Title: Hard Disk
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Sharon and D.C.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Fuck!" hissed Duo, slamming his fist on the table in anger. It didn't help, only giving him a sore hand, and the blue screen of death still stared back at him. "Son of a bitch," he growled, running a hand through his hair, trying to push his sweaty bangs out of his face. His computer was set up in his small upstairs office, which was always the hottest room in the house, and with the heat wave it had become unbearable. He'd known the computer was fucking up for some time now, but he'd put off backing it up, and now it looked like he was screwed, and not in the fun way.

He hit enter, hoping the thing would at least boot into safe mode, but the blue screen only came back, mocking him. He knew it needed to go into the shop, but he had wanted to back it up and remove certain... interesting... materials before he did so, to avoid acute embarrassment. But now it looked like he couldn't even do that. "Fuck," he repeated earnestly. He did *not* want to have to explain his extensive (but very tasteful, in his opinion) collection of gay porn to some redneck computer technician. But it looked like he had no choice.

He needed the computer to work again; not only did he love his collection (a lonely gay man's best friend, along with his hand) but there were also a great many important work-related documents on there. He ran a junkyard (though he preferred to call it an eco-friendly automotive recycling center) and that computer had all of the last year's invoices and tax records on it. He knew he was an idiot for not backing it up once a month, but who really did that?

He rang up the computer repair shop, and the man who answered said yes, go ahead and bring it in and he'd do his best to fix it and not lose all his data. But the shop was closing in half an hour, could he get it over there quickly? Duo said he would be there, and hung up.

He grumbled to himself as he packed up the computer, pulling cords out with slightly more force than was needed, and paused to glance in the mirror as he dragged the box out of the office. He was sweaty and bedraggled and dressed in cutoff shorts and a ripped t-shirt. But if he took the time to change, he likely wouldn't make it in time, given the ubiquitous southern California traffic. "Screw it," he decided, with one last sniff of his underarms he decided he wasn't going to be impressing anyone anyway.

He drove over to the shop as quickly as possible, and wrestled the computer out of the back seat. Juggling the computer, his car keys and his wallet, Duo suddenly wondered how he was going to open the door. But as he approached, the door opened; obviously someone inside had witnessed his struggle and was holding the door for him.

"Thanks, man," Duo said gratefully, letting the cool air-conditioning wash over him as he set the computer on the counter.

"No problem," said a voice from behind him. "Hot out there, isn't it?"

"Oh yeah," Duo said, turning to face the owner of the voice. And then he forgot what he was going to say, or even why he was there.

Standing in front of him was not a redneck computer tech as he had imagined, or even a pencil-necked geek that would have been his second guess. The man in front of him was quite likely the hottest male specimen he had ever set eyes on, in or out of his porn collection. Tousled dark brown hair, vivid blue eyes, full mouth, golden skin, toned muscles straining his white shirt and blue trousers; Duo knew vaguely that the man was speaking, but his mind was overrun with testosterone at the moment and wasn't up to the task of understanding English. He said something that might have been "guh," or "gah," or something else equally useful, and the man smiled at him.

"Sir?" he said patiently. "What seems to be the problem?"

The problem is that I have a huge hard-on and no speech capabilities at the moment, and I want to jump your bones, techie boy, Duo thought, but luckily didn't say.

Finally, Duo managed to describe the problem slightly coherently, and the man nodded knowledgeably.

"It could be any number of things, let me open it up and have a look. I should have an estimate for you by tomorrow morning," he said.

"That's great!" gushed Duo, filling out the form the man handed him.

"I'll call you," promised the man, holding the door for Duo as he tried to walk out without tripping over his own feet.

"Thanks!" Duo called, waving, as he got into his car.

He was back on the main road before he realized he hadn't asked the man's name, nor had he asked what might happen to the contents of his drive.

Maxwell, you are an idiot, he told himself.

But he had lots to think about when he was in the shower later that night.


The next morning, Duo was sitting on the edge of his desk, trying to find a form that he needed, and getting nowhere, when the phone rang. He was annoyed and had temporarily forgotten about his computer problems, so he snatched at the phone and practically barked into it.


