fantasizing about the blond man pinning him down, sucking his cock, taking him... The class was over all too soon.

"Please read chapter 13 and have a look at the end of the chapter questions, we will discuss them on Friday," the teacher said. "Oh, and one more thing: the administration wants all the teachers to have their own web page, so we can list assignments and such. The problem is," Zechs laughed deprecatingly, and Heero smiled back, "I'm hopeless with computers! I can barely check my email. I was wondering if any of you computer experts out there," and did Heero imagine the blond's eyes on him for a second? "would be able to, uh, give me a hand? For extra credit, of course?" Zechs grinned broadly as he surveyed the class.

Heero's heart beat faster as he listened to the man's words. If only he wasn't so painfully shy... he could do this, he could design web pages in his sleep. And he would get to be near Dr. Marquise, get to know him... he sighed. It was a nice dream, but there was no way he could bring himself to volunteer for such a thing. Someone else would volunteer, someone else would get to be near the blond Adonis... he winced as Duo's voice rang out.

"Dr. Marquise!"

Interesting, Heero didn't know that Duo was good with computers... then Heero's heart stopped beating altogether when the braided boy continued speaking.

"Heero should do it! He's a computer geek... I mean expert," he laughed.

Heero stared intently at his desk, hoping against hope that the smooth surface would somehow swallow him up. But it was to no avail. He felt rather than saw the professor's attention on him.

"Is that so, Heero?" the deep voice addressed him. "I'd really appreciate your help. Not that you need the extra credit, of course..."

Heero raised his eyes slowly, certain his face was blood red. The blond man was standing directly in front of him, and Heero forced his eyes up, up, over the glorious body to the perfect face, to those piercing ice blue eyes. Eyes that were fixed on him, and only him. He tried to speak, knowing that his voice was likely to come out as a squeak. So he nodded. The blond man looked at him expectantly. He had to try to talk. "Y-yes, I can make webpages. No problem. I'd be... glad to help."

Dr. Marquise clapped his hands. "Wonderful! It's decided then. Thanks Heero. Can you wait after class for a moment? You're all free to go!"

The class filed out, laughing and talking. Heero sat still, and Duo ruffled his hair as he went past behind him. "Teacher's pet..." the boy whispered in his ear as he left.

Heero scowled, then gathered up his things. He hoped his body was under control, because he had to get up. How the hell was he supposed to work near this man, this blond embodiment of sex? Who was completely unattainable of course. Even if he wasn't straight.

Heero stood, holding his backpack in front of him. He waited for the teacher to gather his things. The blond man walked up to him, smiling broadly. "Heero! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I really should learn this stuff, but you know how it is..."

"It's no problem, really, Dr. Marquise," Heero replied softly, hoping he didn't sound like a complete idiot. "I like to make webpages."

The blond man was looking at his calendar. "Let's see... when can we get together for this? I don't want to inconvenience you."

They discussed schedules, and finally came up with a mutually acceptable time to meet. Heero tried not to blush as he pictured the two of them, all alone in the office... He left the classroom, both looking forward to and dreading the next day.


Heero took a deep breath and knocked on the door that read, "Professor Zechs Marquise, History." He felt like a flock of birds, not butterflies, were living in his stomach, and his heart was racing. He heard a clear, "Come in," and he turned the doorknob reluctantly.

"Ah, Heero! Right on time," the sexy blond man purred, standing up from behind his desk and coming around it, extending his hand for Heero to shake.

Heero may have squeaked "Hello," he wasn't sure. He managed to shake the man's hand, though, as he tried not to drool all over himself. The tall blond was wearing tan slacks and a blue shirt that was unbuttoned halfway. Heero could see the man's tanned, hairless chest underneath. A small blue crystal hung from a silver chain a few inches below his collarbones.

"I'm so glad you agreed to help me! The dean has been giving me such a hard time, but I keep putting it off," Dr. Marquise continued, waving Heero to a seat. He sat on the edge of the desk, right in front of Heero, so when the student took a seat, he was staring right at the bulging crotch of the teacher's pants. Heero swallowed nervously. "So what do I need to do?"

