Title: Office Boy
Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x1
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Treize leaned back at his desk, reaching for his cup of coffee and trying to ignore his preening secretary outside, who was trying to catch his eye. Ever since he had made full partner last year at the unheard of age of 24, she had been after him, certain he was single only because he hadn't found the right woman yet. Treize snorted to himself. Maybe he should just tell her the truth; maybe she would leave him alone then. But she was a good secretary, and he hated to have to train another one, so he put up with it.

He glanced back down at the paperwork in front of him, but he was distracted by new movement in the outer office. It was the mail delivery, brought in by one of the numerous interns they got every summer. He didn't even bother to learn their names any more; they were interchangeable. Then he did a double take, looking back up at the boy who was shyly trying to escape the clutches of his secretary. Treize had to remember to close his mouth as his eyes swept over the brown-haired boy. This one looked barely old enough to work, and looked out of place in the dress pants and shirt he was required to wear. Treize took in the long legs, wide shoulders and slim hips, then up to the cobalt eyes and chiseled features. But it was the boy's mouth that captivated him most; full, sensuous lips that looked perfect for kissing, and other things... Treize found himself getting aroused just watching the boy. He decided he needed a walk to cool off. He stood up from his desk, and made his way out to where his secretary was still drooling all over the new intern.

"Hello, my name is Treize Khushrenada. You must be new."

Heero was trying valiantly to get away from the persistent woman behind the desk. What was it with these women? It had taken him half the morning just to deliver the mail to the second floor. This one was particularly bad. He just knew from her perky demeanor that she had been a cheerleader in high school. Then she was interrupted by the sexiest voice he had ever heard. Heero looked up and into piercing blue eyes. The owner of those eyes was a tall, elegant looking man in a perfectly tailored suit. Heero let his eyes wander over the obviously well-built body that the suit only enhanced; he was a sucker for a man in a suit. That was one of the reasons he had taken this summer internship; he didn't need the money. But he had a thing for older men in suits; and he was determined to lose his virginity this summer. Surely there was someone here who could help him, and with a speculative look in his cobalt eyes he smiled at the man.

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Khushrenada. I'm Heero Yuy." He extended his hand to the older man, who shook it firmly, holding it just an instant too long. The two locked eyes for a long moment, and both felt a thrill go through them.

"Are you finding your way around, Mr. Yuy? The floor plan is a bit confusing," asked Treize, leaning against the secretary's desk, who was pouting at being ignored.

"Yes, I'm slowly learning. I still need to find the copy room, though! And, please call me Heero, sir." Heero smiled his most innocent smile up at Treize, hoping the sexy man was sending the messages he thought he was picking up.

"Well, Heero, you're in luck. I just happen to be heading that way. I'd be glad to show you the way," among other things, Treize said to himself.

"That would be wonderful, Mr. Khushrenada," smiled Heero, looking up at Treize through thick lashes.

"I'll be back in a while, Linda," Treize said to his stunned secretary as he led the beautiful boy out.

"Oh, and Heero? Please call me Treize," the older man purred as he held the door open for him. As they walked down the hall, Treize had to ask, "You look very young to be working already, Heero."

Heero knew that was coming; he knew he didn't look his age. "I'm eighteen, Treize. Just legal," he added, looking straight into those blue eyes.

Treize almost moaned out loud, and he felt himself harden even more. He knew he had to have this boy, and to hell with the consequences. He hoped he wasn't reading Heero wrong.

Heero surreptitiously glanced at Treize's perfectly tailored pants, which were currently distorted by a quite large bulge that the older man wasn't even trying to hide. He smiled and let his hand brush against Treize as they walked. The older man "accidentally" let his fingers brush against the boy's cute ass as he held open a door for him.

"Here we go, the copy room," announced Treize as he shut the door behind him. It was deserted, as usual. Hardly anyone came in here. Treize smirked as he decided it was time to change that.

Treize leaned against a Xerox machine and watched Heero. The boy looked around for a minute, then walked closer to the older man. "I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to show me around, Treize," he said, stopping inches from the taller man, looking up at him.

