Title: Location, Location, Location
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo threw his phone across his Lexus in disgust. The last thing he wanted was to waste another Sunday showing houses to some relocated executive who would end up buying from someone else anyway. But the usual real estate agent who was on call for today had inconveniently gone into labor, and this client was particularly anxious to see houses today. He had just been heading home, but with a resigned sigh he flipped a U-turn and headed back to the office where he was meeting the new client. He checked his hair in the mirror; you never knew who you would meet in this business in Southern California.

He pulled into the parking lot and walked into the reception area. He grinned at the lady behind the desk, who said, "Duo! Welcome back! Your client is waiting in your office."

"Thanks, Sheila!" he smiled his most winning smile at the receptionist, throwing his braid over his shoulder and holding the smile firmly in place. He walked into his office; he could see the back of the man's head as he walked in. Thick, messy brown hair, the kind you could run your fingers through... whoa, hold onto those hormones, Maxwell, just because he's not bald doesn't mean he's up to your exacting standards, he told himself. Then he laughed to himself. He hadn't had a date in months; he had no standards. He tried to rein in his internal monologue as he glided around the desk. "Good afternoon! I'm Duo Maxwell, welcome to San Diego!" Then he got to the other side of the desk and got a good look at the man he would be spending the afternoon with, and tried not to grin even wider. The man was gorgeous. Maybe today wouldn't be a total loss after all...

The man on the other side of the desk stood up smoothly. To Duo's approving eyes, the man looked like a coil of energy, like he was about to leap up on the desk. The man extended a hand and said in a deep, slightly accented voice, "I'm Heero Yuy. I'm so sorry to inconvenience you. Thanks for coming out on such short notice."

Duo tore his eyes away from his contemplation of the man's slim waist and perfectly tailored pants, and shook the man's hand as firmly as he could. He also looked up into the most beautiful cobalt eyes he had ever seen, and he felt like he was drowning. "Oh, it's no trouble, really," he replied, meaning every word for once. "I'd be glad to show you whatever you'd like!" Something about this man made him feel like flirting outrageously, either that or just ripping off his clothes and jumping on him. Well, if the man was straight he wouldn't even notice the flirting.

"Well, I do appreciate it," said Heero, not appearing to notice the double entendre. Though it was hard to tell what was going on behind those mysterious eyes... eyes that Duo could get lost in.

Duo seated himself at the desk, bringing up the real estate database. "So what did you have in mind? In a house? We can narrow the search down a bit..." Though, Duo thought to himself, he certainly wouldn't mind spending lots of time showing Heero lots of houses... this was going to be much more fun that his usual clientele, which ran toward yuppie breeders.

"I want at least two bedrooms, preferably three. Somewhere around 2000 square feet. Not much yard to take care of, I travel a lot. Contemporary styling. No more than 5 years old. Deed restricted community, preferably. Not too far from the highway. Not too far inland. Price range around 600-700k," declared Heero.

Well, the man certainly knew what he wanted. That made two of them, mused Duo... he pulled himself back to reality. "I think I know the perfect area for you. Carmel Valley. I have quite a few properties that fit that description. I think I can help you find exactly what you want, Mr. Yuy!"

"Please, call me Heero. You're very helpful. I really do hope you can help me find what I need," Heero said, enigmatically.

Duo stared back at him, slightly confused. He had a feeling the man was coming on to him, but he just couldn't be sure. He turned back to the monitor and sent a list of properties to the printer and tried to concentrate on which ones to hit first. "Let me see if I can line up appointments for as many of these as possible. Some are occupied, but quite a few of them are vacant. That makes it easier."

Heero sat back in the chair and smiled at Duo. "I'm in your hands, Mr. Maxwell."

Duo almost choked on the sip of water he was just taking. Automatically, he said, "Please, call me Duo," but inside his mind was supplying him with images of Heero actually being in his hands... with a sinking feeling Duo realized he was getting aroused. That would make it even harder for him to stick to business... he couldn't help but smile at his own pun. This wasn't helping.

