Title: Lay Your Hands on Me
Author: Jade
Pairing: 2x4
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Luna

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo walked into the massage therapy salon, waving hello at the receptionist, who greeted him by name. He walked back for his usual Friday afternoon appointment, one of the few luxuries he afforded himself. He worked hard at his salvage business; at 22 he owned and ran everything himself. It was hard, but rewarding work. He loved his work, but by the end of the week his muscles were sore and in dire need of relaxation. A friend had recommended massage therapy, and though he was dubious he decided to give it a try. One massage and he was hooked; when he had to skip his weekly massage he was cranky all weekend.

Duo looked forward to his massage, but not for the reasons most men came to these places. True, the therapists were generally attractive young women, and many of them expressed an interest in Duo. They usually admired his long hair, which was always in a neat braid. But Duo wasn't interested in women; so he could just enjoy the massage as a purely therapeutic exercise, without worrying about the fact that he was essentially naked in front of someone, only covered by a sheet. Most of the therapists just thought he was a gentleman.

As Duo settled on the table, face down, covered by his sheet, the door opened. He expected one of his regular therapists to walk in and greet him, but instead he heard the manager's voice, and he turned his head to look.

"Mr. Maxwell! Good afternoon. I'm afraid we're a bit shorthanded at the moment, so you're going to help us break in our newest therapist today! Don't worry, Quatre here is very experienced, just relocated."

Duo smiled at the manager, turning to greet the newcomer as he said, "I'm sure the massage will be excellent as always, Nancy. I've never been disappointed by any of the staff!" Then he faltered, getting a good look at the petite blond that stood next to the manager. Quatre was certainly pretty enough to be a girl, but the lithe form was most certainly male. Golden blond hair, perfect skin, huge aqua eyes, rosebud lips; Duo had to remind himself to close his mouth. Duo wasn't involved with anyone at the moment; in fact, it had been months since he had been intimate with anything other than his hand. He had very high standards, and didn't like to settle for anything but someone who set his heart racing and blood pounding. Unfortunately, there weren't that many men who fit his idea of the perfect man, and he did try to be discreet. Most of the guys who hit on him in the bars were bears or leather boys; because of his own pretty face and long hair they assumed he was looking for a more burly man. That wasn't the case; the young man standing in front of him, ready to put his hands on Duo's naked body, was exactly what he pictured when he pleasured himself. Quatre was beautiful yet still clearly male; as Duo's eyes traveled involuntarily over the blond's body, he could tell the man was very toned. Lean yet perfectly muscled biceps emerged from the short sleeved white t-shirt he wore. Snug white shorts hugged a cute little ass that Duo got a good look at when Quatre bent over to get a towel. Then the blond straightened up to face him, and Duo realized he was speaking. Dragging his eyes back up to the man's face, Duo tried to concentrate. "Sorry?" he had to ask when he realized he didn't know what he had just been asked.

Quatre smiled at him and repeated the question. "I said, what type of oil did you want me to use, Mr. Maxwell?"

Duo looked around, realizing that the manager had left, and he was all alone and naked with the prettiest boy he had ever seen. He replied automatically, "Please call me Duo." Then he also realized that he had to answer. "Um, which is your favorite?" he continued, lamely.

Quatre beamed at him. "I like the vanilla best! It tastes," he paused, giggling and blushing slightly, "I mean it smells wonderful!"

Duo felt himself blush in answer, as his overactive imagination provided him with mental images of Quatre licking the oil off his body... that image was not doing him any good. "Um, that sounds fine! Whatever you want."

Quatre smiled again, less innocently. "Be careful what you ask for, Duo. You might get it." With that enigmatic statement, the masseur turned to retrieve the oil, leaving the longhaired man to wonder what exactly that meant.

Duo settled back down on the pillow, pulling his braid out of the way and trying to calm his raging hormones. He had never had this problem before; but he was sure he was going to lose control of his body as soon as the pretty blond touched him.

"All set! Are you ready, Duo?" Quatre said, and Duo was glad that his face was away from the other man because he was now blushing furiously.

"Yes," he replied, because he didn't trust his voice to say any more than that. His whole body tensed in anticipation of the man's hands on him. Then Quatre touched him; his hands were warm and slick with the scented oil. Duo muffled a moan as those hands lightly kneaded his sore muscles.

"My goodness, you really are tense!" said Quatre cheerfully. "Your muscles are stiff as a board!" There was that giggle again, and Duo's mind went straight to the gutter. The funniest part was, as soon as the blond started touching him, Duo had indeed started to get hard. The combination of those skilled hands on him and the knowledge of who was touching him was giving Duo a problem. A big problem that was getting bigger with each passing moment. Duo resisted the urge to shift, to adjust his trapped erection. "Are you ok, Duo? Am I hurting you?" Quatre asked with concern.

"Oh god, no," moaned out Duo, a little more forcefully than he had planned on as the blond's hands went lower on his back. "It feels incredible."

"Well, if you think this feels good, wait till I get to your front," Quatre answered.

