Title: Triple Feature
Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x3x6
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Zechs looked around in disgust at the lines of people waiting to buy tickets. "Tell me again why we're here instead of the nicer, more quiet, theatre, Treize?"

His taller lover patted the blond's arm reassuringly. "Because I don't want to wait to see this movie till it opens there. You can stand it for a few hours," he soothed as he handed the tickets to the man at the door.

"The floor is sticky," announced the blond with annoyance.

"Why don't you get us some seats while I get some drinks?" suggested Treize as they approached the concession counter.

"Fine," sighed Zechs and made his way to theatre 8. "Don't be too long..."

Treize got in line, trying to be patient. He looked around the theatre, bored, and his eyes came to rest on the boy behind the counter. The older man's lips curled in a wicked smile as he checked out the boy. Jailbait if he had ever seen it, but oh what bait. Tall, but shorter than he was, lean and lithe. Well-formed biceps showed nicely in the short sleeved shirt he wore, and when the boy turned to scoop some popcorn into a cup, bending over slightly, Treize felt himself start to harden as he gazed at the tight little ass. The boy turned around to serve the next customer, the lady in front of Treize. The older man saw that the boy's face matched the rest of him; Trowa, according his nametag, was gorgeous, long hair covering up one of his stunning emerald eyes, smooth creamy skin and full lips. Treize was enjoying himself.

It was Treize's turn, and the boy smiled at him. "What can I get you, sir?"

Treize tried not to smirk and swallowed his initial response, which involved the boy covered in popcorn butter and nothing else. He leaned closer to the boy and fixed him with a direct gaze. "What do you recommend, gorgeous?" he purred. He knew he was taking a big chance, flirting with the boy like this, but Treize had good instincts, and he didn't ever have to see the boy again if he was wrong. He wasn't wrong.

The boy's face flushed pink, but there was no indignation on his face. "I... I..." It was obvious that the boy wasn't sure whether to answer, thereby admitting that he was at the very least flattered by the comment. Treize had spoken softly enough that no one else could have heard the remark. "The popcorn is fresh and delicious," he finished, and blushed some more.

"But not as delicious as you, I'm sure, Trowa," whispered Treize, looking directly into those stunning eyes.

Trowa blushed further, and bit his lip sweetly. "I... I..."

Treize could see the poor boy was completely flustered. He decided to take pity on him. "I'll have a large popcorn and a large coke, please," he said smoothly, but he just couldn't resist. He whispered, leaning closer, "But I'd rather have you..."

Treize could see the boy trying to think of something to say. He decided to be nice and come to his rescue. He murmured, "No pressure. But I'd love to get to know you better. My boyfriend and I will come back a bit later, if you have a break soon."

Trowa swallowed, then appeared to work up some nerve. "I have a break in 30 minutes," he whispered, still blushing.

Treize smiled brilliantly. "Wonderful!" He paid for the food, then walked toward the theatre. He turned around before he walked through the door and saw the boy staring after him. He gave a small wave and went into the theatre to find Zechs and tell him that they wouldn't be seeing the entire movie after all.


"This better be good," grumbled Zechs. "I was just getting into the movie."

"We can see it again later," soothed Treize. "Besides, there are much nicer things to get into out here..." He trailed off as they emerged, and he guided his blond lover toward the concession counter.

Treize grinned as he heard a low whistle from his blond companion. He followed Zechs' eyes to the end of the concession counter, where Trowa was just taking off his apron. "I hope that's what you're talking about."

"You need to learn to trust me, Zechs," laughed Treize.

"Mmm, nice," the blond mused as he watched the boy bend over. "I trust you completely."

Treize just laughed, a low, deep sound that still sent shivers up Zechs' spine. "Come on."

They walked up to the counter just as Trowa turned around. The boy looked flushed, but not scared. Treize could see the boy's eyes running over Zechs. He didn't blame him. His blond boyfriend was still the most beautiful man he had ever seen in his life, with his long platinum hair always worn loose and his golden tan skin. "Hello again, Trowa. This is Zechs. Zechs, this is Trowa."