Duo concentrated on lining up as many possibilities as he could. Focusing on that helped alleviate his arousal somewhat. Finally, he had a plan of attack, and outlined it quickly to Heero. The other man nodded, and they were on their way. Duo led him outside, unlocking the Lexus with his remote, and Heero surprised him by opening the door and holding it open for him. "Thanks," he stammered, trying not to blush. He had gotten his arousal under control, but now it threatened to return as Heero slid into the leather-coated passenger seat next to him. Duo swallowed as he realized they were only about two feet apart and he could smell the other man's scent in the enclosed space. Duo had heard theories about pheromones before, how they were supposed to attract people sexually. He had never believed it until now. He looked over at Heero, and he suddenly forgot all else except how the other man made him feel, and how he wanted to touch him, and feel him, and... Duo realized he was staring and blushed again. He felt like a teenager. "Ready?"

"I'm always ready," smiled Heero, making Duo blush even more.

Duo took a deep breath and backed out of the parking lot, hoping he had enough concentration to actually drive. They arrived at the first house on the list without incident; concentrating on making small talk helped Duo to get his hormones under control. By the time they arrived, he was only partially aroused; hopefully it wouldn't show. Duo took a deep breath as he turned off the ignition. Before he could move, though, Heero was out of the car in a flash, opening Duo's door. Duo must have looked startled, because Heero immediately said, "Does it offend you that I open the doors for you? I'll stop if it does. I just had this impulse, and I really like to go with my impulses."

Duo looked blankly at the gorgeous man for a long moment before he remembered a response was required. "Um, I don't mind. Not at all." He forcibly shut his mouth; he felt like was about to start babbling. He just couldn't read Heero; the man both confused and aroused him, not a good combination for his sanity. The beautiful man kept feeding him those lines; but he couldn't respond, on the off chance that he was imagining all of it. He got out of the car, brushing against Heero on the way. Heero followed him to the door, and Duo could feel the man's presence behind him. He bent over to unlock the lockbox on the door to get the key that was inside. That didn't help, either; it just made him think of the man taking him from behind, hard and fast like he liked it. He fumbled with the lockbox, seemingly unable to punch in the combination correctly.

Finally, it opened, and the key dropped into his hand. He sighed and straightened up, inserting the key in the door after ringing the doorbell to make sure the house was truly unoccupied. The family was supposed to be on vacation, but he wanted to be sure. There was no response, so he stepped in, deactivated the security system with the provided code, and said, "After you, Heero."

Heero scanned the house quickly and efficiently; Duo followed him as he walked through he rooms. Normally, he would keep up a running monologue about the house's features, but he felt that Heero didn't need that. He just let the man look around, trying not to stare too much at his perfect ass.

Heero finally said, "It's ok, just not perfect. Sorry."

Duo didn't mind one bit. "Hey, no problem. It's the first house you looked at! We have lots more to look at!"

Heero stared at him for a long moment, before he smiled in a way that made Duo nearly melt. "I'm so glad to hear that, Duo."

Duo stared back, lost in blue depths, before he stammered, "Shall we? I mean, go to the next one?"

"Any time you're ready," Heero murmured, walking past the longhaired man and trailing his hand over Duo's shoulder, making him shiver. "You're so patient with me."

Duo's usual glibness had deserted him. He showed Heero more houses, and got more turned on with every one. Something about Heero made Duo less than confident. He couldn't seem to be as direct as usual. Heero's hints seemed to be becoming more obvious and Duo's doubts became larger. As did his erection.

They were looking at a house that was vacant this time; no furniture or decorations to distract from the home's amenities. Heero seemed to like it a lot. Duo followed him, trying to get up the courage to ask him something more personal. Heero had just walked into the master suite and was looking around approvingly at the massive room. It was clearly the showplace of the home. Arched ceilings, an octagonal skylight and an office just off the bedroom made this room impressive.

