Title: Lights, Camera, Action
Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x6
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Sharon

* * * * * * * * * * *

Treize finished setting up the backdrop, then started to take light readings on his handheld light meter. The key was to get the right level of even, diffused light from all sides, so there were no shadows no matter what angle you shot from. He glanced at the sheet he had been given; today's model was blonde, so he adjusted the lights to give a more golden glow.

Treize was one of the industry's top lingerie and swimsuit photographers. He had the knack of making all his models look even more beautiful, and the models loved him because he was gay and didn't hit on them. The arrangement worked perfectly; Treize was objective and could view the models as the objects of beauty they were, and make the most of them. Without getting distracted.

Unfortunately, he had forgotten that he had agreed to do a favor for a friend. This friend shot mostly men, and she had been called out of town last week and had asked Treize to cover for her. Today's model was an up-and-coming male swimsuit model, and Treize was about to get the surprise of his life.

Treize had his back turned to the dressing room when he heard the door open. Without turning, he said, "Almost ready, be right with you, make yourself comfortable."

He almost dropped the film he was loading when a deep, sexy, decidedly masculine voice answered, "Ok, thanks."

Treize whirled around and laid eyes on a fantasy come true. Oh fuck. From the top of his platinum-blond, longhaired head, to the ice-blue eyes, down the exquisitely tanned and perfectly muscled body, to the microscopic, nicely bulging Speedos that peeked out from under the robe he wore, the man was absolutely perfect. Treize swallowed, and suddenly his promise to help out a friend came back to him. Damn, he was in the wrong line of photography if this model was any indication. "Hel~lo," he whistled involuntarily, hoping he wasn't drooling.

Zechs smiled at the shock on the photographer's face. He was used to this reaction, but from women, and since he didn't like women that way, this was a refreshing surprise. He'd heard of Treize before, of course, and had looked forward to meeting him. What he hadn't known was how gorgeous the man was. He was a few years older than Zechs, but he liked older men. His perfect red-brown hair just begged for Zechs' fingers to run through it, and he loved the way those piercing blue eyes roamed over his body. Treize's snug blue jeans hugged his athletic form perfectly, and the white t-shirt stretched over lithe muscles. Zechs was enjoying the view as much as Treize was. Today had suddenly gotten more interesting.

"Hello," Zechs answered, smiling. "I'm Zechs. Pleasure to meet you." He extended a hand to Treize.

"Zechs," purred Treize, trying out the name. "The pleasure is all mine," he added, meaning every word. "I'm Treize." He took the blond man's hand, but instead of shaking it he brought the hand gently to his mouth and kissed the back of it.

"I know, you're one of the best," Zechs answered, deciding he really liked the older man's deep voice and smiling at the kiss to his hand.

Treize grinned wickedly. "Yes, I am," he agreed, with a tone that meant he wasn't talking about photography. But then he remembered himself; he wasn't even sure the gorgeous model was gay. He released Zechs' hand, and bowed slightly. "Forgive my presumptuousness, Zechs. I got carried away."

Zechs was already thoroughly charmed by the older man's demeanor. "No apology necessary," he said enigmatically, deciding to let Treize sweat a bit. "Where do you want me?" he spoke the deliberately leading question with lowered eyes.

Treize swallowed. *Let me count the ways*... "On the couch for now," he managed finally, indicating the black leather couch in front of the backdrop.

"Your wish is my command," replied the blond man, making sure Treize was watching as he dropped the robe to the floor, then walked across the room to stand in front of the couch, his back to the other man. Then he turned and settled on the couch, stretching strategically.

Treize was still struggling to close his mouth from Zechs' provocative words when the man dropped the robe, revealing the rest of his perfect body. Then he got the back view, which was even better. Treize wondered if he would even remember how to operate his camera while looking at this vision of pure sex. "Perfect," escaped his lips before he realized he had spoken out loud.

Zechs smirked. "Thanks," he said modestly, trying not to become aroused by the handsome man's eyes on him.

Treize realized he was blushing. He never blushed! This could all go horribly wrong, he was going to embarrass himself... he tried to concentrate on the camera as he got himself under control.

"I think we'll start with some test shots," began Treize, trying to remember how his camera worked. "Just relax."

The blond man lay his head back on the pillows and purred, "Whatever you want, Treize."

The photographer nearly moaned. Why did Zechs keep feeding him those lines? It was almost as if the gorgeous man was teasing him. He somehow managed to shoot a series of test pictures, hoping they were in focus. He handed them off to an assistant to be developed, and turned back to Zechs. "We have a few minutes until we can look at the proof sheet. Did you bring the wardrobe with you?"

"Yes, I did," replied the blond, holding up a very small bag. "There's not much to it, I'm afraid."

Treize tried to breathe as Zechs pulled out item after item, each bathing suit smaller than the last. "I see," he managed to say finally.

Zechs tried not to grin too widely as he watched the photographer's reaction. "Do you think they're all right?" he asked, trying to sound innocent. "I'm in your capable hands, Treize."

Treize's smile morphed into something more lascivious. "Oh, I think you could wear sackcloth and ashes and make it look fabulous," he purred, licking his lips.

