Title: Keep on Truckin'
Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x2
Dedication: for Pko-chan
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo walked dejectedly by the side of the road. He had to get back to his house, but since his wallet had been stolen, he had no way to pay for even a bus ticket. He had to try and hitchhike his way home. He wasn't having much luck. Many cars stopped, assuming he was a girl from the long braid, but as soon as they saw he was a longhaired boy, most of the cars drove off in disgust. He was wearing the last of his clean clothes, and these happened to be his shortest shorts and tightest shirt. He sighed as another car drove off, catcalls silenced as they got a good look.

Then he heard the unmistakable rumble of a big truck as it slowed down to pull alongside him. Duo waited for it to take off again, but this time the truck came to a stop and reversed until it was next to Duo once again. The boy looked up hopefully as he heard a voice.

"Need a ride?" the voice was deep and sexy, and made Duo shiver. The door swung open, and he looked in and caught sight of the driver, leaning over to speak to him. He fought to keep his mouth from hanging open as he looked at the most beautiful man he had seen in his life.

The driver had long hair like Duo's, but that's where the resemblance ended. The driver's hair was silky and platinum blond, cascading loosely over his shoulders. And what shoulders they were; broad and strong, as was the rest of the man's powerful body. Bulging biceps emerged from a skintight t-shirt, which was tucked into bleached-out, formfitting jeans. Black boots completed the outfit, and Duo was in lust.

Duo shook himself as he realized the driver had repeated his question, and he was still standing still with his mouth open. He nodded, flashing a grateful grin, and climbed quickly into the cab. "Hey, man, thanks! I was starting to think no one was gonna stop!"

The man looked straight at Duo, transfixing him with his ice-blue eyes. "I can't imagine anyone not stopping for someone was beautiful as you," he purred.

Duo was again astonished. Not only was the man gorgeous, but he seemed to like boys too. That wasn't a problem for Duo; so did he. Hardly ever at a loss for words, Duo nevertheless couldn't think of a single intelligent thing to say. "Thanks," he managed to stammer, blushing.

"I'm Zechs," stated the driver, offering his hand to shake.

"I'm Duo," he replied, shaking the man's hand and liking the feel of his strength way too much. Zechs looked like something off a romance novel cover, and Duo wanted to be swept off his feet. He tried to stop the blush that was rapidly developing from becoming too noticeable.

"Nice to meet you, Duo. So where are you headed?" asked the driver as he skillfully maneuvered the huge truck back out into traffic.

Duo was busy watching Zechs' muscles bunch and flex as he worked the gears. "Um, LA eventually, but anywhere on your way is fine," he answered, hoping it would be a long ride.

"Well, gorgeous, you're in luck," Zechs grinned, causing Duo to blush even more. "That's exactly where I'm headed," he paused, "That is, if you want to ride all the way."

Duo's mind immediately interpreted the comment the wrong way, and the fact that the blond's voice dripped sex didn't help. He stumbled over his words, "That's great! If you'll have me," he finished, realizing as it came out that it sounded wrong.

Zechs seemed to find it funny, and he laughed, a deep, wicked sound that turned Duo on even more.

They talked for a while, about meaningless subjects, and Duo gradually began to relax. He still found himself staring at the beautiful man, though. A couple of hours passed, and Zechs said, "You hungry? I'm going to stop at the next town."

"Uh..." Duo was indeed hungry, but he didn't want to admit to Zechs that he didn't have any money. Fortunately, Zechs seemed to understand.

"Don't worry about the money, Duo. I think I can handle it."

"Are you sure? I hate to impose," Duo answered, "You've already been so nice, I don't know how to repay you." As he said the words, a way to repay the gorgeous man that appealed to him as well popped into his overactive mind. He blushed again.

"Oh, I can think of a couple of ways," grinned Zechs, and looked directly at Duo. They looked deep into each other's eyes for a long moment, and Duo felt himself holding his breath. Did Zechs mean what he thought he meant? Duo had no problem with thanking the gorgeous blond in a more physical way. Even if it wasn't just to thank him.

The moment was broken as they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. The parking lot was oversized, as the restaurant obviously catered to a lot of truck drivers. Zechs pulled the truck in, and looked over at Duo. "Ready?"

Duo was feeling aroused and reckless, so he grinned and answered, "I'm always ready."

Zechs raised an eyebrow at that, and let his eyes wander very deliberately over Duo's body, and said, "I'll have to see about that, Duo."

