Title: Maid For Each Other
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
For Sharon

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Heero. It's Saturday. Take a day off for once," Trowa urged. "We're worried about you."

Heero sighed. He'd heard it before. Many times. From various friends. They thought he worked too hard. "Trowa," he began patiently. "You know the freelance writing business is patchy. When I have jobs, I have to take as many as I can."

"I understand, Heero. But the offer still stands... Remember, all work and no play..."

"Makes me a rich boy, Trowa."

"Money isn't everything, Heero."

"What it can't buy I don't need."

"Isn't that a song?" laughed Trowa. "Ok, I'll leave you alone."

"Seriously, Trowa. I'm sorry. But in addition to the article, I haven't done laundry in weeks and my apartment is a wreck," Heero sighed. "Maybe next time."

"Ok, I'll tell Quatre. Wufei may never forgive you, though," Trowa added. "Bye, Heero."

"Bye, Trowa. And I am sorry." Heero hung up and looked around. He wasn't normally a slob, but when he got inspired by his writing, he tended to ignore all else. Well, he thought he had one pair of jeans left, and so the laundry could wait one more day.


Heero fumbled through the closet, searching desperately. He shouldn't have gone this long without doing laundry. He just knew there was a clean t-shirt in here somewhere... the doorbell rang, making him jump, and he hit his head on the rack. "Damn it!" He backed out more carefully. He had indeed found a clean pair of jeans but a clean shirt was eluding him. So he padded to the door, barefoot and shirtless, rubbing his head in disgust. If it was just another door-to-door salesman, he was going to go postal. Even if it was a girl scout selling cookies, he wasn't going to be happy. He flung open the door.

It wasn't either of those things. What stood at his door was enough to make him forget his own name let alone his anger. He knew his mouth was hanging open, but he found that his brain was overloaded by the hormones suddenly flowing through him. He knew he should be saying something, but opening the door to find your fantasy standing there was not conducive to intelligent conversation.

It was a young man. Not much over twenty, like Heero himself. But that was where the resemblance ended. The first thing he noticed was the hair. Chestnut brown, silky, and bound in a braid that fell below his ass. An ass encased nicely in silky jogging shorts, his mind noticed as it took a detour. Heero dragged his eyes back up the long legs up to the slim torso and tanned skin flashing out at him from under the white tank top. Arms lightly muscled but toned, and he finally returned to the man's face. Indescribably blue-violet eyes, delicate features, and full red lips constituted a face that was showing faint traces of amusement. "What?" Heero finally found his voice as he realized the vision was speaking and he hadn't heard a word.

Those maddening lips quirked with suppressed laughter as the man repeated himself. "I said: Hi Heero, I'm Duo, and I'm your present."

Heero shook his head. The words still didn't make sense to his brain, whose lower functions were occupied with sending blood flow downward, to potentially embarrassing places. "I beg your pardon?"

Duo laughed, a deep, sensual sound that went straight to Heero's libido. "Sorry, I just love saying it that way. I'm a housecleaner. A maid, if you like. Your friends bought you maid service because, and I quote, they never see you anymore."

Heero finally managed to close his mouth. The situation was becoming a bit clearer. Unfortunately, his brain was still lagging behind, and all he could manage to come up with in the way of conversation was "Ah."

"But," smirked Duo, "I can usually do my job a bit better if you actually let me in." He paused. "Unless this is a bad time?" he asked, eyes running obviously over Heero's state of undress.

"Oh," exclaimed Heero, glancing down at himself. "I'm sorry, I, um, I'm behind on laundry and..." He blushed faintly. "Please, come in. Sorry about the mess," he added automatically.

"Well, then," Duo said, stooping to pick up a bag, "Looks like I'm just in time."

Heero stepped back, holding the door open as the longhaired man came in, eyes automatically following the braid that bounced against the tight little ass. "What do I need to do?"

Duo set his bag down, looking around the apartment with a critical eye. "You don't have to do anything. I'll just get to work. Just pretend I'm not even here."

Heero very nearly snorted. As if he could ignore the sexiest man he'd ever seen, dressed like that, wandering around his apartment, especially since it had been months since he had... he curbed that thought quickly. His jeans were already suspiciously snug and he didn't need to embarrass himself any more than he already had. His "office" was a corner of his living room, and he retreated there. "I'll just be right here if you need, um, anything," he finished lamely.

"Perfect!" exclaimed Duo, and got to work.

Heero tried to work, too, but kept getting distracted by Duo bending over, or the flash of that braid against the tanned skin. His mind wandered to what Duo would look like with his hair loose, spread around him as he lay back and... Heero realized he was fully hard and had been staring at the same paragraph for ten minutes. This was not good.

He gave up on writing and just stared; from his vantage point he could see through to his bedroom. Duo had either washed some sheets or had found a clean set, because he was busily making up the bed. Duo was bending over, his already short shorts pulling up to reveal the curve of his ass. Heero stared, and the proximity of Duo to his bed was not lost on him. His hand was in his lap, rubbing at his erection, before he even knew it. He bit his lip; he couldn't take his eyes off Duo now. There was no way he could work.