"Well, I bow to your judgment," Zechs answered, lowering his eyelashes demurely. His body was starting to react to the banter and the older man, and he tried to keep it under control. He was a grower, and the speedo wouldn't contain him much longer.

Treize let himself imagine Zechs bowing to him, and decided he liked it a little too much. For all the veiled flirting, he could just be misreading the cues. Though he was seldom wrong, Zechs was so gorgeous that he didn't trust himself fully." So are these pictures for a swimsuit company, or what?" he asked, trying to stick to business.

Zechs chuckled softly. "Not exactly, no," he said, looking a little embarrassed. "They're for a clothing store, based in San Francisco. They cater to a rather, um, specific clientele." He let that sink in for a moment.

"Oh really?" Just because the store was located in the gay capitol of the world didn't mean... Treize walked over to his desk and pulled out the informational sheet on today's shoot. He hadn't been wrong. His eyes widened as he read the specs; provocative shots, just this side of soft porn, the photos were to showcase Zechs as sexily as possible, to appeal to gay men. Well, Treize should be good at that. He cleared his throat as he looked back up at Zechs.

Zechs smiled beatifically, knowing what Treize had just read, and guessing his reaction. "Is that all right?" he asked sweetly.

"Oh, I think I can handle just about anything," Treize said confidently. Though he still wasn't sure if Zechs was gay or just open-minded.

"They pay handsomely," Zechs offered by way of explanation, knowing that would just muddy the waters even more. He was enjoying this.

They were interrupted at that moment by Treize's assistant hurrying back in with a still-damp proof sheet, and Treize looked at it critically for a moment, seeing that he'd indeed judged the lighting levels correctly. He finally looked up at Zechs and said, "I think we're just about ready, then."

"I'm ready when you are," Zechs smiled, letting his legs fall open just a little more.

Treize's gaze lingered at the juncture of those muscular limbs for a moment, then remembered his assistant was still in the room. He looked up at her and said, "You can go now, I think I have the, um, situation well in hand."

He heard Zechs laugh softly as the girl looked disappointed.

"Are you sure, sir, I don't mind staying..."

"No, I'm quite sure. Run along now." Treize watched as the girl shuffled out reluctantly, then turned to Zechs and smiled. "Alone at last."

Zechs nodded and looked up at Treize. "Just tell me what to do."

Treize took a shuddering breath and began to shoot. Taking the pictures helped him focus, but then again his full attention was now on that gorgeous body and how best to show it off. Zechs was a natural, moving gracefully, and he certainly knew how to display his body to its best advantage. Which really wasn't difficult.

Zechs, for his part, was thoroughly enjoying himself. He was an exhibitionist by nature, so this was no hardship for him. Add to that the fact that the photographer was extremely handsome, and this was hardly work at all. The most difficult thing was to keep his arousal at bay so it wouldn't show.

Zechs changed outfits several times, and he smirked when he saw the next one. A g-string. He wondered just how Treize was going to react to seeing his ass almost totally exposed.

When Zechs sauntered out of the dressing room and turned his back, Treize nearly dropped his Nikon. He had never seen a more perfect ass, and it was here in the flesh, such glorious flesh. And though they were flirting up a storm, it was still general and harmless photographer-model banter, and not really leading anywhere.

Zechs looked back over his shoulder to see Treize staring rather obviously at his ass. Good. He smiled and turned to face the older man. "Too much?" he asked a little breathily. He looked down.

"More like too little," murmured Treize, but then he shrugged. "But they can always choose another shot if they don't like these." He couldn't imagine a gay man in the country who wouldn't rush out to the store that had this man in its advertisements.

Zechs had decided that there had been enough playing around. He wanted Treize, and he was going to drive the man crazy now. They began with Zechs' back to the camera, and he deliberately bent over with his legs spread apart, showing Treize just where he wanted him.

It was too much. Treize was fully hard now, camera or no, but he kept shooting pictures. If he was wrong about Zechs, he was going to need a very cold shower.

Then he directed Zechs to face the camera, and the blond man did.

Treize was peering through the camera, and it was a moment before he realized that Zechs was quite obviously aroused. The small bathing suit barely covered him. He lowered his camera to get a better look, then raised his eyes to Zechs' face.

The man gazed back at him, arms crossed, faint smile playing on his full lips. "Is something wrong?" he asked innocently. Bending over in front of Treize had turned him on incredibly, and he'd stopped trying to fight it.

"Actually, yes," Treize said, amazed that his voice was so steady.

Zechs raised an eyebrow. "Really? I'm so sorry. Is it something I did?"

"Most definitely," Treize answered, setting the camera aside.

"Oh dear. Is there something I can do to help?"

Treize smirked. "Well, yes. You see... I can't photograph you in that state."

Zechs looked down at himself, his long blond hair falling into his face. "I can't help it," he whispered, then looked up at Treize. "I bent over for you and it happened." He smiled, then said, "Whatever shall we do about it?"

Treize knew that this was beyond flirting. All that was left now was the details. He stepped closer, his own arousal nearly as obvious in his tight jeans. "Well, several things spring immediately to mind," he said.

