Title: ID, Please?
Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x2x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, threesome
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo walked confidently into the adult video store. He was nowhere near old enough to even be in there, but attitude was everything. He was seventeen, and looked fifteen, but he had enough attitude for thirty-five. Or so everyone told him. He walked through the aisles, looking for the male-male section, whistling to himself, exuding confidence.

Wufei leaned on the counter, watching the longhaired boy with disdain. He knew damn well the boy wasn't old enough to see a XXX video. But as long as the boy didn't try to rent anything, he would let him browse. He was barely twenty-one himself. His mouth quirked up with amusement as the boy headed for the gay section, and let his eyes wander over his cute little ass in tight jeans. Interesting.

Duo looked over the selection. Not great, but better than a lot of video places around here. If he had a credit card, he could just order stuff off the web, but he was out of luck. He wrinkled his nose at the abundance of movies featuring hairy older men. Not his type. A bit older was ok, but body hair... no. If this wasn't such a small, conservative town, he could get laid more than once a month and wouldn't have to resort to videos and his own hand. But he had learned a lot of new techniques this way... He finally found a video that featured a young-looking Japanese boy and a longhaired blond man. It would do. Taking a deep breath, he headed for the counter.

Treize, the manager, emerged from his office after finishing the week's paperwork. He joined Wufei behind the counter as a gorgeous young boy with a braid down to his tight little ass approached, clutching a video. He liked to try to guess the flavor of the customer's choices before he saw them; it amused him on long boring nights. Not as much as the cute Chinese boy he had hired did, but... He selfishly hoped the boy was renting a gay video, but what were the odds that the cute boy was into men? Of course, he was much too young to be in here, but... he glanced around. Nearly closing time, and no one else in the store.

Wufei looked up at his boss and grinned, nodding his head toward the approaching boy. Treize grinned back and ran a hand over the Chinese boy's ass behind the counter. This could be fun; it was a gay video.

Duo placed the video on the counter and grinned up at the two men behind the counter. Damn, too bad there wasn't a video featuring then two of them. The younger one was Asian, young and exotic-looking. The older one was tall and handsome and exuded sex. "Hey!" he said by way of greeting, and nonchalantly put his money beside it.

Treize nodded to Wufei, and the Chinese boy looked over the counter at Duo. "Interesting choice, but I really don't think you're old enough to rent that. I don't suppose you have an ID on you?"

Duo tried not to blush but had his answer ready. "Sorry, but my wallet got stolen last week. Haven't got to the DMV to get a new license." He looked hopefully at the dark-haired boy. He was hot... Duo was starting to get aroused.

"Why don't I believe you?" sneered Wufei. But damn, the boy looked cute...

"Come on, I rent these things all the time," Duo answered, trying to sound like an expert. Well, he had seen his share of porn...

"Oh, really?" interjected the older man smoothly.

"Yes," replied Duo. "I've seen hundreds." That was a bit of an exaggeration, but they really were all the same.

"So you're an expert, then," smiled Treize. Wufei snickered.

Duo started to get slightly annoyed. "Yes, as a matter of fact I am," he answered. Then he felt slightly nervous when the older man leaned over the counter, as if to get a better look at him. The man was very good-looking, but his face held a predatory look that made Duo's heart race. The Chinese boy was smiling knowingly.

"Well, would you like to prove that?" Treize purred.

Duo blushed, but pretended to not understand. "Um, how?"

"What's your name, pretty boy?" Treize asked.

"Duo," answered the longhaired boy, blushing at the compliment.

"Well, Duo, you come back here behind the counter and give me a 'sample' of your knowledge and I'll let you rent the video," Treize grinned. He hoped the boy would go for it. He would love to get his hands on that tight little body...

Wufei watched the boy's face, hoping he'd go for it and he'd get to play too. Usually he and Treize just entertained each other, but this would be even more fun.

Duo glanced around; he could hardly believe this was happening. It was like something out of a bad porn movie. He looked back up at the two men. They were both gorgeous. He started to get aroused from the thought of it. "Seriously?" he asked.

Treize smiled and unzipped his pants, pulling out his rapidly hardening cock. "Do I look serious?"

Duo's eyes widened. And his own cock got harder. "Yes, you do."

"So are you just going to look or are you going to show me how well you use that smart little mouth of yours?" Treize purred, stroking himself slowly.

Duo grinned and stepped behind the counter. He was pretty damn good at blowjobs, if he did say so himself, and the man was really sexy. So was the younger guy. This could be interesting. He stopped in front of the man and dropped to his knees. This put the man's erection right at eye level. He licked his lips and looked up. "Ready?"

"Oh yes, I am," Treize breathed. Tonight was definitely looking up. "Wufei," he said. "Please go and lock the door and turn the sign to closed," the word ended in a long moan as the boy went to work.

Duo did love to suck cocks; he loved the smell and the taste and the moans. He took the length in slowly, torturing; easing his mouth down slowly, wrapping his lips over his teeth. He relaxed his throat and took Treize in all the way, demonstrating his deep throat technique.

"Oh yes, very good," moaned Treize. "I see you do know what you're doing." He locked eyes with Wufei, who had come back and was watching, rubbing his erection through his pants. "Come here, Wufei. The boy is very good indeed."

Wufei bit his lip and walked up to Treize. He had been attracted to the older man from the first day he had worked here, and he loved the nights they worked together. He had learned all sorts of things from Treize. He stopped next to him and leaned forward, kissing him hard. Treize put his hand on the back of Wufei's neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.

Duo bobbed his head up and down, working Treize's length, tasting the man's desire. He glanced up to see the two men kissing, and had another idea. Something he had always wanted to do.