Duo flushed under Zechs' frank gaze; the blond made him feel naked. He couldn't think of a thing to say, so he nodded.

Zechs smiled lazily and said, "I'm hungry. Let's go."

Zechs came around to Duo's side of the truck, and opened the door for him. He held out his hand to the boy and Duo took it tentatively. Duo jumped down to the ground, but Zechs didn't let go of Duo's hand. Instead, he pulled Duo closer. It was then that Duo realized how big Zechs was. The blond was a good foot taller than Duo, and his shoulders and chest were broad and solid. Duo noticed this as he was pulled up against Zechs. He looked up, and up, into azure eyes as he tried to ignore the hormones racing through his body. Zechs smirked down at the longhaired boy, before releasing him a moment later.

Zechs turned and walked toward the restaurant, leaving Duo to stare at his ass until he realized he should be following. Duo caught up quickly, and walked alongside Zechs.

They were seated and ordered with no difficulty. The patrons and staff obviously knew Zechs well; they laughed and joked with him easily. Zechs told Duo to order whatever he wanted, and Duo settled on a huge hamburger. Zechs ordered a steak, extra rare.

As they waitress left, Zechs looked back at Duo and explained, "I like my meat still alive," he said with a sexy smirk. Duo's mouth hung open. Zechs leaned forward and whispered, "Don't worry, Duo. I don't bite. Unless you want me to."

Duo immediately blushed crimson, revealing exactly what was on his mind. Zechs smiled. "Relax, Duo. I find you very attractive. I think you like me. But I'm not going to push you into doing anything you don't want to do." He paused, and Duo felt the other man's boot ease between his feet, spreading his legs apart slightly. "No matter how much I want to."

Duo whimpered as he felt his legs pushed apart, but not so forcefully that he couldn't have resisted if he had wanted to. But he didn't want to resist, he wanted the bigger man to ravish him. His shorts suddenly got very tight, and his arousal pushed against the zipper. It was suddenly much too warm in the restaurant. He looked up at Zechs, and deliberately spread his legs wider. The blond's eyes widened slightly, and he smiled wider.

The moment was broken by the waitress bringing their food, and they ate in silence. Duo wasn't even that hungry any more; his entire body was now focused on the need between his legs. He watched Zechs devour his steak; even the way the man ate was sexy. Zechs caught him watching and licked his lips slowly. "This steak is excellent, but I bet you taste even better, pretty boy," the blond murmured.

Duo almost moaned aloud.

"Do you want me to taste you, Duo?" asked Zechs.

Duo could only nod.

Looking across the table, Zechs leaned forward and whispered, "You know what I'd like to do to you right now, Duo?" He waited a beat. "I'd like to throw you on this table, rip off those fuck-me shorts, and suck that sweet young cock until you scream my name." Duo flushed and his erection throbbed. Zechs continued, "Then I would flip you over, spread apart those gorgeous legs and fuck you till you forget your name." He smirked as he finished. "How does that sound?"

"Yes... I mean that sounds... wonderful..." Duo managed to stammer out, blushing and hard as a rock from just Zechs' words.

"Well, as much as I want to take you right here, I'm afraid the management wouldn't appreciate it much, so we'd better get out of here," Zechs said. "Is that ok, Duo?"

Duo nodded, and Zechs threw some money down on the table and stood up. Duo couldn't help it; he had to look, to see if the bigger man was as affected by their talk as he was. His eyes went to the front of Zechs' jeans, and he was stunned to see a huge bulge stretching the well-worn material. Zechs made no move to hide his arousal.

Zechs followed Duo's eyes. "Yes, I am definitely affected by you, Duo. I want you. Badly."

For some reason, seeing the proof of Zechs' passion in front of his eyes made Duo even more turned on. Right then, he would have gladly done anything the tall blond had asked, without hesitation. Anywhere, anytime.

"I'm yours," Duo stated simply, lost in lust.

"Then let's go," Zechs answered. He led Duo back out to the truck, and before he opened the door, he gently grabbed the longhaired boy's shoulders and turned him to face him. "May I kiss you, Duo?" Duo nodded, and Zechs bent down.