"Do they? I'd love to hear about them," Zechs said, looking directly into Treize's eyes now.

"Well," Treize answered, from about a foot away. "The most direct way would be for me to take care of the problem manually." He reached out and cupped Zechs' arousal through the thin fabric that covered it.

Zechs let out a soft moan. "That would certainly work," he said. He pressed lightly against Treize's hand. "But please do go on. I'd like to hear more."

Treize squeezed gently, massaging Zechs' cock a little. "There's another way that could be more mutually advantageous."

Though he surely knew what the older man was suggesting, Zechs wanted to hear him spell it out in that low sexy voice. He looked into the older man's eyes and said, "Please... tell me..." His voice was a low purr.

Treize had no problem with talking dirty. In fact, he enjoyed it. "I'd suggest we begin by stripping off that lovely, small g- string you're barely wearing."

Zechs nodded. "That sounds like a good start. Please go on."

"Then," Treize continued, "You'd go and bend over the couch for me. Spread yourself open. Show me everything."

Now Zechs was panting, both from Treize's touch and his words. "Yes," he moaned. "Then what? Would you look at me for a while? Make me feel like the object I am?"

"You were made to be looked at," agreed Treize. "But I couldn't wait too long. You're far too sexy to be kept waiting."

By this time, the g-string had abandoned all effort at keeping Zechs modest, and Treize's slightly rough fingers were caressing bare, hot flesh.

"Th-then what?" Zechs begged, wanting to be told just what was going to be done to him. When he was really aroused by a dominant man, his submissive side came out.

Treize pushed the g-string out of the way and began to stroke the other man's length. "Why, then I'll walk up behind you, oil up my cock and shove it deep inside your tight little ass, Zechs," he said sensually.

"Oh fuck," Zechs moaned, his knees about to give out. "Do it, I want it, please," he said, all pretense of reserve gone.

This was what Treize wanted. Zechs' unconditional surrender, and he had it. "Then get that g-string off and get ready for me," he nearly growled.

Zechs did as he was told, slipping off the g-string with all haste and bending over the back of the couch. He bent deeply, spreading his legs apart, and reached back with one hand to spread himself open, displaying his pink entrance for Treize.

Treize just watched, his cock throbbing in his jeans. He just hoped he could last long enough to satisfy this beautiful creature. Never taking his eyes off Zechs, he walked over to a cabinet, reaching in and pulling out a condom packet and a tube of lube. You never knew when they'd be needed, so he kept those items handy. Not wanting to waste any time, he unzipped his jeans and slipped on the condom. "You want it bad, pretty boy?" he said as he uncapped the lube and walked back over to Zechs.

"Yes," hissed the blond man. "So bad, want your cock..." He really couldn't remember wanting anyone this much. The photographer was just the epitome of sex.

Treize slathered the condom with lube, then stood behind Zechs. He traced the man's entrance with one slick finger.

"Just fuck me," begged Zechs, trying to let Treize know that he didn't want to wait for prep. "Need it hard and fast, please..."

No games any more, just two aroused men. Treize guided his cock to Zechs' entrance, and took a deep breath. "Get ready," he warned, and then with one quick thrust he began to enter.

Zechs let out a cry as he was breached. "Oh god, yes, so good, it's perfect," he sobbed as the thick cock impaled him. He liked it just like this, fast enough to burn a little.

Treize's mouth hung open and his eyes shut as he sank into paradise. He moaned deeply as the tight velvet heat of the other man's body gripped him. He moved quickly but smoothly.

Zechs was panting, finally filled with Treize's hard length. "Yes," he moaned. "Give it to me, Treize...." He was surprised he could speak at all coherently. He was a creature of pure sensation.

Treize began to thrust, shallowly at first, then building up depth and speed. He concentrated on his rhythm; Zechs' body was driving him mad. He gripped the model's slender hips as he built up force, and soon he was slamming into him hard enough to rock the couch.

And still Zechs asked for more.

The sounds of two men roughly coupling filled the small studio, and had anyone walked in they would have been treated to quite a sight. Treize was using all his strength now, pounding Zechs' lithe frame, and now the blond reached beneath him to stroke his own cock.

"Treize, baby, gonna come..."

Treize redoubled his efforts, as he was on the edge himself.

With a wrenching cry, Zechs surrendered, spilling himself on the leather couch and clenching around Treize's cock.

Treize had no choice but to follow, coming more quietly but just as violently.

After a few moments, Treize found himself resting on Zechs' back. He raised himself with effort, and whispered, "Are you all right?" The blond man hadn't spoken since his scream.

Zechs smiled lazily, face pressed against the couch. "All right doesn't really cover it," he murmured languidly. He turned his head enough to see Treize. "I do hope I haven't ruined your couch."

Treize pulled out carefully, then helped Zechs to stand. "Not at all. Leather cleans easily." He frowned a little then.

"What's the matter?" Zechs looked at the expression on the older man's face.

"It's just that I have a funny feeling we're going to have to have another photo session soon." Treize smiled then, pulling Zechs into his arms for their first kiss.

The End