"Very nice," said Heero in a voice that made Duo's heart beat faster. "What do you think, Duo?"

"It's gorgeous," Duo answered, looking only at the other man. "It's perfect if you have a large bed," he found himself saying without thinking.

Heero grinned at Duo. "Oh, a large bed is a must, isn't it? Very," he paused, stepping closer to the longhaired man, "Useful."

Duo swallowed, certain he was blushing. "Yes, very," he agreed, trying not to stutter.

Heero took one more step, then added, "But then again, a bed isn't always necessary," he said, walking even closer to Duo, then walking past him into the master bathroom.

Duo took a shuddering breath and closed his eyes, trying to get himself under control. The tension was going to kill him... he turned and followed Heero into the bathroom.

The master bathroom was just as stunning; countertops done in gray granite melted into an oversized Jacuzzi tub, obviously meant for two. Mirrors were everywhere, and another skylight made the fixtures sparkle. Duo let out a low whistle.

"Very nice," agreed Heero, leaning against the countertop and looking at Duo, arms crossed. "I think this could be it."

Duo's mind insisted on giving Heero's words two meanings once again. He tried to tell himself that just because his mind was constantly in the gutter, it didn't mean everyone else's was. "Really?" he breathed.

"Oh yeah," purred Heero, pushing himself off the counter and walking straight up to Duo, sliding one hand behind the longhaired man's neck and the other going to the small of his back. "Definitely," he whispered, before pressing his lips to Duo's gently yet insistently. Duo's mind whirled; the fact that he had been right, Heero hadn't been talking about the house, entered his mind but was quickly supplanted by a need to feel the other man's tongue inside his mouth *now*. So he parted his lips, and melted into Heero, and decided this was a really good thing.

They kissed, Heero's tongue exploring Duo's mouth. Duo tried to remember to breathe as he felt himself pulled against the other man, their bodies lining up. He moaned into Heero's mouth as he felt hardness against his own aching cock; hips rocked against each other slowly as they pulled back.

"Wow," murmured Duo, gazing into the other man's deep blue eyes.

"I'm sorry," Heero breathed, running his hand lower on Duo's back, and not sounding as if he was sorry at all. "I've been wanting to do that since I first saw you. I just couldn't help myself."

"Don't be sorry," Duo grinned, bringing his own arms up to rest on Heero's chest, grabbing a handful of the man's shirt. "Just do it again."

So Heero did. This time the kiss was more demanding, deeper, hotter. Duo forgot to breathe again and pulled back gasping. "Heero..." he said, grinding his arousal against the other man's.

"Yes, Duo?" whispered Heero, and the longhaired man was gratified to hear that he wasn't the only one breathless.

"We've only just met, but... I want you."

Heero smiled. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"I'm not sure," Duo replied seriously. "But I do believe in lust at first sight." With that, Duo started to unbutton Heero's shirt. He felt the other man's hands slide down to his ass, cupping it and pulling them tight together. He opened his eyes and saw multiple reflections of what they were doing in the mirrors. Damn, they looked good together...

They struggled out of now-cumbersome clothing as quickly as possible. Hands roamed everywhere, bringing gasps and moans, until bare skin met. Duo looked in the mirror for more views of Heero's gorgeous body. He looked even better out of his perfectly tailored clothes. His eyes met Heero's and the other man grinned. Then he removed his last article of clothing, his boxers, and Duo let his eyes feast on what awaited him.

To say Heero's body was perfect would be an understatement. Duo had never liked overly muscled men; but Heero had the perfect balance of lean and muscles. Smooth golden skin stretched over litheness, almost hairless, just like Duo liked. The whole gorgeous package was topped by a dripping, erect cock that promised ecstasy. Heero crossed his arms and grinned at the way Duo's eyes traveled over him. "You like?"