"Hello," the boy said hesitantly, extending his hand to Zechs. "Nice to meet you."

The blond smiled as he shook the boy's hand. "The pleasure is mine, cutie. Or it will be."

Trowa blushed even more, and Treize said smoothly, "It will be everyone's pleasure, I'm sure. Zechs is quite talented with that smart mouth of his, let me assure you."

Trowa looked automatically at Zechs, to see the blond smiling sensually at him. Zechs leaned closer to Trowa, and murmured, "I especially like to suck virgin cocks. They taste best."

"Zechs," chided Treize mildly. "Don't frighten the boy."

"I'm not frightened," Trowa answered. "I'm just, um, inexperienced."

"Well, we can certainly do something about that, can't we, Zechs?" purred Treize.

"I certainly hope so," agreed Zechs. "If you want to, Trowa."

The boy looked back and forth at the two older men, and seemed to decide. "I want to," he declared.

Treize smiled, and felt his cock harden in anticipation. "Is there someplace we can go?"

Trowa thought for a minute. "I have an idea. Wait here one minute." He disappeared through a door. A moment later, a girl exited, followed by Trowa.

The girl was smiling. She said, "Thanks so much, Trowa! I really appreciate the break. Are you sure you don't mind?"

Glancing at Treize and Zechs, Trowa said, "Not at all. I owed you one. Now go and get some dinner!"

The girl waved at Trowa and left, never noticing the two men watching the exchange. Trowa held the door open, revealing that it led to some steps. He smiled shyly at Treize and Zechs, and said, "I found a place..."

Zechs and Treize exchanged a look. This was going to be a lot of fun... "Lead on, gorgeous," Treize said.

Trowa led them up a narrow flight of stairs to a small room that proved to be the projectionist's room. Three sets of projectors were rolling, delivering movies to three different theatres, which were visible if you looked through the small window through which the movie was being projected. Trowa locked the door behind them and turned to regard the two sexy men in the dim light. "We have about half an hour," he explained, blushing. "I fill in here sometimes. There's not much to do unless a reel breaks."

"Well this is certainly a unique experience so far," smiled Treize, approaching the teenager slowly. "Lets see how much more memorable we can make it. What do you want to do, Trowa?" At the boy's confused look, Treize went on. "You're in charge here, Trowa. We do whatever you want, and nothing you don't. Zechs and I like to play, but not rough."

"I... don't know," admitted Trowa.

"Well, we might be able to make a few suggestions," smiled the blond man, coming up behind the boy and wrapping his hands around him from behind. Zechs gently caressed Trowa's chest, brushing against the boy's nipples through the shirt.

"Nnn," moaned Trowa, automatically pushing back against the blond, feeling the other man's erection pressing against his ass.

"I want to see you, Trowa. Is that ok?" Treize asked as he stood in front of the two. Trowa nodded, and Treize gently slid his hands under the boy's shirt, pulling it up. Zechs moved out of the way, allowing Treize to remove Trowa's shirt more easily.

Trowa shivered, but not from the cold, as he stood shirtless in front of the two men. "Beautiful," whispered Treize as his eyes roamed over the flawless skin and firm muscles. "I think I want to see more." Making eye contact with the boy, so he could make sure this was ok with him, Treize reached out and unbuttoned Trowa's pants gently. He could feel the teenager's stomach muscles tense under his hands, but the boy didn't stop him. Treize carefully lowered the zipper, and he heard Trowa whimper as his knuckles brushed against the hardness that stretched the boxers beneath. Trowa nodded, biting his lip, and Treize effortlessly stripped off both the pants and the boxers. Trowa stepped out of them, slipping out of his shoes, and he was finally revealed to the two men.

Treize took a moment to appreciate the perfection before him. Tight, lean muscles rippled under lightly tanned skin, sculpted and flawless in his 17 year old glory. Also glorious was the perfect arousal, standing tall and hard and ready, almost touching the flat stomach in the boy's excitement. "Perfect," whispered Treize reverently.

"Touch me, please," begged Trowa, stepping closer to Treize.