"Hello, Mr. Maxwell?" The voice was deep, polite, and familiar.

"Yes, this is he. Can I help you?"

"This is Heero Yuy," the man said.

Blankly, Duo stared at the wall, trying to remember if he knew anyone by that name. He started to say something, but the voice on the other end went on.

"The computer technician who is repairing your computer," he said patiently. "I said I'd call this morning."

Suddenly, everything fell into place for Duo, and he got a sudden, very clear, mental image of the gorgeous man whose name he finally knew. "Oh, yes!" exclaimed Duo. "Sorry, having a bad morning here. Do you know what's wrong?"

"Yes, it's actually quite simple," Heero answered. "You had a bad boot block on your disk, so I've replaced it. It was under warranty, so there's no charge."

"That's great!" said Duo, then he had a sudden thought. "What about the data on the disk?" he asked with trepidation. He wasn't even thinking of his porn collection, but his business documents.

"Don't worry," Heero said soothingly. "I've copied it all over to the new disk, everything was fine."

Duo let out the breath he was holding. "Fantastic," he said.

"When will you be in to pick it up?" asked Heero.

Duo glanced at the clock. "Shit," he swore. "When do you close?"

"Six pm," answered Heero.

"There's no way I'm going to be able to make that," said Duo. "I have a meeting until 5:30."

"It's no problem," said Heero. "I actually offer a free delivery service, I'd be glad to drop it off at your home this evening. About 7pm?"

"Sure, I should be home by then," Duo answered. "Are you sure it's no problem?"

"None at all," assured Heero, in a voice that did good things to Duo's stomach. "I have the address from your form. See you then!"

"Bye," said Duo faintly, hanging up the phone.

He stood up, still dazed by the man's voice, and when he glanced down he found that he'd been sitting on the paper he had been looking for.

Today was looking up.


Duo got back to his house about 6:30, and decided he'd have time for a quick shower before Heero got there. He was a bit nervous, even though he knew he didn't have a chance in hell with a man who looked like that. He couldn't possibly be gay. Though Duo's cock was interested in the idea. He had to ignore it for now, though, as he needed all the time he had to get his hair washed. Thank god for shampoo and conditioner in one.

He hurried out of the shower, toweling his hair while searching for clean clothes. All he could find was an old pair of ripped jeans (he winced at the 80's-ness of them, but at least they were clean) and a red sleeveless t-shirt. He was dragging a pick through his hair (it was the only thing that didn't hurt) when the doorbell rang. "Shit."

Squeezing a bit more water out of his hair, Duo ran for the door, nearly tripping over the table. "Coming!" he yelled, trying not to smirk at his own words.

Duo threw open the door and there he was, in all his wet-dream-inducing glory. Heero Yuy looked every bit as good as he had yesterday, except even better because he was standing on Duo's porch. His shirt was unbuttoned a few buttons, but otherwise he looked as crisp and clean as ever.

Ever helpful, Duo's usually loquacious brain shut down, leaving him with nothing cleverer to say than, "Hi."

Heero smiled, holding up Duo's computer with one hand as if it weighed nothing. "Hello, Mr. Maxwell, I've brought your computer."

Duo allowed himself a few seconds to enjoy the sight of Heero's muscles bulging under the shirt, leading him to think of other things bulging elsewhere, before he dragged his mind back into the present. "Yes, please come in. I really appreciate this."

"It's no problem, really," Heero replied, walking in as Duo stepped back, holding the door. "Where do you want it?"

On the floor on the bed up against the wall, wherever... Duo's libido nearly answered for him. "Right here is fine," he said instead.

Heero looked at Duo, smiling. "Are you sure you don't want me to set it up for you? I'm done for the day."

Duo stared at Heero. If this was a bad porn flick, this would lead to hot steamy sex. It wasn't, but Duo was tempted. Just looking at Heero was fun... "Are you sure it's no trouble?"

Heero grinned and picked up the computer again. "Not at all. You'll have to show me where it goes, though."

If Duo had been drinking anything right then, he would have spit it all over himself. Oh, what he would give to show Heero where it went... "Uh, yeah, um, follow me..."