"I could show you lots of things, Heero," answered Treize as he brought his hand up to trace the full lips that so captivated him.

Heero leaned into the touch. "I'd like you to show me all sorts of things," he said, pressing his hardness against Treize so there would be no doubt what he really wanted.

Treize let his hand drop to touch the tight little ass and almost moaned out loud. He knew he was taking a huge chance, but Heero said he was legal... he could lock the door... he knew most of the VP's were out of town... Heero brought his hands up to toy with Treize's silk tie, brushing his nipples through the shirt, and Treize knew he was lost. He knew the boy couldn't be as innocent as he looked, but oh god it would be worth the risk.

Heero gasped as he felt the older man pull him tighter against him; this was it, this was what he wanted. Slowly, their lips brushed together softly at first; then the kiss deepened, and Treize thrust his tongue into Heero's mouth. The boy tasted sweet and pure. Heero pulled at Treize's clothing, and soon they were fumbling, stripping off the older man's clothes as quickly as possible.

Finally, Treize was wearing only blue silk boxers, and he disentangled himself from Heero long enough to lock the door. Then he turned to Heero, who was still nearly fully dressed. "Your turn."

Treize settled into a chair to watch as Heero finished unbuttoning his shirt, shrugging it off and slowly dropping his hands to his pants. He was rock hard; stripping for the older man really turned him on. He wanted to stand naked in front of Treize, and let him do whatever he wanted. So he slid the pants off, showing Treize that he wore nothing underneath.

Treize watched intently as the hard young body was revealed to him. Heero was perfect; the young body was all smooth planes and ridges of lean muscle, slim hips, tight ass and rock hard cock standing straight up. Heero walked up to him, and Treize did his best not to drool over the prize that was being offered to him. Heero sank to his knees in front of Treize, looking up at the older man seductively.

"I've never done this before, Treize," Heero breathed, his hands inching up the older man's thighs.

Treize nearly moaned. This gorgeous boy was a virgin? How did that happen? Well, all the better for him. "You're doing just fine so far, Heero."

Then the boy was pulling at his boxers, and together they eased them off. Heero licked his lips at the rigid arousal that was revealed, and he looked up at Treize as he moved his mouth closer. Treize took a shuddering breath as he realized what Heero was going to do.

Heero wanted to taste the older man's excitement; the hard cock looked huge to him, the tip glistening with dew. He moved closer and flicked his tongue out, tasting the nectar. Treize moaned as he watched the boy's mouth; he wanted so badly to watch and feel that sweet mouth wrap around his aching cock.

Heero lowered his head; he looked up at Treize's face just as he took the tip into his mouth. Slowly, he took in more of the hard length. He decided he liked the feel and taste of a cock in his mouth. He started to bob his head up and down.

Treize nearly screamed when the cobalt-eyed boy took him in; it took all his willpower not to thrust roughly and fuck the boy's hot mouth like his body was screaming to do. He gripped the sides of the chair; the Heero's sensuous mouth felt as good as it looked. Looking down to see his arousal disappearing into a sexy, virginal 18-year old boy's mouth was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

Heero was enjoying himself; the feeling of control, the sounds that Treize was making, were going straight to his cock. He couldn't wait to feel Treize's cock inside him. Then, he heard Treize's voice asking him to stop. He looked up, confused. "Am I not doing it right, Treize?"

Treize groaned. "You're doing it too well, Heero. I want to be inside you when I come. Is that ok? Do you want that?"

Heero smiled. "I want everything, Treize. Just tell me what to do."

Treize thought he was inside his wildest dream, but wasted no time. He stood up, and told Heero to sit in the chair. He looked around quickly and spotted a jar of Vaseline. What Vaseline was doing in the copy room, he didn't want to know, but it served his purposes. He came back to stand in front of Heero, who was sitting in the chair. "Spread your legs," he commanded in a voice that made Heero even harder.

Heero did as he was told, hooking his legs over the arms of the chair and sliding down so he was spread open in front of Treize's appreciative eyes. "Like this?"