Duo worked quickly around the apartment; sounds from the kitchen revealed he was working his magic in there. Heero decided he wasn't moving from his desk. He didn't even know if he could walk with an erection like this.

Just then Duo's voice called out from the kitchen. "Excuse me, Heero?"

Oh shit, thought Heero. "Yes?" he called out, hoping he wouldn't have to get up.

"I'm sorry to bother you," Duo answered. "But I have a problem. Could I bother you to come in here for a second?"

I have a problem, too, Heero thought. "Um..." Heero thought fast. He was hard as a rock. He was only wearing tight jeans. He was screwed. "Just give me a minute to save what I'm doing..." He thought about non-arousing things, trying to will away his erection. It worked, partially, and finally he slid his chair back and stood up slowly. "I'm coming," he called, then winced at his choice of words. He walked to the kitchen.

Where his arousal returned full force.

Duo stood in the middle of his kitchen. Soaking wet. His thin shirt clung to him, nearly transparent when wet, clearly showing his nipples and every line of his lean chest. Heero's eyes went down, involuntarily, and Duo's shorts were equally as wet, and he stifled a whimper as he could clearly see... everything. He realized he was staring, and slowly dragged his eyes back up to meet Duo's amused expression. Heero hoped briefly that he wasn't actually drooling. "Uh..." he was going to ask what had happened, he really was, but somehow his mouth refused to form words.

Fortunately, Duo took pity on him. "I'm so sorry, Heero. I sort of had an accident," he said sheepishly.

"What happened?" Heero finally managed to stammer intelligently.

Duo turned to the sink, and the thin shorts clung to him, and Heero bit his lip. He also suddenly realized that his erection must be very obvious and he'd forgotten to hide it. Duo would think he was such a pervert...

"Well. I was cleaning the sink," he explained. "And I guess the sprayer attachment was loose, and..." he trailed off, indicating himself. "I'm sorry! I'll fix it. And clean up, of course."

Heero was still staring, and he realized some response was now required of him. "Um. It's ok. I can call a plumber..." Any minute now Duo was going to notice, and be disgusted, and leave...

It didn't seem to happen. Duo smiled and quite obviously let his eyes roam over Heero. He took in his still-bare chest (he had forgotten to find a clean shirt) and then those gorgeous eyes went lower still. The eyes stayed down there, and the man's smile increased. Heero blushed. But he still couldn't take his eyes off the wet dream in his kitchen.

"No, don't worry about that, I can fix it," Duo assured him. Then the longhaired man took a step closer to Heero, and his heart stopped. "But it looks like you have a bigger problem. Much bigger," he added, his voice dropping seductively. "I can fix that too."

Heero made a strangled sound deep in his throat. Duo didn't really mean that, things like this didn't really happen... "Gah," was the only thing that came out of his mouth as Duo stepped even closer. This was like a bad porn movie.

Duo stopped, and reached out one hand, placing it on Heero's muscled chest. Heero gasped, and Duo trailed his hand down, lightly, over every sculpted ridge. "You're incredible, Heero," Duo breathed reverently.

Heero was still stunned. It wasn't possible... the most beautiful man he'd ever seen wasn't here, in his kitchen, and wanted him too. "Duo," he murmured, mesmerized. "You..."

"What, Heero?" smiled Duo, stepping closer, sliding his hand back up, over Heero's bare shoulder, and down his back. "Damn, you're a freaking work of art. I'm almost afraid to touch you."

Heero shook his head, unbelieving. "You're so perfect, Duo. You can't want me..." He was finding it hard to think clearly. Surely this was a joke or a dream.

Duo laughed. "You're kidding me, right?" Heero shook his head. "Oh, Heero! When you opened the door looking like that, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. And you just had to be straight. But then... the way you looked at me... I thought it was wishful thinking. This job pays great, nice hours, and I didn't want to lose it by coming on to a customer. But when you came in... I could see you were hard... tell me to stop now, Heero, and I will, but I really don't want to..." His hands continued down Heero's back, down to his ass.

Heero moaned as Duo pulled their bodies together and said, "Don't ever stop." Finally he did what he had wanted to do ever since he had opened the door that morning. With his thumb, he traced Duo's full lips before sliding his hand around to the back of his neck, pulling him in for a kiss.

Duo melted into Heero, molding his body to the other man's and parting his lips to Heero's tongue. The kiss started off soft, but soon their tongues were entwined, clashing and dancing, and Heero's hands started to explore Duo. He slid one hand under the wet shirt, sliding over the smooth skin, just brushing over a nipple. He felt Duo's moan in his mouth. The other hand went lower, cupping Duo's firm ass through the thin shorts, gripping and pulling the other man hard against him. He shifted his hips, seeking Duo's arousal, gasping as Duo rocked his hips, bringing their erections into sweet contact.