He led Heero up the stairs, mentally relieved that his house was relatively neat. He showed Heero the small office. Luckily it had cooled off a bit by then. "Right there," he said, indicating the desk.

"Great," Heero said, and bent over to look at the setup.

Duo bent over to look at Heero's ass, and what a fine ass it was. He straightened quickly when Heero turned around and said, "It seems pretty straightforward, this shouldn't take long."

Too bad, thought Duo, but said, "I really appreciate this."

Heero connected wires, his back to Duo, and said, "Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something, Mr. Maxwell."

"Ok, but please call me Duo," he answered, trying not to get his hopes up.

"Well, this is a bit awkward," Heero began, sitting down on Duo's chair and booting up the computer. "You see, when I was copying over the contents of your drive, I came across some... objectionable material."

Duo's blood turned to ice in an instant. "What do you mean, objectionable?" His mind raced. It was gay porn, yes, but he'd bought and paid for it all, and none of it was illegal.

Heero stood up, taking a step closer to Duo, and said softly, "I think you know exactly what I'm talking about, Duo."

Duo just stared at the other man, speechless, as he tried to decide how to handle this. He was about to retort angrily when Heero went on, "You really need to learn how to keep your stuff in hidden, inaccessible files like I do."

Now Duo's mouth dropped open as Heero sat back down at the computer. "It's simple, really." He opened up a folder, bringing up 'Hunky Hung Hunk of the Month.' Duo blushed bright red. "Oh, nice, I haven't seen this one. Anyway, what you have to do is password protect the whole folder as well as the file," Heero showed Duo with a few clicks how to do just that. Duo stayed completely silent, and suddenly it dawned on him what the other man had said. Heero went on, "Ok, so you just have to go through and do that to all your files. I know it's a shame," Heero said, looking directly up at Duo, who was still blushing, "To hide such lovely pictures, but it's for the best. You never know when someone might have to work on your computer." He leaned closer. "Someone who doesn't understand."

"You..." Duo had to try again, as his throat seemed very dry. "You understand?"

"Oh yes," purred Heero, standing up. "I very much understand. One thing, though, I don't get... why does such a sexy man as yourself have to have porn on his computer? You must be inundated with offers from real men all the time."

Duo stared at Heero. This couldn't possibly be happening. "Not really," he stammered.

"Why not?" Heero asked, reaching up to trail a finger down Duo's bare arm.

Duo shivered, not unpleasantly. "They're usually not my type, in the bars," he explained.

"Really? What's your type, then?" Heero asked, looking deep into Duo's eyes.

"You," answered Duo without hesitation.

Heero smiled decadently. "Well, I'm really in luck then," he said. "When you came into the shop yesterday, I couldn't take my eyes off you."

"Really?" smiled Duo, flattered.

"Oh yes. That hot little body, those short shorts? Made me hard as a rock. I never thought I had a chance with you, though," Heero said.

"You didn't notice how I was checking you out?" Duo asked incredulously. "You're really hot."

"Then I opened up your files, and I felt like it was Christmas all over again," Heero went on, moving even closer to Duo. "I couldn't wait to see you again. But I didn't want to assume you were as attracted to me as I was to you."

"You may freely assume that," breathed Duo, closing the last of the distance between them and pressing their bodies together. Fuck, Heero's body felt hard and solid and incredibly good against him.

"I was pretty sure, after the way you were checking out my ass just now, so I went for it," murmured Heero, bringing one arm up to encircle Duo's waist.

"It's a damn fine ass," replied Duo, finally touching it.

Both men moaned as they pressed against each other, both feeling the other's hardness. Duo looked into Heero's eyes as the other man moved closer. "I don't usually do this, you know," Heero whispered.

"What, pick up men with porn on their computers?" joked Duo, but his voice was hoarse with desire.

"That too," smiled Heero. "But I mean... just," he rocked his hips against Duo's making them both moan. "Jumping into bed with someone I just met."

Duo laughed softly. "So you think I'm that easy, do you?" But he didn't pull back.

Heero kissed Duo softly, just a brush of their lips. "I can stop if you want..."