Duo felt the man approach, and he was slightly nervous. He had never even been kissed before, and he had certainly never thought his first kiss would be from a blond Viking in a truck stop parking lot. But it felt right, so he tilted his head up and parted his mouth slightly. The first brush of lips across his was light, tentative, as if Zechs was afraid to frighten him. Duo pressed back against Zechs, wanting more, and the blond responded by parting Duo's lips with his tongue and gently pushing inside. Duo moaned low in his throat, and surrendered to Zechs' mouth. Then he felt the man's hands on his back, pulling him close, and he felt himself pressed against an incredibly warm, firm chest. It felt so good that he forgot to breathe, and he had to break the kiss in order to breathe. "Zechs," panted Duo, trying to catch his breath.

Zechs pulled back just enough to look into passion-glazed violet eyes. "Yes, Duo?"

"More," Duo begged and snaked his hands up around the bigger man's neck, pressing as much of his body against the other man as possible. Zechs felt as if he were a living statue, carved from warm stone; firm and hot and hard. Hard, especially where the blond's hard cock dug into his stomach. Duo pressed his own hardness against Zechs' thigh, whimpering.

Zechs smiled and ran his hands down over Duo's ass. Then he leaned down slightly, and suddenly Duo felt himself lifted and pulled against Zechs. Zechs pulled the boy close so that their arousals met, and held Duo effortlessly as he ground his hips against the boy's.

Duo threw back his head and moaned at the friction between them. He had never dreamed of doing anything like this; the decadence made it even better. He hung onto Zechs' broad shoulders for dear life as the bigger man rocked against him. "Zechs!" he gasped.

"You want something, Duo?" Zechs answered, before pressing his mouth to the boy's so he couldn't answer. He pulled back and looked at Duo's flushed face. "Tell me what you want..."

"Oh, Zechs..." panted Duo. "I want... I don't know! I've never... I want you to... touch me, and..." Duo broke off, embarrassed yet desirous. "Show me?"

"Gladly, gorgeous," whispered Zechs as he kissed Duo's neck. Holding Duo against him with one arm, he opened the door to the tuck with the other. He placed Duo on the seat and went around to the driver's side. He had no sooner settled in the seat when Duo was all over him, soft lips and inexperienced hands driving him wild. "Duo..."

"Want you, Zechs," moaned Duo, climbing onto the man's lap, thrusting his hardness against the other man's cock.

"Here? Now?" asked Zechs, trying to control himself. With the bundle of silky hair and flesh squirming on his lap, though, it wasn't easy. Duo was a wet dream come true, virginal and offering himself. "We can go to a hotel..."

"I don't want to wait any more," begged Duo, sliding his hands under Zechs' shirt.

Zechs looked around. The parking lot was fairly deserted... he made a decision. He lifted Duo up until the boy was kneeling on his legs. Duo could then lean back against the truck's huge steering wheel, and the boy's bulging shorts were just at the right level. He reached for the shorts, and carefully unfastened them. As he suspected, Duo wore no underwear and the untouched erection sprang forth, unencumbered and glistening with the boy's excitement. Zechs licked his lips.

Duo looked down at the blond man, and realized what was about to happen. This made him moan even more, and when Zechs freed his erection and reached for it, the anticipation nearly killed him. At the first touch of Zechs' hand, Duo thrust his hips forward desperately; no one had ever touched him, and the feeling was almost too much to bear. He whimpered, trying to thrust into the hand, but Zechs held him still. Then he lowered his mouth.

Duo almost screamed when Zechs licked the tip of his aching cock; then the blond engulfed his whole erection with his hot mouth and the boy did scream. Slowly, Zechs began to bob his head up and down; he wanted this to last as long as possible for the beautiful boy.

"Oh god oh god Zechs that's so goooood..." Duo moaned out as Zechs picked up the pace. Never, never in his life had he imagined such pleasure. When he touched himself it never felt half this good; he thought that soon something would explode, and he would die from ecstasy. He barely noticed the hard plastic of the steering wheel digging into his back, so intense was the pleasure Zechs was giving him.

As Zechs' talented mouth continued to ravish his cock, Duo climbed higher and higher up passion's ladder. His hands buried themselves in Zechs' flowing hair and he arched his back, trying to drive deeper into the maddening heat. He looked down to see the blond's sexy mouth taking in his length, then he fell into completion. Screaming Zechs' name, he shot his hot passion over and over into the other man's mouth. He wanted to feel this over and over again.