Wufei gasped into Treize's mouth as he felt hands unfasten his pants. He looked down and watched as Duo, still sucking on Treize's cock, freed his erection and started to stroke it.

Duo sucked one hard length as he stroked another; then he replaced his mouth on Treize's cock with a hand and moved his mouth over to Wufei's cock. He stroked Treize as he took in the Chinese boy, deep-throating him as well.

Treize watched with satisfaction as the longhaired boy serviced both of them. "Mmm, I'm impressed," he said, incredibly turned on by watching the boy suck them both.

Duo switched back and forth, caressing one cock with his hand and licking the other, giving both men equal attention. His own cock throbbed in his pants; this was turning him on incredibly. He felt wanton. The men's moans were music to his ears.

"Duo," moaned Treize, pulling back slightly. "I don't want you to be unsatisfied. I want to fuck you while you suck Wufei. Will you let me?"

Duo moaned around Wufei's cock, making the Chinese man gasp. He pulled back and said, "I want that."

"Perfect," sighed Treize, and pulled Duo to his feet. Wufei whimpered in protest, and Treize soothed him. "You'll get that hot little mouth back in a minute, Wufei. This sweet boy does so love his cock sucked," he told Duo just before he crushed his mouth to the longhaired boy's in a hot kiss.

Duo kissed back, but broke the kiss with a moan as he felt deft fingers unbutton his jeans and slide them down off his hips. He wore no underwear, and he kicked off his shoes quickly so Treize could pull his jeans off entirely. He looked around; Wufei leaned back against the counter, stroking himself with a sultry look on his face, and Treize was opening a tube of lube.

"Turn around," Treize said, and Duo did as he was told, bending over the counter next to Wufei and gasping as he felt the older men behind him, spreading his legs apart.

"Oh god," he moaned as Treize prepped him quickly. He felt another pair of hands on him and he realized Wufei was caressing him, sliding one hand over his back while the other roamed down his stomach, taking his aching cock in his hand. Under the double assault, Duo could only gasp and beg for more. It really had been too long.

"Ready?" Treize said, voice roughened by need. God, the boy was incredible...

"Please," said Duo, all he could manage.

Treize moved Duo so he could brace himself on the counter, one hand on either side of the lithe Chinese boy. Duo looked up at the lust filled black eyes, and whimpered. Then he felt Treize's thick length nudge against him, and he started to pant. "Yes..."

Treize groaned as he pushed his arousal into Duo's tight body. "God..." He had to hold himself back; every part of him cried out to shove into the boy roughly. But he slid in slowly, every inch a sweet torture.

Duo closed his eyes; it had been a while since he had done this, been taken, and it hurt a bit. But it was a good pain, and his favorite position. Treize was being careful, and as the older man eased into him, pleasure overtook pain and he was greedy for more. "Nnn..."

"Tell me... if I'm hurting you..." Treize groaned, and that silken voice overtaken by desire was even more sexy. He buried himself to the hilt in the beautiful boy, and paused to get himself under control. He locked eyes with Wufei, who leaned forward and kissed him, hard.

The Chinese boy had never done anything this naughty before; he'd never gone all the way until he started working with Treize. This... this was incredible, watching the older man take the longhaired boy and now Duo had wrapped a hand around his cock again, and he gasped, breaking the kiss.

Bracing himself with one hand, Duo brought the other boy's arousal to his mouth again as Treize started to thrust shallowly. He moaned as he slid his mouth down the hard length, sending vibrations up and down the shaft. He had to concentrate hard on his task, because as Treize built up a rhythm, it just felt better and better.

Treize, too, could hardly believe this was happening. Buried inside Duo's young, tight body, each stroke an agonizing pleasure, watching the boy pleasure Wufei... this surpassed his fantasies, and he'd had quite a few. "God, Duo... Wufei..." his usual eloquence escaped him as he sank further into ecstasy.

Soon the only sounds were moans of mounting need and the movement of flesh against flesh. Duo worked Wufei's cock as best he could, and from the sounds the boy was making, it was what he wanted. Soon, he was thrusting into the hot mouth, one hand buried in that gorgeous hair and the other braced against the counter. "I'm going to..." and Wufei was the first to surrender, filling Duo's mouth as he cried out. He had never felt anything as intense, and he was sure he was very loud.

Duo swallowed as Treize pounded him harder; Wufei's cries of completion were incredibly arousing. Not to mention the thick cock buried in his ass.

Wufei leaned down to kiss Duo, tasting himself on those lips. "That was incredible," he whispered. "Let me return the favor." He shifted so he could reach underneath the longhaired boy and started to stroke his erection.

Treize felt Duo tighten around him and heard the boy's moans as Wufei added more stimulation. Suddenly he felt he was losing control and he sped up his thrusts. He gripped the boy's slim hips and changed his angle, driving even deeper.

Duo almost screamed as Treize's cock stroked the perfect spot every time. He knew that between Wufei stroking him and Treize fucking him, he was going to come hard, and soon. He couldn't hold back. He climaxed, shoving himself back on Treize, tightening around him, and shot his seed all over everything.

Treize groaned as Duo released; one, two more thrusts and he followed, burying himself deep and filling the tight body. He closed his eyes as he remembered how to breathe again. He leaned over, pulling out gently and laying a gentle kiss on the back of Duo's neck. He helped the boy stand up, and he leaned against Treize as Wufei pressed up against him from behind. Duo caught his breath and they all rested for a long moment.

Then Treize spoke up. "Well, Duo, you can have the tape. You certainly proved you know what you're doing. Very well."

Duo remembered just how they had got in this situation and laughed. "Well, actually, I'd much rather just come back and see the two of you. Much more fun than a movie and my hand."

"That can certainly be arranged," Treize smiled, and Wufei nodded in agreement.

Duo never rented a movie again.

The End