"Don't you dare," growled Duo, pressing his lips more firmly to Heero's, taking control of the kiss. Heero parted his lips, allowing Duo's tongue inside, and they melted into each other.

Finally, they pulled back, two sets of slightly glazed blue eyes meeting.

"Just so you know, too," whispered Duo, "I don't do this sort of thing either. In fact, it's been months since I've been with anyone."

"Me too," breathed Heero. "I hope I can last more than five minutes."

Duo laughed. "Me too. Well, in that case we'll just have to do it again, won't we?"

"Sounds good to me," Heero said, and they kissed again, and it was more intense this time. Hands started exploring, and when they finally broke for air, Heero's hands were on Duo's ass and Duo's hands were in Heero's shirt.

"Shall we move this to somewhere more comfortable?" asked Duo breathlessly.

"Lead on," Heero replied, and Duo led them both to his bedroom, somehow without disentangling themselves.

They fell onto the bed, laughing and kissing, struggling out of their clothes without stopping. Heero nearly fell off the bed while trying to divest Duo of his jeans. But finally, they were both gloriously naked, bodies lined up as they kissed breathlessly.

Then the laughing stopped, as lust took over. They rocked against each other, cocks rubbing deliciously, mouths tasting.

Duo pulled back, panting. "What... what do you want?"

"You," Heero said simply, tangling a hand in Duo's hair.

"I mean," Duo moaned, unable to think clearly under all the sensation. "Do you like to top or bottom?"

"Either," moaned Heero. "I don't mind. We can just do this, too. As long as I get to feel you against me, Duo. What do you want?"

"It's been a long time," Duo said softly, "But I'd really like you inside me."

Heero groaned. "Oh, god, yes, I want that... anything for you, Duo..."

Duo told Heero where the (long-disused but not past their expiration date) condoms and lube were in the bathroom, and he carefully prepped Duo, taking far too much time in Duo's opinion.

"I don't want to hurt you," protested Heero, and wouldn't be swayed.

Finally, everything was ready, and safe, and lubed. Heero lowered himself, pinning Duo to the bed, supporting himself on one strong arm as he guided his arousal into the other man.

Duo ran his hands over Heero as he entered him; there was a bit of pain but it felt so good, so right. Slowly, ever so gently, Heero took Duo, and when he was fully inside, Heero paused, breathing hard.

"God, Duo, you're so tight, am I hurting you?" he groaned, clearly holding back with difficulty.

"No, not at all," gasped Duo. "But I might have to hurt you if you don't move *now*." He wiggled slightly, clenching his muscles around the invading cock, and Heero whimpered.

"That's not fair," Heero moaned, pulling back just slightly and thrusting back in.

"I never learned to play fair," said Duo, grinning until Heero's thrust took away coherent speech. Then he said, "Fuck yes, just like that..."

"Just like that?" groaned Heero, thrusting again. "Or how about like this?" He shifted the angle of his hips and drove in more quickly.

"Yes, yes, that too..." begged Duo. "Just do it, fuck me..."

Heero started to thrust in and out now, with a quicker tempo, and both men gave up talking in favor of moaning. Soon, Heero was snapping his hips back and forth savagely, supporting himself on both hands now. Duo clung to Heero's arms, taking everything Heero could give.

Both men had been alone too long, and all too soon Duo felt his climax approach. "Heero..." he cried out, sliding his hand between them and stroking his cock. "Coming..."

"Duo... you're so hot..." gasped Heero, thrusting faster.

Duo stiffened as his release hit, every nerve on fire and every muscle participating. He really thought he was dying, the pleasure was so intense, then Heero cried out too. Duo felt himself filled with heat, and as his sight returned to him he watched Heero transfixed with pleasure. He couldn't explain how having sex with a virtual stranger could feel so *right*, but it did. He felt like he'd known Heero forever, like they'd known each other in some alternate universe.

After what seemed like hours, Heero pulled out carefully and collapsed next to Duo. They looked at each other for a few seconds, both speechless.

Duo found his voice first. "Damn. It's too bad they don't give out Oscars for great sex, cause someone needs to give us an award for that."

Heero laughed and kissed Duo softly. "I definitely think your computer is going to need lots of work."

The End