"Oh, I will," promised the older man, then he stepped behind the teenager. He guided the boy over to a counter that was about waist height. The older man bent him over so his forearms rested on the counter. Zechs went around to the front of Trowa, then kneeled on the floor between the teen and the counter. Treize ran his hands over Trowa's firm rear. "Stop me if I do anything you don't like, Trowa."

A moan was his only answer, so Treize spread the boy's legs apart gently. He ran both hands up the inside of Trowa's legs, just brushing against the boy's virgin cleft. Trowa moaned more loudly and spread his legs wider, pushing back against the older man's hands. Treize caught Zech's eyes, and nodded. The blond reached up and wrapped his hand around the boy's hard cock.

Treize reached into his pocket for the tube of lube he always carried with him, and applied some to his fingers. As Zechs brought the boy's cock to his mouth, Treize caressed his entrance with one slick finger. Under this double onslaught of new sensation, Trowa whimpered, trying to thrust both forward and back at the same time.

Zechs slowly engulfed the boy's hardness, taking in his whole length inch by inch. Trowa gasped as the wet heat surrounded his already aching cock. Treize watched as Zechs started to bob his head up and down, cupping Trowa's balls at the same time. The teen's head was thrown back at this point, his mouth open and eyes closed. Then Treize slid one finger inside Trowa, and the boy got even louder. Trowa seemed to like the feeling, so Treize added another. Between Zechs' mouth on his cock and Treize's fingers inside him, Trowa was lost. He moaned continuously, begging for more.

Treize was more than happy to oblige. He unzipped his pants and applied lube to his neglected length. Zechs slowed his actions, keeping the boy on edge. He watched Treize position himself, and unzipped his own pants with a free hand.

Trowa gasped as he felt the older man's fingers replaced by a hard, slick cock, nudging at his entrance. The pressure teased him as much as the blond's mouth, and he said, "Please. I need it. Fuck me!"

Treize groaned as he heard the boy's voice beg him, and watched his blond lover suck the boy's cock as Zechs slowly stroked his own length. "If you insist," he purred, and slid slowly inside the teenager. The boy was so tight, he had to go slowly so he wouldn't lose even his impressive control. Gripping slim hips, deeper and deeper he eased his thick cock, until he was fully inside Trowa.

Zechs moaned around the boy's cock as he watched his older lover take the gorgeous virgin. He pumped his own cock, knowing exactly what it felt like to be impaled on that thick length. He swirled his tongue over the end of Trowa's arousal, tasting the liquid that glistened there. Virgins really did taste wonderful.

Trowa screamed; Treize inside him felt huge, stretching him open, pleasure just this side of pain deep inside him. The talented mouth on his aching cock took him higher, and he opened his eyes to see the beautiful blond pleasuring himself as Treize began to pound him. "Yes..." was all he could say.

Eyes locked on Zechs pumping his own cock, Treize thrust in and out of Trowa, deeper and harder each time. "Trowa... you're so tight... Zechs, let's give him what he wants..."

Zechs bobbed his head up and down faster; Trowa's moans intensified and he could tell the boy was on the edge. Treize thrust one more time, deep and hard, and that was it; Trowa screamed and emptied his passion into the blond's waiting mouth. Treize moaned as he felt the boy tighten around him. Zechs swallowed Trowa's nectar and with one more pump he followed the teen into ecstasy. Treize could see Zechs find his completion; with one more shallow thrust he gave in as well.

All three men froze in their climaxes; sounds of passion stilled and soon there was only the sound of panting as they recovered from completion.

"That... was..." Trowa tried to find words as Treize carefully withdrew and Zechs got to his feet.

"Wonderful," supplied Treize, zipping his pants.

"Incredible," suggested Zechs, wrapping his arms around the older man.

Trowa could only nod, as he struggled to get back in his clothes and regain his composure.

Treize helped Trowa straighten his shirt, then kissed the boy soundly as Zechs wrapped his arms around the boy from behind.

"Not to mention this is something we really need to do again," Treize finished, pulling back from the dazed boy. "If you want to, that is."

Trowa could only think of one question. "When?"

The End