Panting, his desire sated for the moment, Duo collapsed into Zechs' arms. The bigger man held the boy close, until he stopped trembling. Then he kissed Duo gently, covering his face and neck with small kisses. Gradually, the kisses became more insistent, more teasing, and Duo started to respond. Zechs' huge erection pressing into him didn't hurt either.

"Duo," whispered Zechs. "I want you."

Duo nodded desperately, nearly beyond words, arousal returning rapidly. "Please," he begged.

Zechs picked up Duo and carried him to the back of the truck's cab, where there was a futon-type mattress on the floor. He put Duo down carefully, never stopping the kisses and caresses. Duo lay back, reveling in the feelings, allowing Zechs to pull off his clothes. He looked up at the gorgeous blond man, stretching, and loving the way the light blue eyes touched him all over. "You like?"

Zechs looked down at the naked, virginal nymph spread before him, and slowly unzipped his jeans, slipping his hand inside to pull out his rock hard cock. He stroked it slowly and answered, "What do you think?"

Zechs' lustful gaze made Duo feel even more wanton, so he said, "I think I need fucking, Zechs."

The blond man growled then, and pulled off his clothes as quickly as possible. Duo watched intently as the blond god's body was revealed, getting more turned on by the second. He wanted to feel Zechs on top of him, wanted that strong body to touch him everywhere. Finally, Zechs' body was bare, and he sank to his knees next to Duo.

Duo couldn't take his eyes off the dripping erection that would soon be deep inside him. He wanted it badly, but it was so big... Zechs smiled and said, "I won't hurt you."

Then the blond was kissing him again, hands running everywhere all over Duo's silky body, worshipping the boy with his mouth. He felt Duo arch up underneath him as he sucked on a nipple. Zechs reached underneath the mattress to get a tube, and squeezed some out into his hand. Softly, he stroked the inside of Duo's thighs, spreading them apart more.

Duo ran his hands over the chiseled muscles of Zechs' back, gasping at the attention the man's mouth was giving him. When he felt the first finger slip inside him, he moaned at the new feeling. It was unfamiliar, but as Zechs moved it in and out, he involuntarily lifted his hips, wanting more. Zechs gave it to him, sliding in a second finger and then a third, searching for Duo's pleasure spot. He knew when he found it; the younger boy arched up off the bed and gave a strangled cry. Faster and faster, he moved his fingers in and out of Duo's body, until the boy was sobbing. "Zechs! Please!"

Zechs wanted to tease Duo more; but his own desire was impossible to ignore any longer. So he removed his fingers and waited until he had Duo's attention once again. The longhaired boy whimpered as he watched Zechs smooth more of the lube on his hard length. He wanted it so badly; then the blond was pressing just the tip against Duo's entrance and he forgot all else but the need to be filled once again. The pressure drove him insane, and the sight of the beautiful blond man holding his legs apart and preparing to enter him was too much. "Do it," Duo squeaked desperately. "Take me, Zechs."

There was a limit to even Zechs' self-control, and that was it; whispering the boy's name, he pushed inside, past the tight ring of muscle, entering the virgin passage. He knew Duo would be tight, but this was incredible; Duo's body gripped him, trying to keep him out, while Duo himself begged for more.

Virgin no longer, Duo gasped for breath; the pleasure-pain filled him as he was invaded. Then Zechs started to thrust shallowly inside him, and the cock inside him brushed against that spot again. Suddenly, all was pleasure, all was perfect; he craved every thrust. Every time Zechs filled him, he rode higher, until all he could think about was the next wave of ecstasy. Mindless, he cried Zechs' name, and thrashed below him. He felt the man's hand then, wrapped around his cock; Zechs stroked him and pounded him until Duo was sure he would die.

Building up to a throbbing crescendo of passion, the two moved together; the blond lost in the tight responsiveness of his new lover and the inexperienced Duo wondering if anything was allowed to feel this good. The end was near, and Duo was first, pumping out his hot seed all over them, screaming at the top of his lungs. Zechs quickly followed, burying himself one more time in the tight heat that drew from him the most intense climax of his life. Both men stilled, savoring the final moments of completion; Duo clung to Zechs' arms, and the blond's back was arched, his head flung back.

Then the moment broke; Zechs collapsed, muscles trembling from effort, beside his panting young lover. Drawing Duo close, he whispered, "You're amazing."

Duo drew a shuddering breath, trying to get his racing heart under control. "How many more times," he panted, "Do you think we can do that before we get to LA?"

The End