Heero tried to concentrate on webpages as he took out a small notebook and pen. "Why don't you tell me what you have in mind, what material you would like to be available, and any other specifications you can think of, and I'll come up with a plan."

"Just like that? I tell you what I want and you do it?" the blond said, sounding amazed.

That is so more true than you know, thought Heero. Out loud he said, "Pretty much. We can fine-tune it later once I've got the basic framework."

"Amazing," the teacher replied, and they got to work.


Heero typed quickly, trying to concentrate, trying to ignore the blond god of a man who was currently leaning over his shoulder watching what he was doing. He had been working about an hour, and he was progressing well considering Dr. Marquise kept moving closer and closer. Heero's eyes were beginning to hurt, so he took off his glasses. He didn't really need them for close up anyway. Then he almost jumped; the blond was standing up behind him, leaning over so that his long hair brushed Heero's shoulder and the boy could feel his hot breath on his ear.

"What's that you're doing, Heero?" the teacher asked in a low voice. "You're so good at that, it's almost as if your fingers are a blur..." He placed a hand on Heero's shoulder and the arousal the student had managed to will away came back in full force.

"I," Heero tried again, "I'm just setting up the link so people can click your name and it automatically sets up an email to you," he stammered. He could feel the heat of the sexy man behind him. This was killing him.

"How amazing," purred Dr. Marquise.

Heero was stunned when he hand that the man had placed on his shoulder spun him around in the swivel chair. The tall man was standing in front of him, smirking down at him, and Heero tried unsuccessfully to keep his eyes off the man's crotch, right at eye level. The jeans bulged, and so did Heero's eyes.

"Heero," murmured the blond.

"Yes, Dr. Marquise?" Heero squeaked, his heart and cock pounding.

The man sat down in another wheeled chair, and scooted it up close to Heero's. His knees were now between Heero's, almost touching. "Please call me Zechs," he breathed, staring straight into Heero's cobalt eyes. "Pardon me for being so forward, but..." he reached a hand up and brushed back a lock of hair, "You're beautiful."

"M-me?" Heero said, surprised beyond belief.

"Yes, you," grinned the teacher. "You're 20, aren't you, Heero?" The boy nodded. "You're a virgin?"

Heero didn't need to answer that. He dropped his eyes to his lap, but Zechs put a finger under his chin and raised his face to his again. "Don't be embarrassed, Heero," soothed Zechs. "Some of us are late bloomers." The hand that had held his chin now ran down into the open neck of Heero's shirt. "You shouldn't hide this body, you know." He opened two more buttons of the shirt. "You work out, don't you, Heero?"

Heero nodded, holding his breath, sure this was all a dream and he would wake any moment.

Zechs looked deep into Heero's dark blue eyes, and slid a hand inside Heero's shirt. His hand roamed over smooth skin, and he whispered, "Stop me, Heero. Say no if you don't want this."

But Heero did want this, with every inch of his body. He had been dreaming about Zechs since the first day of class, and now the man was touching him... In answer, he reached up and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons, and pulled the shirt out of his pants. He looked up at the teacher.

Zechs grinned. "Perfect," he said as he looked at the boy's slim but nicely muscled chest. Then he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Heero's.

Heero opened his mouth immediately, and felt the older man's tongue slide into his mouth, and he moaned. It still felt like a dream, but the tongue in his mouth was real, and the fingers roaming over his bared skin were real, and he gasped into the other man's mouth as his nipple was gently pinched. Zechs kissed him harder, entwining their tongues intimately, and Heero felt fingers slide into the waistband of his pants.

Zechs broke the kiss, pulling back enough so he could look into the boy's eyes, which were glazed with passion. "Oh, Heero... I want you... Do you know what that means?"

Heero nodded. "I... I've watched movies..." then he paused, realizing something. "I... I'm not very big, I'm afraid..."

Zechs smiled reassuringly. "I'm sure you're fine, Heero. Don't worry about it." Then he kissed the boy, harder. Heero responded, and soon they were fumbling with clothes.

Somehow, Heero found himself naked, leaning back against Zechs' desk, being surveyed by the equally naked blond professor. Who looked impressed.