"Mmm, I more than like," Duo answered, and kicked off his own underwear. "See?" and he ran his hand down his own slim body, down his flat stomach to his own hard length. He stroked it and watched the lust burn brighter in Heero's eyes. When he brought his hand up to lick at his own desire, the other man growled and pounced. Duo soon found himself pressed up against the countertop, Heero rubbing insistently against him.

Heero kissed his way down, worshipping Duo with his mouth, and soon he was on his knees in front of the other man. Duo looked down to see the gorgeous man lick his lips, and took a deep breath. He was tempted to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming. But then Heero licked him, and all he could do was moan. His head fell back and he caught another view of Heero in a mirror, just as his erection was engulfed in his mouth.

The other man's mouth worked expertly, stimulating every inch of Duo's cock with tongue and a light brush of teeth. Duo cried out, and bucked into Heero's mouth. Heero held him still, working at his own pace. Heero slid one hand up in between Duo's thighs. The longhaired man cried out in frustration. "Heero!"

The man on his knees looked up and smirked. "Yes, Duo? You want something?"

Duo took a deep breath. "Yes. You. In me. Now."

"Well, that can certainly be arranged," purred Heero, standing up smoothly and rubbing his body against Duo's. "We just need..."

"Pants pocket," moaned Duo, pointing.

With a smile, Heero bent and retrieved a small tube of lube. "Always prepared, eh?"

"I'm a freaking boy scout, Heero," growled Duo, turning and bending over the countertop. "Now get over here and fuck me!"

"Your wish is my command," answered Heero, and walked up behind Duo. He stood directly behind the longhaired man and smirked at him over his shoulder. He looked at their reflection in the mirror as he pressed his erection against the firm ass he was about to take. "God, you're perfect," he whispered, running his hands over Duo's chest and down over his stomach.

Duo thought he had never been this turned on before, and the sweet agony of anticipation was almost too much. "I want it hard," he moaned, pressing back against Heero. "No prep. Just take me." He liked a little pain with his pleasure. He was rewarded by a throaty moan from the man behind him. He spread his legs apart and reached behind him to stroke Heero's arousal. "Please..."

Heero quickly lubed his cock, and pulled back enough to position himself. Duo gripped the edge of the sink, moaning already just from the pressure of Heero's cock against his entrance. He felt Heero spread him open, and then he was being stretched open, filled with that wonderful hot length, and it was so perfect...

"You're so tight," groaned Heero. "Tell me if I hurt you... too much..."

"It's just right," gasped Duo. In fact, it was the optimum mix of pain and pleasure; the hard cock invaded him just fast enough. "More..."

Heero finally sheathed himself fully in Duo. "Fuck, you're... god..." the shorthaired man's voice was filled with desire. Duo loved deep, sensuous voices, and Heero's was making him shiver. To know he was making the other man feel such need...

"Need you, Heero..." panted Duo, ready for more. Then he felt Heero draw back, and he waited... the plunge back in nearly undid him already, the other man expertly hitting his prostate on the first try. He gasped and Heero did it again. He dropped his head to the cool marble and just moaned, bracing himself as Heero built up speed.

Soon both men were so close, panting and the sounds of flesh moving together making the perfect music. Duo felt Heero pull him back slightly, then the man's hand was on his neglected cock, and he screamed. "Heero!"

Still Heero pounded in and out of him, and he growled. "I'm so close, Duo... you're so good... want to feel you come for me..."

"Yes!" cried out Duo as Heero's hand on his erection and the cock inside him drove him to completion. His seed pulsed out all over the bathroom fixtures as he screamed his lover's name. Almost at the same time, Heero cried out and Duo felt himself filled with the other man's release. His name coming from Heero in such passion gave him even more pleasure.

Heero stayed still for a long time, leaning gently on Duo's back as they both caught their breath. Finally, he straightened up and pulled out gently, hugging Duo from behind as the longhaired man stood as well.

They looked at their reflection for a long moment; two former strangers now sweaty, sticky and disheveled after sharing their passion.

Duo grinned, and Heero followed suit.

Heero said, "Ok, you sold me. I'll take the house."

The End