Duo almost gasped at that. He had forgotten about that part! How was he supposed to turn over now? He was hard as a rock and it would be all too obvious under the thin sheet. Then he was distracted from even that as Quatre's fingers touched the edge of the sheet that covered his ass.

"You're still very tense, Duo. You don't mind, do you?" He started to pull the sheet down, exposing Duo. "I don't usually do this, but in your case, I'll make an exception." The sheet was fully off Duo now, and Quatre dropped it on the floor. "You certainly are exceptional, Duo."

Duo was too stunned to react at first; suddenly he was completely naked in front of the gorgeous man. Then he felt those talented hands on him, caressing him more sensually this time, and he lost all will to protest. Oil-slickened fingers traced down his cleft, and up the insides of his thighs. He let out a whimper he couldn't restrain, and he heard the blond giggle again.

"You like that, do you?"

Duo could only nod.

"I thought you might. Want more?"

Another nod, and Duo felt his legs spread apart gently. He didn't try to hold back the moan that escaped him this time.

"It's ok, Duo, it's supposed to feel good. Enjoy it," soothed Quatre as he teased the longhaired man. "I want to do this for you."

Duo bit his lip to keep from crying out; his neglected erection pulsing against the mattress. He gave in to the urge to rock his hips. He had to relieve some of the tension.

"Mm, I think you have a problem, Duo, don't you?" Quatre asked coquettishly. "I think it's a problem that I can help you with. Turn over."

Duo was beyond modesty now. He was being driven mad with desire, and Quatre was the cause. He wanted the blond, badly, and wanted to show him how much. He quickly turned over on the small bed. He watched as Quatre's eyes devoured him, his aqua gaze lingering on his glistening cock. He could feel it pulse as he watched the blond lick his lips. "Nice."

"Quatre," Duo pleaded, need evident in his voice and his arousal. "Please."

"Please, what?" Quatre smoothly stripped off his shirt, shaking his shining hair back into place "What do you want me to do, Duo?"

"Lock the door," Duo said hoarsely. "Then, whatever you want."

"I already did that," admitted Quatre. "I didn't want anyone to come in here and see what touching you did to me." He indicated the front of his shorts, which bulged with the evidence of his arousal. "And as soon as I saw you there on the table, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with you."

Duo's hand strayed down to his rock hard cock, stroking it as he looked up at Quatre. "Tell me." He stroked himself slowly.

"Mmm, I love to watch you do that. It really turns me on, Duo." The blond's voice got huskier as his own hands strayed to the button of his shorts. "You know what I want, Duo?" He let the shorts drop to the floor and stepped out of them. He wore nothing underneath. "I want to ride that big hard cock, Duo. I want to climb up on that table and ride you. Would you like that?"

"Oh yeah," moaned Duo, eyes roaming over the blond's creamy flesh. "Do it, baby. Please."

"Thought you'd never ask," smiled Quatre, and he poured some more oil into his hand. Stepping close to Duo, he smoothed the oil over the longhaired boy's arousal, making him moan even louder.

"Hurry... want you, Quatre..." Duo said as Quatre touched him.

"You got me," the blond replied, and suddenly the boy was straddling him, directing Duo's cock to his entrance, and sliding down his shaft all in one smooth motion.

Duo could only cry out and hope the room was soundproofed as he was enveloped in the blond's hot body. "Quatre! Oh god!" For Duo, who had been celibate for months, this quick, tight heat was almost too much. He looked up at Quatre's beautiful face s he impaled himself on him; the blond's mouth hung open in rapture. "So good..."

Quatre was breathing fast, trying to adjust quickly. "Oh, Duo, you're so big... feels great... oh yeah..." The pale skin was flushed and his cock glistened with need. Duo thought Quatre was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Finally, Duo was buried deep inside Quatre, and the blond started to bounce. Small bounces at first, and Duo met them with shallow thrusts; soon the bed was creaking as Quatre rode Duo with abandon. After several minutes, Quatre couldn't keep his rhythm steady, so he leaned forward over Duo and braced himself. Duo grabbed the slim hips and started to thrust up into the tight heat.

"Oh yeah," groaned Duo as he found the perfect pace. "Take it, baby..."

"I can take as much as you got, Duo," moaned Quatre. "Give it to me harder."

Quatre's words and his hot body were driving Duo over the edge. With difficulty, he gasped, "Come for me, Quatre," and moaned anew as he watched the blond reach between them and stroke his own erection.

"Oh, Duo!" Quatre screamed out as he climaxed, his seed shooting out between them.

Quatre was still screaming as Duo surrendered, calling out the blond's name and gripping his hips. He pulsed, filling Quatre's body with his desire, body paralyzed with pleasure.

They stayed frozen like that for what seemed like ages, and finally Quatre collapsed onto Duo's chest. He winced at the stickiness between them, and murmured, "I'm sorry, I seem to have made a mess. What can I do to apologize? I certainly don't want to get fired," he explained, batting his eyelashes.

Duo grinned lazily. "I think I'll come up with something..."

The End

* * * * * * * * * *

Illustration by Zania