Hands roamed as they rocked against each other. They were both breathing hard when Duo pulled back, looking into Heero's eyes. "I've never done anything like this before," he whispered. "I mean, we just met, but... I feel like I know you," he traced the other man's perfect cheekbone. "That probably sounds silly."

Heero shook his head quickly. "Not at all. I... feel the same way," he murmured. "I... I've never met anyone like you."

Duo smiled and slid his hand between their bodies, moving down until he reached Heero's arousal. "Heero," he said as the other man moaned. "Want you. Now. Here."

"Here?" said Heero, unable to think straight as Duo squeezed him through his pants. Duo nodded, and Heero moaned. "God yes, anything," he gasped, slipping his hand into the waistband of Duo's shorts. He slid his fingers down, into Duo's cleft.

"Oh Heero," groaned Duo, "Yes, I want you to take me, please, Heero, fuck me hard..."

Heero nearly whimpered at those words, words he had wanted to hear from Duo ever since the first moment he had seen him. His voice was hoarse as he said, "Turn around, then."

Duo whimpered as he did what Heero told him, turning around and bending over, holding onto the sink.

Heero stepped behind him, running his hands all the way down Duo's back until he reached the shorts. He hooked his thumbs into the shorts and pulled them down, bending as he pulled, until the shorts were around Duo's ankles. Then he stood up and walked a few steps, reaching into a cabinet as Duo kicked away the shorts along with his shoes. He pulled out a bottle of vegetable oil, then took a moment to savor the picture of Duo, bent over his kitchen counter, naked from the waist down, hard cock jutting straight up against his stomach. "Please," Duo begged him, and Heero couldn't wait any more. He walked back behind Duo.

Opening the oil with shaky hands, he poured some into his hand, then dribbled some directly down Duo's cleft. The longhaired man whimpered as Heero followed the oil with his fingers, running them down, massaging in the oil as he went, getting closer to Duo's entrance. By the time his fingers reached his goal, Duo was writhing. Getting some more oil, Heero circled the opening teasingly, before gently pressing.

"Heero!" Duo cried out. "Stop teasing me!" His words turned to a throaty moan when Heero's fingers finally entered him. "Ohhhh...."

Heero moved his fingers in and out, prepping Duo and driving him wild at the same time. His own cock pulsed every time Duo cried out, or his body tightened around his fingers. This was torture for him, too. He quickly shed his jeans, the only clothes he was wearing. Finally, he decided Duo was ready, and he slicked more oil on his erection, as quickly as possible. He needed to be inside Duo, now.

"Duo... are you ready?" Heero asked as he positioned himself.

"I've BEEN ready," panted Duo. "Take me, please!"

Heero needed no more urging. With a groan, he pushed the tip of his arousal against Duo's entrance. He pushed, and for long moment he thought he would never fit inside that tight channel. Then he slid in, and Duo gripped him, and he lost his mind.

Heero eased inside, slowly as he could manage, Duo begging him for more every inch of the way. He began to thrust shallowly, building up depth and force each time, each thrust deeper and harder. He bit his lip in concentration; if he let himself go, he would come too soon, and he needed to hear Duo scream his name in release. He gripped Duo's hips, finding the perfect rhythm, pounding harder.

Duo pushed back against him, forcing him deeper with every thrust. "Please. God. Heero. Harder. So good...yes..."

In, and Duo's body gripped him, caressing every inch of his length. Out, and the silken walls tried to keep him in. Duo's sexy voice drove him on, faster and faster, driving in and out precisely.

It had been some time since Heero had been with anyone, so he knew he would not be able to last much longer. He knew he was losing it, so he moved one hand from Duo's hip down to stroke the other man's erection.

Immediately, Duo's cries increased and his body tightened even more around Heero's arousal. Heero groaned and stroked Duo faster, pounding as hard as he dared. Duo gripped the counter edge and took every stroke, asking for more. "Harder, Heero, I'm so close..."

"Duo... god... so tight... want to feel you come..." Heero stroked faster, and pounded harder, and barely held back his own climax.

"Yes! Heero!" screamed Duo, loud enough that Heero knew the neighbors would be complaining but he didn't care. Then he was coming, covering Heero's hand with his seed, clenching tight around Heero's cock.

"Fuck, Duo..." groaned Heero, and he couldn't hold back any more. His climax hit him like lightning, arching through him and stealing his sanity. He froze, pumping Duo full of his need, then his legs threatened to give way.

The two men sank to the floor, out of breath and still entangled. Heero held Duo as they leaned against the cabinets.

"That was..." Heero began, but couldn't find the words.

"Amazing," Duo suggested, and Heero had to agree.

Duo started to laugh softly. "What?" asked Heero curiously.

"Well," he began, "Your friends bought you maid service because they wanted you to have less work, so they would see you more. But," he smiled, "It may have backfired."

Heero laughed, understanding. "I think I may have to personally supervise your work. Repeatedly."

Both men laughed, and soon it was a very good thing that Duo had already cleaned the floors...

The End