"Who told you that you were small, Heero?" the man grinned, looking over the boy in front of him. Heero was at least 10 inches.

"Well, the movies... they were all so big in the movies. I mean, John Holmes..." Heero paused shyly, looking up at Zechs.

"Heero," laughed the blond, "The actors in those movies are much larger than average. In fact, average men are about half your size."

"Really?" Heero looked stunned. "But you..." he looked at the nude man, clothed only in his crystal necklace, who incidentally was indeed a natural blond, and was bigger than Heero by about an inch.

"I am larger than average, as are you, Heero. Damn, did you think all men were walking around with 14 inches?" Heero nodded. "Well, they're not. And you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of." He then covered Heero's body with his own, and kissed the boy.

They kissed, and Heero spread his legs for Zechs, and the blond man settled between them. Heero moaned as he felt the hands all over him, running down his body, between his legs. Watching it on TV and feeling it were completely different. He felt the man's hand run up his inner thigh, and gasped when he felt a finger brush his entrance.

"Ok, Heero? I need to prepare you, is that ok?" Heero nodded; he hadn't seen this in movies, but he was a virgin and he wondered how Zechs' thick cock was going to fit inside him. What he also didn't know was how good it would feel as Zechs slowly inserted more lubricated fingers, stroking his inner walls. There seemed to be one spot that felt exceptionally good. Soon he was panting, arching himself off the desk. Zechs had scooted him back so he lay fully on it, legs spread wantonly. It was just like a porn movie, but it was real. And Zechs was so much more gorgeous than any man he had seen in a movie.

"Please," he heard himself moan.

"Please what, Heero?" grinned the blond man.

Heero almost sobbed, certain he couldn't wait any longer for release. "Fuck me," he gasped out, amazed he could speak the words.

"Your wish is my command," grinned Zechs, applying more lube to his huge erection and nudging the tip against Heero's entrance. He pulled Heero toward him, until the boy's ass was just at the edge of the desk, just at the perfect height for the other man to enter him. Then he gripped those slim hips firmly, and pushed.

Heero moaned as he felt himself invaded by the hot length. So good, so big, so perfect, every inch slid inside him. It was better than he had ever imagined. He squirmed, wanting to see if the hard cock inside him could reach that special spot as well. His squirming seemed to make Zechs moan, and he gasped again when the blond man pulled out slightly and thrust back into him. "Zechs," he panted. "Yes..." He couldn't seem to say much else.

"You like?" Zechs asked, thrusting again, groaning at the tightness.

Heero could only nod helplessly, and spread his legs farther apart for Zechs. He wanted more.

The blond got the idea, and started building up his pace. He pulled out farther and plunged in deeper each time, watching carefully to make sure he wasn't hurting Heero. He needn't have worried. The boy was arching up to meet each thrust, and his arousal lay hard against his stomach, weeping with his desire. Soon Heero was holding onto the desk to keep from sliding, and Zechs was pounding into him full force.

Heero was enjoying every stroke, especially when Zechs angled so he hit the perfect spot inside him. Then, his eyes flew open when he felt a hand on his erection. Oh god, that was it, that made it perfect; Zechs pumped his cock while he drove into him, and now Heero was screaming, clawing toward release, completely mindless.

Then he went over the edge; climax gripped him, everything tightened, and he was coming, pumping his seed all over his chest. He knew he was screaming, but he couldn't control it. He opened his eyes finally, to see the blond god above him stiffen and cry out, more quietly, and he felt himself filled with the man's release. Zechs looked incredible, head thrown back, long hair cascading down his back, sensuous mouth open, blue crystal ay his neck glinting from the overhead light. Because of him.

They stayed that way for a long moment, catching their breath. Then Zechs pulled out gently, and helped Heero sit up. The boy winced at the new soreness, but decided it was well worth it. Zechs helped him get cleaned up, and while watching him dress, the blond man said, "Heero. Don't take this the wrong way; you're a sexy boy but your clothes don't do you justice. Would you consider a bit of a makeover?"

Heero looked at him with interest. This could be fun...

The End,
but will be continued in a sequel where Heero shows off his new look.... (see Afterschool Special)