Treize let his eyes roam over the lithe young boy offering himself completely, and took a deep breath to control himself. "Oh, yes, perfect, Heero." And Treize kneeled in front of Heero, running his fingers up the smooth thighs parted so perfectly for him. He traced circles, spiraling in on the boy's virgin entrance. Heero moaned and spread his legs farther apart.

Heero gasped as he felt one slick finger enter him; the combination of his vulnerable position and Treize's hands on him was almost enough to make him climax right now. Then he felt another finger, stretching him open farther, and he moaned, cock trembling.

Treize watched Heero's beautiful face as he prepped him. The boy was incredible; every sensation was new to him. Finally, he decided the boy was ready, and he couldn't wait any more. He looked around quickly. Treize stood up, and pulled Heero to his feet. The boy instantly wrapped himself around Treize, touching him and begging him to take him. Treize led Heero over to the copy machine. "Bend over, Heero," Treize instructed, and Heero did so, holding onto the back of the machine and lying across it. Treize stood behind him, spreading Heero's legs with his own as he put more Vaseline on his aching cock. He looked over the young boy in front of him, savoring the anticipation, then he couldn't wait any more. He positioned himself, pressing the head of his arousal just at Heero's entrance, and pressed gently, not entering, but knowing it would drive Heero crazy.

Heero squirmed. "Please, Treize, fuck me, I'm so ready..." he moaned, trying to press back. Treize held the boy's slim hips, and pressed forward, easing into the virginal entrance slowly. Heero started to moan, getting louder, as Treize took him. Deeper and deeper, the older man gradually slid into Heero. The boy was so tight, it seemed like he could never fit his cock inside the slim boy; but Heero was eager, and wanted it, and took him in completely. Treize closed his eyes; oh god, the boy was so tight. He stopped so Heero could adjust.

Heero loved the feeling of the cock inside him; it was better than he had ever dreamed. It hurt slightly, but it was a good hurt, and it quickly turned into pleasure as he adjusted. "Mmm," he moaned, "So good..."

The erotic sounds the teenager was making made Treize pant with need to thrust into him. He pulled out, then pushed back in gently. Heero gasped, and the next time Treize started to thrust in, the boy pushed himself back, impaling himself on the hard cock brutally.

Heero almost screamed; that was it, that was how he wanted it, hard and fast. "More, harder," he begged, bracing himself on the copy machine.

Treize almost growled when he felt the sudden tightness envelop him. Heero wanted it hard; well, he would give it to him. The next time he thrust in, he did it quickly; Heero moaned loudly and asked for more. So Treize let himself drive in and out of the boy, burying his cock deep and hard inside Heero each time, to the hilt.

The danger of the situation, fucking in a public place, a place of business, and the illicitness of their joining added to the sheer decadence and raised the tension. It was animalistic, instinctual, savage. Treize fucked Heero, plain and simple. They both had a need, and were being mutually satisfied. No strings, no attachments were implied or desired; they wanted release. Harder and harder, faster and faster; the older man fucked the smaller boy.

Heero clung to the copy machine, and Treize gripped Heero. The machine started to rock with the savage thrusts; Heero was screaming his ecstasy and Treize was lost in the virginal tightness. The end was near; so Treize reached down to stroke Heero's cock as he drove in again and again.

Heero couldn't believe it could get any better, then it did; the older man stroking his aching hardness completed him. He tightened, pulsed, released; ecstasy shot through him as he climaxed al over the copy machine.

Treize groaned as Heero's body tightened with completion. Impossible tightness gripped him even harder as Heero climaxed. Treize let go then, burying himself inside once more as he filled the boy with his seed. Gasping, he pumped Heero full; exquisite heat gripped him and coaxed out his most incredible climax ever.

They held still for a long moment, shuddering. Treize caught Heero as he nearly collapsed, his legs giving out. He carried the boy over to the chair, setting him in it and kneeling beside him. "Are you ok?" Treize asked, worried.

Heero nodded, then smiled a sensuous smile that had the older man's cock stirring again. "Can we do that again sometime?"

Treize nodded, smiling. "I think I need a personal assistant."

The End